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Mr Hinton: Class 11-1969

Top row L-R: Steven Alport, Mark Bellchambers, Linda Hooker, Derek Blasby, Andy Barnard, ?, Jean Baldwin, Graham Halley,?  

Second Row L-R: John Joyce, (?) Janice Venner, Mark Withington, Malcolm Jones, (?) Linda or Sue Bolt, Louise Cole, Chris Street  

Third Row L-R: ?, ? Gardener, ?,? Sean Weston, Mary Hudson,? 

Front Row L-R: Tony Breslin, Jeremy Hammond, Martin Scrace, Lesley Pearce, David Stevens, Neil Truelove

The usual apologies go to all those names I failed to recall from 40 years ago, but hoping you are still with us, happy and healthy and would love to hear what people are doing now. If you can put some names to faces, please leave a comment below.

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Class 11 - 1969
From the private collection of Martin Scrace

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  • Amazing to find this picture. I was Jean Baldwin…

    By Jean Jones (27/01/2014)
  • Amanda Parsons is next to Mr. Hinton and Linda Williams is behind Tony Breslin.

    By Jean Jones (29/01/2014)
  • Good to see this picture – well done for remembering so many names.  I can recall some others (I think!); David Tasker next to Jean, Pauline Turvey and Michelle Murrell behind Martin. Judith Leage is on the end of the third row.

    By David Stevens (19/02/2014)
  • Well done, looks like we have put a name to them all, the class of ’69. Seems like yesterday, happy memories.

    By Jean Jones (19/04/2014)
  • Think I have some older photos which I will dig out and post. Good to hear from Jean and David.

    By Martin Scrace (22/04/2014)
  • Look forward to seeing them Martin.

    By Jean Jones (27/04/2014)
  • Wow! I remember so many in this photo although I was in Mrs Batchelor’s class and only at Downs 68 and 69. Martin Scrase, Jeremy Hammond, Neil Truelove, Mark Bellchambers.

    By Andrew Taylor (19/02/2018)
  • Anyone remember Pauline Turvey? I went to Varndean with her.

    By Julia Fletcher (17/02/2020)

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