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1954: Class 1 Juniors

My, hasn’t Class 4 from the Infants grown up by 1954? Now they’re in Class 1 Juniors. Are you here?  And can you name anyone else from way back then? We girls will be most offended if you boys have forgotten us.

And who was our camera-shy teacher in 1954? Was it Miss York that year? Mr Lloyd remained headmaster. And taught us to sing by the doh-ray-me-fah-so-la-tee-doh method. Or in my case failed to.

Coombe Road School, Junior Class 1, 1954
From the private collection of Lottie Longshore

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  • These class pictures bring back memories. I joined Coombe Road Infants School in 1954. I do remember Miss York after reading the name here, who years later was also our class teacher. I remember her as a small woman with dark hair often wearing tartan skirts. I cannot remember any of the other teacher’s names. Can you?

    By Alan Noakes (09/10/2007)
  • I would be interested to know if anyone still has any of the yearly class photos that were made for the years 1956 until 1961. Sadly I do have mine but would be great to see some of them again.

    By Alan Noakes (14/10/2007)
  • I went to Coombe Road school in the 1930s. There were 8 classes 1 to 4, A and B . When the war started in 1939 I was 9 years old. When there was an air raid, we all filed down to the air raid shelters under the playground.
    Once seated, a teacher would come around with a big jar of boiled sweets and give us one each. We looked forward to that as sweets were rationed by then. One day I and two girls Betty Milleric and Rosy Peirce played truant and sauntered over to Preston Park, where we met some Canadian soldiers living in one of the big houses by the park. They gave each of us a big hunk of cheese, so we ate it on our way home. Somehow the Headmaster Mr Morris found out that we had played truant and made the three of us stand in front of our class. He then strapped us 6 times on each hand. We never played truant again.

    By Viv Webb (06/01/2008)
  • I attended Coombe Road School from 1950 till 1957, the photo above is the year below me, my sister, Kay Keats, is top row left. I recognise a few more people in the class. My first teacher was, Mrs Ridley, whom we called, of course, Mrs Wriggly, not because we were rude but that’s what it sounded like to us little ones. She was my class teacher for two years – then Miss Page (was she a Mrs?).
    Then to the juniors; Miss Townsend, Mr Roberts, Miss York and Miss Waters. (very strict). Miss York also wore a tartan hat! There were other teachers; Miss Grant, Mrs Connelly, Miss Morgan, Mr Yardley and of course our Headmaster, Mr Loydd, with his very shiny bald pate. My family and I lived in Milner Road and Brenda Campbell was my best friend. How nice to have an opportunity to comment here!

    By Linda Keet-Harris (30/12/2008)
  • I went to Coombe Road School two years after my sister Linda and a year after my sister Kay (top row left). Miss Waters was my teacher in my final year there. She was strict but when I saw her in Boots when I was about 17, she blushed when I spoke to her.

    And we all know why Mr Lloyd had such a shiny head. He kept a small tin of polish in his pocket. I know because he often told us – although we never ever saw it!

    By Janet née Keats (20/01/2009)
  • I am on this photo bottom row fourth in from left. I remember some names - top row: Kay Keats, Virginia Miles, Carole Sherrard, Jean Farley, Kathleen Boon, Janice Bridger. Middle row: someone Doe, Norman Upton, Michael Benham, (my dancing partner) Richard Northcott, Peter Deacon, Jack Dunkerton who used to give us ice cubes on our way back from the playing fields on the Lewes Road, he was the only person I knew that had a fridge! Johnny Ball who used to put my platts in the ink well. Bottom row: Pat Ancell, Marion West?, Mavis Weller, me, Janet Lutey, my good friend Anne Walters, Carole Blows and Anthomy Barnett. I’m sorry if some of the names might not be quite right and others I have forgotten, perhaps someone can fill in the gaps! Who was our teacher in this year? Can anyone remember? Happy days. No wonder we were ruled with iron fists look at the size of the class – no classroom assistants in those days.

    By Jacqueline Towner (10/11/2009)
  • I am second from the left in the middle row. I remember Jacqueline who has already commented and think I can fill in all the gaps on the middle row. Left to Right – Robert Doe, Me, Norman Upton, Michael Benham (I used to sit next to him in class), Richard Northcott, Duncan Mcfarlane, Peter Deacon, Jack Dunkerton (I also remember the ice cubes), Malcolm Harris, David Hughes, Johnny Ball, Trevor Redford, Patrick Collins. How did I do? Would someone like to comment.

