Memories of the 1950s

Connaught Road/Hove Manor School
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Learning to swim

I went to Hove Manor School (Formerly Connaught Road) from 1955-59. My memories started on the first day when you had to survive being crushed by the second year lads in the corner by the entrance gate. I could not swim when I started, and I remember being in the small pool, at the King Alfred when George Ely threw a half a crown into three foot of water. He said anybody who could pick up the coin by going head first into the water could keep it, none could, but within a few weeks we were all swimming. I also remember George Ely jumping on his Triumph 500 one day and chasing after one of the top swimmers in the school who decided he had enough of the training.

Joining the choir

Percy frost wanted me in the choir, so to encourage me to join gave me top place in the class for music, although I could not read music at all, needless to say I joined the choir. I also remember a teacher who was having some trouble with one of the class. He came up behind the guy and hit him so hard the boy fell off his seat onto the floor. The teacher then did not know what to do, so went up to him to see if he was alright. At which point the pupil looked at him and smiled, got up and sat down at his desk

Consideration of your fellows

In the last year some of us were doing evening classes to obtain a certificate which would prove to be useless; on this particular occasion it was bonfire night. The teacher, I think Mr Burniston, came into the class room in the afternoon and said if everybody turned up in the evening, then we could all leave 30 minutes early, but if one person did not come then everyone would have to stay to the end. Well we all turned up, and I have always used this as an example of how to behave to your fellow person.

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Encouraged to participate

Football at Hove rec was another reminder of how to encourage you to participate. If you got into the better section, and stayed on an extra half hour playing, you did not have to take all the posts ball etc. back to the school in record time otherwise you would receive detention. One last thing, we had a clay oven installed outside, under the school on the corner. I think it was put there in around 1956 and to the day I left it was never used.

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  • Nice to read about my old school, which I was very proud of. Superb teachers…..Mr Griffin, Mr Mutton, Mr Lewis(peanut) Mr Langstone, Mr Eley, Mr Frost, in fact they were all excellent professionals. I managed to represent the school at high jump and running in 1954 at the Greyhound stadium, being only 4’9″ tall the nearby Hove County School boys were like giants. 

    By Harry Stone (24/01/2018)
  • Hi,  I stumbled on this Hove Manor memory and well remember the dred of the”Squasher”. You must have been in the same year as me. The incident with George Eley happened at Shiverers Swimming Club when he asked me to do lengths with a board I said this is my time now sir . He always insisted that I train just for the school, and this time I had enough. So I quit  and he did indeed chase me on his Triumph  ha ha. Enjoyed the Article, best Paul.

    By Paul Wilson (04/03/2018)
  • I have just found this site and wish could have found it 2 weeks ago as my beloved dad passed away. He would loved to look at these comments. He mentioned George Ely. My dad was also in the shiverers and in 1956 won the all England water polo championships .One of his proudest moments. His Name was Dennis Edwards. Would love to post the picture of the winning team.

    By Kevin Edwards (09/04/2018)
  • Nice to read about my old school, (1955-60). If anyone is interested I formed a Group on Facebook in January this year and have already found 30 Old Boys, we regularly reminisce and share memories on there.

    By Doug Banks (22/02/2019)

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