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Football team 1961

This is the team that won the Baker or Fitzgerald cup in 1961. We played against Rudyard Kipling School at the playing field in Lewes Road, now the site of the University of Brighton, in front of a pretty large crowd of proud parents. The result was 3-3 and we shared the cup (6 months each). The team manager was Mr Yardley and, I believe, it was the first trophy in Coombe Road’s history. I am seated in the middle row, second from the right. I can remember the names of most of the other players – perhaps they might comment themselves if they recognise the photo – which was taken in the school hall.

Football team 1961
From the private collection of John Black

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  • I did not play football at the time but some of the faces in the photo are familiar -Michael Powell? Leach? and the two boys to your left and right are also familiar but I do not recall the names. I was in Brighton two years ago and the school is still standing.

    By Alan Noakes (08/10/2007)
  • Yesterday evening some of the names of those I knew at Coombe Road School came back to me and who lived nearby. I lived in Milner Road and there was Robert Watts and Raymond Leach both in Redvers Road, Michael Powell and Rene Davies in Coombe Road and Jane Funnell I think in Carlyle Avenue. And did Robert Watts play in the team from 1961 – sittiing in the middle of the photo? But sadly I cannot remember the others depicted here. Perhaps some of them will discover the site as I did and respond.

    By Alan Noakes (09/10/2007)
  • Some other names that can be related to Coombe Road Primary School: Kevin Page, Anne Muir, and Adrian Dean. And it was not Raymond Leach, rather Keech that lived in Redvers Road, a good friend of Robert Watts.

    By Alan Noakes (13/10/2007)
  • I had a phone call today from an old work colleague who told me to visit the site. Quite surprised to see the picture of the old team – I still have the same photo. Alan Trussler was the keeper, who I believe still lives in Worthing. From top left: Leon Head, Bob Mitchell, Alan, Keith Cannon? Second Row: Malcolm Griffiths?, Dave Walters, Bob Gracey, Yourself, Leonard Standing. Front Row: Myself with the ball, the other two – not sure. Great to see, happy memories.

    By Kevin Page (13/04/2010)
  • Have just been told of this site and although not good enough to have been picked for the school team, it was really great to see the picture as I knew all the faces. I lived in Baden Road and went on to Queens Park School in 1961 -1966.

    By Derek Smith (02/05/2010)
  • I found this site entirely by accident and remember a few more bits and pieces. Bob Gracey also lived in Redvers Road and didn’t Alan live in Buller Road? I don’t think Robert (Bob) Watts played in this team but probably the one the following year. The last I heard,  he was living in Shoreham.

    By Ray Keech (26/10/2010)
  • I still have this picture sitting on a shelf. Good memories. I lived on Canfield Road at the time. Some people I recognise: top (left to right): Leon Head, Bob Mitchell, Alan Trussler, ? ?, Derek (Budinger??). Middle row: me (David Griffiths), Dave Walters, Bob Gracey, John Black, Leonard Standen(ing?). Bottom row: Bob Watts, Kevin Page. Hope everyone is doing well.

    By David Griffiths (30/11/2010)
  • Hello All. I can still remember David, Kevin and Derek (previous commenters). I think the definitive list of names on this photo is now: Back Row (L to R) Leon Head, Robert Mitchell, Alan Trussler – lived in Buller Rd, Keith Cannon, Not known. Middle Row: David Griffiths – Canfield Road, David Walters – lived next door to me in Baden Road), Bobby Gracey – Redvers Road, Myself, Leonard Standen – Carlyle Ave. Front Row; Bob Watts, Kevin Page – Redvers Rd? Not sure – possibly Malcolm? Best wishes to them all- and to anyone else viewing who remember any of us. I cycled round the old haunts recently during a trip down from Warwickshire to see the Albion. I noticed that Coombe Rd School looks much the same but that half of the gardens of the houses on the east side of Baden Road have now gone for new housing – I remember the council trying to compulsorily purchase them in the sixties for the same purpose – but they were made to back down by our early nimby protests.

    By John Black (19/10/2011)
  • I was living in Buller Rd and went to Coombe Road School in the 50s with Margaret Trussler, and remember in the afternoons curtains were pulled and we all had sleep time. I remember being very moved when lined up in the playground for the announcement of the death of King George and as we stood there in silence a great cloud of fallen leaves blew across the ground.

    By Tony Stevens (20/11/2011)
  • Are you all coming to our 100th birthday reunion in May? Please get in touch and come along – call on 01273 707878 or contact Janice Dykes on

    By Janice Dykes (22/04/2012)
  • I was really interested to see your entry. I was in the Rudyard Kipling team that shared the cup with Coombe Road. I thought the Final was in 1963 as that was my last year at Rudyard Kipling before going to Secondary School. I remember nothing of the game apart from the result and I didn’t even remember where the game took place. Rudyard Kipling also won the Second Division Championship that year. That and the Baker Cup were the only trophies I ever won, even though I played until I was 45. Thanks for jogging my memory.

    By Anthony Lenton (06/12/2012)
  • Can anybody tell me as to why Coombe Rr Senior school was closed down in the mid 1940?

    By Viv Webb (30/12/2012)
  • My husband Jeffrey Dobson went to Coombe Road School from 1958. Does anyone have any class photos with him in? He doesn’t have any school photos. He was also a choir boy at St Albans, next door to the school. Thanks

    By Irene Dobson (nee Budd) (21/04/2014)

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