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1956 All England Waterpolo champions

All England Waterpolo Championship

My Dad Dennis Edwards sadly passed away on March 24th. Before he passed he wanted to send a picture to the Argus of him and the rest of the boys that won the All England Waterpolo Championship 1956 from where he started his love for swimming at hove manor. 

A special photograph

He wanted the Argus to see if they were still alive and if so what had they done with their lives. We waited until we found the picture that he was so proud of, and with my dad’s help worded the email. I showed him it and was very happy and sadly with minutes of his wishes of the email being done he passed away, but went knowing the email was done. Unfortunately, the Argus has not even replied.

The Shiverers

But last night found your site about Hove Manor in the 1950s and spotted recent post of some swimmers at The Shiverers just a few years younger than my dad. They mentioned the swimming coach George Ely which my dad had mentioned. I enclose the picture that my beloved father Dennis Edwards had talked about. 

Today at my Dad’s funeral there were men that also went to Hove Manor. They were John Maslen, and my uncle John Edwards

Sports certificate
From the personal collection of Kevin Edwards
1956 All England Waterpolo champions
From the personal collection of
Sports winners certificate
From the personal collection of Kevin Edwards

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  • Hello Kevin, I bumped into a former Southdown Portslade Works colleague and he mentioned your dad had recently passed away. I said that I don’t remember him and that he may have left before I came on the scene in 1961. I thought no more about it until I looked up Hove Manor School as I was there from 1957 – 1961, and saw your article about your dad being a team member of the winning Water Polo team in 1956. Straight away I mentioned to my brother David who was a reserve at the time. He had just turned 80 last month, but he saw the photo and recognised all the members of the team. He recalled your dad played in goal. The only contact he has is at Christmas time. He mentioned the names of the team, Jim Funnel, Brian Beal, Terry Long, Mike Spicer, Paul Blunt, Dudley Seifert and your dad Dennis. My brother did say that one or two other members have sadly passed away. l hope the information has helped and that you will get other contacts soon. Sorry your dad didn’t get his wish in contacting his other team mates.

    By Gordon Burtenshaw (15/06/2018)
  • Hi I remember Dennis Edwards, our Shiverers goal keeper, along with Terry Long, Dudley Seifert, Brian Beal, Paul Blunt and Jim Funnell, Carlie Carter, Tony Morris, and lew whitby. Mick Spicer, the Goodchilds, Burtenshaws. Not to forget George Paine etc. They were all a few years older than me, but were a great inspiration. Fond memories of the past great days of the Shiverers.

    By Ron Reeves (16/02/2020)
  • Attn Kevin: On the picture in swim trunks back right is Dudley Seifert, front row left to right Terry Long, Charlie Carter, Jim Funnell, Brian Beal and Paul Blunt. All about 10 yrs older than me. Ex Shiverer. if you want to send me a message.

    By Ron Reeves (16/02/2020)

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