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Miss Connolly's class c1955/56

Miss Connolly’s class

I’m unsure in which year this was taken but the teacher was Miss Connolly. I’m seated extreme right, third row from the back. This photograph includes most of those who appear in Class 4 of 1954 with the addition, I think, of Barry Walters in the back row, second from right, and Brenda Lemon, third row from the back, fourth from the right. I think I also recognise the boy in the back row, fourth from left, as one of the Grouts. And is that Carolyn Knott second row from back, extreme right?

Only remember happy times

I can only remember happy times at this school. Sometimes we were chosen as bell monitor, or first-aid monitor – such a responsibility. Punishment in the infants during playtime was a spell on the covered veranda. The only time I have knowingly stolen anything was when I was in the infants – a big, fat, juicy rubber that I simply could not resist. However, I was stricken with guilt and put it back the next day when no one was looking!

Remember the country dancing?

Does anyone remember the country dancing lessons in the playground? As I recall, the girls wore skirts with ribbon piped just above the hemline. I think the boys wore sheepish grins.

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Miss Connolly's class, 1955 or 1956?
From the private collection of Janet née Keats

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  • I remember Brenda Lemon and Barry Walters although they would have been older than me, but we all lived in the same locality and everyone knew each other.  I think the girl on the second row from back, fifth from left, was Barbara Hilton who lived in Coombe Terrace? I recognise some of the others but can’t put names to faces!

    By Jenny Ray (nee Plowman) (01/01/2014)
  • I recognise many of the faces in this photo:
    Front row: Desmond ? and Roger Saxby.
    First row: Peter Newman, Christopher ?, Gillian Webb, Carol Smith, me (Susan Lower – and what was my mum thinking when she did my hair?!), Carol Sallis, Brenda Lemon.
    Second row:  Barbara Hilton, Barbara Netting, Barbara Wakelin, Annette, Lorna LeFevre.
    Thought I would add these names while I’ve still got the memories!

    By Sue Griffiths (nee Lower) (08/07/2014)

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