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Class photos 1960

These are photos of two classes in Ditchling Road School which were taken in 1960.

Does anyone recognise themselves? Maybe you can identify some of your old classmates?

Please leave a comment below.

Mr Foster's class: June 1960 ( I am third row back 2nd from left near sir)
From the private collection of Tony Belcher
Is the teacher here Mr Hinton? July 1960 (I am back row middle)
From the private collection of Tony Belcher

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  • Mr Hinton’s class photo is dated incorrectly. It should read 1961. Sorry my mistake.

    By Tony Belcher (31/08/2009)
  • Hi Tony, I had just left the Downs School, when these pictures were taken, but my sister is Barbara Hagon, third from the right top row . and her best friend March Howe is next to Mr. Foster. The bottom picture is indeed Mr. Hinton, he was my last teacher at junior school, before I went to Margaret Hardy. I must forward the pictue to my sister Barbara, who now lives in Cornwall. I have lived in Australia for the past 30 years. I remembeer Mr. Hinton, as being a very good teacher.

    By sandra foster (01/09/2009)
  • Hi Tony, I didn’t realise that this was the same class one year later. Also I didn’t know that Barbara had been taught by Mr. Hinton as I had. Barbara and Marth are standing together in this picture, third and fourth second row from the top. I will email her, and I am sure that she will remember most of the class names. I am 3 years older then her, I recognise a lot of the faces, but I don’t know their names.

    By Sandra Foster (nee Hagon) (01/09/2009)
  • Just a few of the names that spring to mind, Valerie Tompsett, Richard Venner, Richard Dixon, Carlton Coath, Richard? Beck & ? Woods. Seems a lot of Richards? It’s amazing to see the difference in facial and body growth a year can make. Hope this may jog some memories.

    By Tony Belcher (03/09/2009)
  • I’m sure I recognise some of these faces! I think it’s the class I would have been in if we hadn’t moved to Portslade in 1958. I was in Mr Taylor’s class in the prefabs before the move. I have a photo somewhere with the names written in on the back – will dig it out.

    By Honor (27/09/2009)
  • Hi Tony.  I am Linda Brown – 2nd row, third one in on the right. Jane Haslam is on the other end who I was very friendly with. Another friend Judy Kifford sitting down at the end third row down with Jacqueline sitting next to her. Katharine Branch is sitting 2nd in at other end with Betty next to her.  I think Rod Pearson is at the back on the end who I remember most of the girls liked.  Barbara and Martha together, Trudy Langer next to Valerie who  I remember as well as she lived top of Ditchling rise  not far from me in Princes road.  Well, a lot of years have passed and I am now a Mother of three, Grandmother of seven, spend most winters in Australia as two of my children live there.  Memory fades with other names unfortunately.  I seem to remember another – Linda maybe her on the end below Mr Hinton.  Carry on the good work.

    By Linda Strickland (nee Brown) (31/10/2016)
  • Linda, you are standing with Paul Dwyer on your left (towards Mr. Hinton).

    By Terry Knight (20/10/2017)
  • Wow Terry, this brings back a few memories. Been living in Fareham for 30 years. I go back to Brighton occasionally, what a change.

    By Paul Dwyer (15/11/2019)
  • Hello Paul,
    Such a long time ago. I have been living in Vancouver, Canada since 1971. Hope you are doing well.

    By TerryKnight (22/12/2019)
  • Hi Terry,
    Hows life in Vancouver? Pretty crazy here at the present.

    By Paul Dwyer (17/04/2020)

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