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Prefects: Upper sixth 1969/1970

Prefects: Upper sixth 1969/1970
From the private collection of Richard Molyneux

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Prefect names

From memory the names are:apologies if I have got any wrong.

Top row L to R:Chris Hunt, John Sellars, Paul Drake

Middle row L to R: ? , ? , Andrew Batham?, Richard Molyneux, John Miles

Seated: ? , Anne Chiosso, ? ,Brother Wilfred (Headmaster), Micheal Osborne, Rosalind James, Bernie Pearson

Recognise anyone here?

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else? If you can share your memories with us, please post a comment below. 

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  • From the middle row, try Paul Markham and John Stenton, and the missing names in the front could well be John Rowan and Paul Calloway. All the best.

    By John Sellars (26/02/2015)
  • That’s John Rowan!! We had worked together the previous summer.


    By Damien Wan (30/08/2015)
  • Not John Rowan but his elder brother Peter Rowan

    By Laurence Moloney (22/09/2015)
  • Yes you are right. John was a year above me and 1969/70 was my last year. So that must be indeed his elder brother in the picture. Well done !!

    By Damien Wan (25/09/2015)

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