Remembering a mean game of bulldog

Portly music teacher?

I am trying to reminding myself of the name of the rather portly music teacher we had in the chapel. Was it Guyver who taught us the recorder that year? In the 1967 school photograph I posted here, some of us are wearing the ADC badges we got after the retreat at St. Peter’s in Bournemouth organised by Brother Kieran and Patrick/Chad? They played a mean game of bulldog down there. Years later at university I spent some time listening to someone else’s memories of that school and thinking that we had got off lightly in comparison to them.

Running for buses

In my mind, I recall Martin Deadman, David Saunders and Lee Dorrington from Three Bridges/Crawley, Richard Penny, Miles Broe, David Tessier from Hassocks, Simon Webb and Murray Brickell from Lewes and Simon Pollard, Sean Flynn, Ian White and Johnathan Gates from Shoreham, Lancing and Worthing. They all seemed to be forever running for buses to the station.

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4-a-side competition

I have good reason to remember Bren McLoughlin’s side in the 4-a-side competition in the courtyard, as I was in goal for my prep side. The goal difference to them was only marginally improved after Bro Kieran recommending standing on the edge of the penalty area to narrow the angle, and Bro Patrick, the referee, pulling back some of the players. But we were in good company because they also went on to beat the masters’ side which included Bro John, Bro Patrick, Bro Kieran and Mike Smith.

Brother Kieran’s football skills

During the following summer before the move to Hove I revisited the courtyard with my sister and brother for a drink from the fountain, we had just been playing in Queens Park and Brother Kieran suddenly came running up to ask us what we were doing. He ended up playing football with us and impressing us with the way he would hop around with the ball hidden under his cassock. My sister and brother thought it was so cool especially when we were invited to the kitchen for squash and chocolate digestive biscuits.

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  • Whose reminiscences are these? I don’t see an “author.” Br. Kieran is now in Ireland and Br. Wilfred (Headmaster) is in the Brothers’ retirement home in St. Helens. Not in good health, I’m afraid. I taught at De La Salle, Hove, from ’67 to ’70. Br. Edward Barlow.

    By Peter Bostock (03/06/2020)

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