    By Brian Parsons (21/11/2009)
  • I remember Jaqueline too – I remember attending a party at her house, was it in Coombe Road? It was hunt the thimble, I can’t imagine why but I can remember the carpet in the sitting room. Odd, given that I struggle to remember what I was doing yesterday. I was a year older than Jaqueline. My younger sister, Kay, was in the same class as her. Thanks for jogging my memory with the other names, Brian, I remember some of them well, tho’ Jack Dunkerton lived close to me I missed out on the ice cubes.

    By Linda Keet-Harris (nee Keats) (30/11/2009)
  • Yes Linda, I think you did come to my party- it was in Coombe Road. Being a year older than us you probably did games on a different day- that’s why you missed out on the ice cubes. Well done Brian with the boys’ names, can you remember many of the missing girls? As for the camera shy teacher was it Mr Yardley? I have got some (could do better) school reports somewhere which would say who the teacher was, must sort them out.

    By Jacqueline Towner (02/12/2009)
  • Jacqueline, sorry for taking so long to comment but have been moving house. I am really struggling with the missing girls names. I agree with you about the top row but cannot add any more names. I do however remember there was a Mavis McNamara but cannot put a face to the name. In the bottom row I seem to remember the Janet sat next to you as Janet Reynolds, or is my memory failing me. The next but one to the right of Anne I think was Sheila but I cannot remember her last name and that’s it. Hopefully someone can remember more than that. Like you, I still have my school reports and they show that our teacher was Miss Goldsmith. Do you remember her?

    By Brian Parsons (17/12/2009)
  • Yes Brian you are right it is Janet Reynolds, as for the teacher being Miss Goldsmith I cannot remember her at all or see a face. Is there anyone out there who has any memories of our class they can share with us? At this time of year and with the freezing weather we have been having my mind always goes back to the tiny frozen milk bottles in the crate defrosting on the radiator, it put me off of milk for life. Also the frozen toilets in the playground. We were quite a tough bunch.

    By Jacqueline (12/01/2010)
  • I too hate milk, warm with white lumps in it as I remember, yuk! It was a happy time for me and my sisters – sadly secondary school was a complete shock. Too big! When I started at Coombe Road, the air raid shelters were still open, though they were surrounded by chesnut fencing and then later covered over with long cream concrete slabs. At playtime, we congregated on them. A lot later when my own daughter attended the school, all that remained of the shelters were indentations in the tarmac of the playground. There was also a bicycle shed where we played when it rained. And the toilets in the playground – freezing, yes, but did we care that much? I’m not sure that we did. Nor did it worry us unduly that the Victorian windows were so high. A different world then. For all the advantages afforded to the modern child, I don’t think we are too different really.

    By Linda Keet-Harris (nee Keats) (18/02/2010)
  • Looking to get in touch with Peter Deacon or his sister June or any members of the Deacon Family, all lived in Kimberly Road.

    By Rodney Willis (30/05/2010)
  • I started at Coombe Road in 1954 and remember Alan Noakes well. I think we both had a paper round later on. Somewhere I have a photo of our class circa 1955/6. Some names I recall Bob Watts (my best mate then and for years after), John Deardon, Alan Gunn, Sheila Smart, Diane Grout (wasn’t that the name of the Bakers/Post Office in Coombe Road?) Vera Timar. Apologies all for any bad spelling. I’m sure I will remember more when I find the school photgraph. Jack Dunkerton used to live opposite me in Redvers Road…not easy to forget as his dad used to park up the Dunkertons removal lorry outside their house. Miss York and Miss Walters taught me but does anyone remember Beatnik Brown? Or is that just a fantasy on my part? And wasn’t there a fearsome dinner lady who used to stand over us until we had eaten up all the veg? Happy, happy days

    By Ray Keech (26/10/2010)
  • I was really delighted to see an old photo from the school and remember Miss York as well and Mr Yardley. Also, I remember a lot of people including Alan Noakes, Derek Page, Robert Watts and Diane Grout who was indeed related to the cake shop. In fact I was in Brighton recently at a conference but I didn’t have time to visit around Milner Road. I hope some more people see this page and contribute.

    By Vera (formerly Timar) (24/05/2011)
  • I was at Coombe Road School from 1954 as were all my cousins Mike Corby, Graham Bell, Jen Grout, Peter Grout etc. I remember lots of my classmates, Ray Keach – we used to play kiss-chase remember with Robert Watts? I still see Lindsey Wildman from time to time when she is down south. It was so good to see Vera Timar’s name here as I have just come back from a week with my son in Budapest and immediately thought of Vera as we were very good friends at Coombe Road and I have always wondered what happened to her as we lost touch when she left and went to Westlaine Grammer School. I have some old photos of the class infants and juniors. A few years back I bumped into Jeffery Pinkney at my mum’s nursing home as he is a chiropodist but didn’t get time to chat very much as he was working. Miss York was my favourite teacher and Miss Walters my worst as I have memories of her walking up and down the aisles tapping a piece of wood in her hand with nails in it (am I dreaming?!). Well its the big 60 – hope everyone has been celebrating – or is it commiserating!

