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Headmaster Mr Hart

I attended Clarks College, Lower School, during which time, the headmaster, Mr Hart suddenly passed away. I remember him as rather a kindly gentleman but other pupils may know otherwise. I cannot remember the names of the teachers at the school, but a tall bald headed teacher who had a limp and who taught us Maths. Mr Booblik (not sure of the correct spelling of his name) was our history teacher – he was Polish and we found him rather difficult to understand at times.

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Studied business course

I then attended the Upper School to study a business course which involved learning shorthand/typing and accounts. Miss Bishop took my class for English literature and our typing lessons were down in the basement of the building. As our touch typing progressed, we used to type to Russ Conway’s music. I remember there was always one girl in our class who was out of sync, and as the class finished typing the extract which would be on a card on a music stand, there was always another couple of taps on her typewriter from this pupil. She just couldn’t get the hang of it but hope she did eventually. 

Left college in 1962

Throughout my life I have been glad of my shorthand and typing skills as they have proved very useful during my working life and I continue to use these skills daily but mainly typing. At one time during our lunch break, a group of us used to go to the ice rink and have a cup of hot tomato soup; cigarettes as well I seem to recall.  I left Clarks College around 1962 and commenced my first job at Elmutt Clifton printers in Old Shoreham Road, Hove.

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  • Hi Susan,

    Did you live in the Florence Road area in the early 1960s?


    By John (06/03/2016)
  • I was at Old Steine.It was C.B.Hart – Miss Bishop also -she used to equip you with all stationary/Books etc.Gussie Goodwin was Geog/History.I was there approx:1950, just prior to my R.A.F.service.I lived in Madeira Place just off St.James Street. I am now 84, not a bad memory. 

    By Brian Leach (25/07/2016)
  • Does anyone remember my Sister Sylvia Weston-Davies? We left the UK in 1954 so she would have been there until end 1953. I would think. She turned 80 this year.

    By Pamela Denne (09/07/2019)
  • I attended Clarks College from 1959 to 1964, I remember Mr Hart dying and Major Firth taking over. There was a Mr Daws who used to tell everyone every lesson about his time in the Royal Engineers. Mr Farncombe, Mr Barnard, Mr and Mrs Boubelik, Miss Bishop, Mr Jenkins who I remember being taken ill during one of our lessons, Miss Oliver, the Secretary, Rev Clavier. The schools during my time there were situated at 43 and 52 Dyke Road.

    By letitia Sathiakumar (31/10/2019)
  • I did not attend this college but I have recently begun reading a book awarded to my grandmother in 1937 that has Clark College engraved on the hardback. I was attempting to find out more information.

    By Sheila (01/03/2020)
  • I was at Clark’s college, Dyke road
    1951 -1955.
    Joan Morrison.
    Would love to make contact with others.

    By Joan king (15/07/2021)
  • I was at both colleges in Dyke Road from 1947 until 1952. The teachers then were Gordie Hall, Boublic, Harrison , Farncombe, Wakefield, Sindall, Bishop, & Goodwin. Secretary then was a Miss Minnier.
    During my years C.B. Hart taught Geography and Gus Goodwin taught Geometry.

    By Trevor Bennett (22/08/2021)
  • I was at Clark’s, Upper Dyke Road, 1960 to 1961, having previously attended Clark’s at Romford.
    I have always felt that I received a good education there.
    The only teacher I remember was Mr Jenkins, who lived in Burgess Hill.

    By Michael Milne (16/11/2021)
  • I well remember Mr Hart and Major Firth and Rosie Bishop, terrible school, but very fond memories. I attended from approx 1958 to 1963. Interesting times, I wonder where everyone ended up?

    By Clive morton (14/02/2022)

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