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School photograph 1961

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Clifton College 1961
From the personal collection of Sandra Akehurst (Mills)
Clifton College 1961
From the personal collection of Sandra Akehurst (Mills)
Clifton College 1961
From the personal collection of Sandra Akehurst (Mills)

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  • I am sure my cousin Anne Cobby (Young) is in the second photo, 3rd row 7th from the left.

    By Belinda Lumsden (16/11/2017)
  • Yes, that is Anne Young and she had a little brother Robert and also I believe she was a cousin of Susan Syer who is third photo, front row, first left. I am in the first photo, back row, 4th from the left, and the second photo back row 4th from the right. I can put names to lots of people on the photographs and still have my copies. I went to Clifton College from 1957 until 1965 and have many happy memories. I was Marilyn de Lacy and I had red hair. When I have time I will put some names to faces.

    By Marilyn Jones (19/11/2017)
  • Hello Marilyn, actually between the three of us my sisters Linda and Jane we can still name most of the pupils who went to Clifton College, as I started in 1950 until 1963 and then Jane went on to Alexander College Preston Park.  I see Felicity in Shoreham where I live and we often wonder how everyone is.

    By Susan Reed nee Macdonald (22/01/2018)
  • Hello, it is nice to see that photo. I am in the first one, bottom row, middle -  short hair. I used to be friends with the Griffiths brothers, Robert Lever, Susan Syer and Anne Young. 

    By Paul Piper (28/06/2018)
  • I’m in row in front of Mrs Hodgeson aged 6.

    By Jane Greer (20/09/2020)
  • I tried to name everyone a few years ago. This was my best effort. Do fill in any blanks please:
    Roma Leon (nee Pack)
    Clifton College School Photo 1961.

    Back row L-R
    Rosemary Cole; Graham Atkinson; ?; ?; Andrew Longman; Linda Macdonald; Marion Boon; Sheryl Lewis; Jacqueline Ball; Felicty Benson; Marilyn De Lacey; Gail Bartlett; Ryman Atkinson; Norma Jackman; Ann Drummond; Marilyn Sinclair; ?Trevor; Robert (Bobby) ?; Alan Langley; Trevor Jordan.

    3rd row L-R
    Patricia Whitlock; ?;?;?Sylvia; Michael Crowdy; Marion Charlton; Susan Macdonald; Paul Lewis; Corinia Jessop; ?; David Lewis; ?; ?Andrea; ?; Sandra Viney; ?Roy; Pamela Annets; ?Lionel; ?; ?; ?; Ann Taverner.

    2nd row L-R
    Susan Longman; Lionel Jefferies; Anthony Cavernor; ?; Ann Pelling; Patricia Fowler; Ann Young; ?; Mrs Mackie; Mrs Tewkesbury; Mrs Cronin; Mr McEwan; Miss Cooper; Mrs Hodgson (for French); ?Linda; Tamplin; Me(Roma Pack); Jimmy Flude; ?; Jackie Richards; Robin Clifton.

    Front row L-R
    Michael Hurst; Sally Spencer; ?; Vivian Harman; ?; Simon Heath; ?; ?;?; Jane Macdonald (back); Vaughan Harman (front) ?; ?; ?; ?; Paul Piper; ?; Pauline Mew; Christina Richards; ?Paula; Susan Shuff.

    By Roma Leon (09/01/2021)
  • Hi all from Clifton College. Well Roma you did great on the names. Had that photo but unable to find it now What times we had in and out of school I would like to hear from anybody from those days.

    By paul piper (08/02/2021)
  • I was at Clifton College from 1963 until it moved to Preston Park Avenue in 1967. I continued as a pupil at the newly christened Alexandra College, first at 13 Preston Park Avenue then at number 43 when the school moved yet again, albeit only as far as the end of the road! It was a very old fashioned school – no O or A levels, just RSAs – but I enjoyed the warm family atmosphere that you only really experience in a small school. The teachers commanded respect not by brutality but by simply being not only approachable but also good at their job and I’m pretty sure nobody left the place without being able to read, write and spell to a high standard.
    I remember some of the people in the photos as a number of them were still there in 1963 so hello to them. I recall Marilyn de Lacey, Anne Young and several others who were much older than me!

    By Denise Marsh (12/03/2021)
  • Does anyone out there have the 1963 school photo? I lent mine to an old school acquaintance (Mike Burton)years ago and didn’t get it back but I would like to see it again.

    By Denise Marsh (24/10/2021)

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