    By Diane Dancey (nee Grout) (31/05/2011)
  • To Mr R Willis: I am sad to have to tell you June Deacon sadly died about 20 years ago. Eric lives in West Sussex, Peter worked for Weights and Measures in Sussex as I remember.

    By Trevor Peters (07/11/2011)
  • I did laugh when I read your comments about Miss Walters and her piece of wood with nails, Diane. She was indeed strict but even she didn’t go that far. It was a very happy school with strong boundaries and an atmosphere of happiness running through it. I remember your mum walking up Milner Road with you, a tiny tot on reins. When I was fifteen I worked with her and she was always talking about you. I remember her as being very glamorous. Happy days.

    By Linda Keet-Harris (nee Keats) (09/11/2011)
  • To Trevor Peters – many thanks for the information. Do you know how we could contact either Eric or Peter and where we might find the other sister Patricia?

    By Rodney Willis (18/12/2011)
  • Who would have thought, after all those years and now we’re all tapping away making comment on our computers! How times have changed! I’ll be 60 in March and went to Coombe Road Infants and Juniors. I remember Miss York teaching the class our times-tables. I was in awe of her. We had to learn it parrot-fashion. I lived at 84 Milner Road with my parents and sister. My surname was “Warren” then. My sister’s name – Diana. Mum was German and we had German socks sent over from Leipzig, East Germany. Mum used to make me wear the socks to school. I hated them because they were patterned and all the other children wore plain socks. I didn’t want to be different from the rest. I didn’t pick up much German because Mum didn’t like to admit she came from Germany. My father was a British soldier and that’s how he met my mum. Very romantic! I’m retired now and live in Fife, Scotland. Anyone out there remember me – Evelyn Warren and my sister Diana?

    By Evelyn Bishop (25/01/2012)
  • Are you all coming to our 100th birthday reunion in May? Please get in touch and come along – call on 01273 707878 or contact Janice Dykes on

    By Janice Dykes (22/04/2012)
  • Hi, I am the 3rd from the right in the back row. Loved my time at this school, and as I went on to attend fourteen more schools, this one of them all was my favourite. If I had been aware of a special reunion I would have been there. Don’t think I will make the next centenary get together!

    By Carol Boyd nee McCambridge (15/12/2012)
  • I started Coombe Rd School in 1948 my first teacher was a lady called Miss Reeves. I made some good friends while at Coombe Rd some that I am still in touch with, Pat Annels, Judy Morgan (nee Nye) and Cynthia Duke, I remember the Noaks boys Peter was my good friend and Karl was in the same class as me and Alan just a little fellow, many happy times.

    By Christina Shaheen (nee Smith) (05/08/2013)
  • My name was Carol McCambridge and I am the 3rd in from the right in the back row of this photograph. I simply loved this school. My sister is in the year 1953 photograph. Frances was her name. We were all so young. So many adventures in front of us. My father was a serving soldier and we lived in Preston Barricks. So I attended fourteen more schools after we left Brighton. I have been pestering my husband to take me over to see my old school as time marches on so quickly. I will go through the old photographs again. If the archives of Brighton and Hove are interested in copies of what I own please let me

    By Carol Boyd (22/02/2019)
  • Hello Carol
    Thanks for your post. Maybe you could email me and we can talk about your photos?
    Website Editor

    By Jennifer Drury (22/02/2019)
  • Good Grief!! That quite a few people remember me and the ice cubes! Dadly my father’s removal company folded due to some perpetrated professional duplicity and I lost all the photos and records of the times when he would take all the proceeds of the Harvest Festivals at Coombe Road schools, to orphanages and other deserving projects. I used to get told off for volunteering my grandad’s vans!! I then spent 38 years on taxis and used to be on Southern Counties Radio with Jo Good one morning a week. Payback time to have a rant at local issues and take a pop at failing councils. Even now they can’t preserve Madeira Terraces for future generations. All sharp and happy memories of very different times and lost friendships. Saturday mornings to the ABC Minors or the North Road swimming baths. The 48 trolley buses turn around at Preston Barracks where John Weir’s father was RSM and the Schweppes soft drink factory at the bottom of Coombe Road with the Dentsply factory just up from it making false gnashers. The Gaiety cinema and Cox’s pill factory by its side with the viaduct, leading to Kemp Town station, bridging Lewes Road going behind Bonchurch Road and under Elm Grove school was all our stamping grounds with the Library and Wild Park for the more adventurous!

    By JACK DUNKERTON (30/04/2019)

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