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1960s memories

School play: I am first right

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Friday afternoon hobbies

I started at Coldean School in February/March 1958, when we moved to the area, and I left in July 1961. The teachers I remember were Miss Williamson, who I think taught the junior schools 1st year, and Mr Tompkinson, who taught the 4th year; Mr Burrows was the headmaster. In the last year, Friday afternoons became a hobbies thing, and I chose camping. After many lessons we spent a week camping near East Grinstead; I think it was a scout camp called ‘Isle of Thorns’.

A school play

We staged a play at the end of the year but don’t recall it’s name. I played ‘Gritpan’ the leader of the goblins. I recall having to find slaves for a nasty person called ‘Wolfrum’, who lived in a castle. I can still remember some of my lines. In the first photograph I am stood on the right, the person with the pointed hat is possibly Wolfrum, and the other two I think were slaves.

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The photographs

The second photograph is the class of 4A in 1961. Some people I recognise are:

Back row: 3rd from left is Darly Mckenna, 2nd from right Wendy ?

Second row: next to Mr Tompkinson, Patricia Hubbard, and next to her Hilary ? I am 5th from right.

Front row: 3rd from left could be Pamela Damey, and somewhere is Doreen Lathem.

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Class 4A 1961



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  • I think it’s my brother Roger Pettit, third row in the middle.

    By Lynn Smith (04/03/2015)
  • Top row far right is Christine Saunders; 2nd row 4th from right is Gregory Elmes. Does anyone have photos of Mr Elphick’s class of 1961 or Miss Rose’s class of 1958, 1959 or 1960?

    By John Foord (01/06/2015)
  • Looks like Keith Gavins, 3rd in from right, front row.

    By Jan Phillips (22/02/2017)
  • Yes you’re right Jan, that’s definitely Keith Gavins, but can’t believe you missed our sister Diana Carrington, 1st left on the front row. 

    By Gill Evans (formerly Carrington) (24/03/2017)
  • Lived here since 1947 still here. Now.

    By Fred Bishop (13/07/2020)

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