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Mr Bear's class c1953

I think that this photograph may have been taken in 1953 – maybe someone can confirm this?  Back row l – r :

Unknown, Roger Sharman, Trevor Trosh, Chris Plummer.

Other names Martin Surman, Lorraine Day, (Rainy Day) Brian Hotchkiss (Hotchkins) ? Veasey, Billy Turrell

Mr Bear gave me a hard time, not one of my favourite teachers!  He made me take a sample of my handwriting round every class so that everyone could see how bad it was.  I’ve never forgotten the humiliation.

Mr Bear's class
From the private collection of Roger Sharman

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  • Sorry Rog, you are wrong. I was never in Mr Bear’s class!

    By Trevor Trosh (11/07/2008)
  • I think you’ll find that…………..  Row behind front row: on the left was Alan Banks and second in was Martin Surman.
    I was actually looking for my brother, Raymond, who I thought was in that class.

    By Norma Bevan (as was) (11/11/2008)
  • I notice that in all these photos no child is wearing the school uniform. In the 1930s I was so proud that I had a tie and socks and a belt with a snake clip on it in the school colours of black and navy blue. In Coombe Terrace there was a school outfitters. As I had three older brothers, all of my clothes were hand me downs and all that any of us could do was look in the windows.

    By Viv Webb (14/12/2008)
  • The little girl in the floral cotton dress standing in the second row from the back, the third one in the left, is Phillipa Kay Maclouclan, who was my mum. She died in 1997. Rest in Peace.

    By allison whapham (21/12/2010)
  • Roger, some names for you, I think. Christopher Plummer (top row, 5th from right); Keith Young (top row 3rd from right); Martin Peters (2nd row, 2nd from right); Philip McCarthy (2nd row, 1st right); Peter Grout (3rd row, 1st right);Christopher Hodges (front row, middle); Alan Banks (second row, 1st left) – I was next to him. Is that Joanna West (3rd row, 5th from left)? You’re right, Mr Bear was not the most favourite teacher we had. Regards

    By Martyn Surman (16/02/2011)
  • Just came across this site. Back row 2nd right Colin Heaps, Me, Judith Nye, 2nd left 2nd row from back, 4th from left Vivian Ashdown. 3rd row from back 3rd from left, Margaret Lower, Jean Williams. 6th from left same row Malcolm Muir. Everyone seems to agree that Mr Bear was not one of the favourites, I remember him throwing a blackboard rubber at me on one occasion. Just had another look- I think it might have been Michael Annals standing next to you but not too sure.

    By Judith Morgan (20/11/2011)
  • I have just come across this page and find myself on the 2nd row down 4th from the right , Marion Gray

    By Marion Coleman (17/09/2019)

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