Cross country runs and snowball fights

Encouraged to work harder

I remember that the cross country runs up Freshfield Road and down to the Whitehawk playing fields were so often wonderfully invigorating in Joel’s and Kevin’s company. They stood me in good stead when on a later 6th form geography field trip to the Three Peaks, we climbed Ingleborough mountain. I believe that it was in a detention class before their mock O levels that Messrs. Osborne, Wagstaff and Swaffer (Detention King) imparted the wisdom of doing a little bit more work in the 4th year rather than leaving it all until the 5th year. As a local boy my neighbours included Robin and Malcolm Wood and Michael Underwood.

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Football and boxing

I played a lot of football and was introduced to the boxing boys at Brighton Boys Club in Edward Street and the knock about football side by the railway line amusement ride near the Palace Pier. I remember my prayers for snow (so we could avoid school ) being answered and seeing the crowds of Queens Park school children waiting outside the school for a snowball fight. Their intentions were thwarted by the intervention of the heavy mob which included Osborne and Swaffer. Generally, I thought the whole neighbourhood of Queens Park was very safe even when I wore our uniform, and we were very lucky to have been able to enjoy our times there.

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  • I do remember one occasion when a whole group of boys from a neighbouring school massed together with snowballs at the ready and making a lot of noise near the entrance to the school just down from the Pepper Pot, but it was one of the brothers who shoed them away. I can’t remember his name but he was quite stocky and came from the North of England and was very interested in football. He would discuss this with Darby and Coveney during the Art class (which was in the classroom next to Brother John’s chemistry lab) He was our class teacher in the 2nd year (2A) and taught us English and R.I. I also well remember Brother Mark (English and Latin) and Class 1B had Brother Timothy. Brother Director was Brother Augustine, followed by another – I can’t remember his name, who we had for Latin, and then he was replaced by Brother Wilfred. The other brother who was interested in sport was an Irishman – Brother Brendan.

    By Franc Bell (10/05/2020)
  • Franc Bell,

    I think you may be referring to Bro. Patrick as the person who dispersed the waiting children and I recognise the other names you have mentioned from XC.

    I have also just answered your previous enquiry on my class picture from 1967.

    If you join the group I am sure the other members will probably also recognise you.

    By Damien wan (11/05/2020)

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