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Miss Weatherly's class 1964

I really enjoyed my time at the Downs School in Brighton. My maiden name was Cox but my married name is Wendy Tucknott. I have named as many of the pupils as I can. the faces are very familiar but I frustratingly cannot remember all the names. 

Back row: Melody Strong?; Susan McGann; Tony?; Michael?; Richard; Stephen; ?; ? Malcolm?Miss Weatherly,

2nd row: Michael?;  ?;  ?; David; Janet?; Valerie Thorpe; Wendy Cox (Tucknott); Timothy; ?;  ?;  ?.

3rd row: Mary?; Angela; Diane; Kathleen Mann; Susan Cook; Celia Foster; Pauline?; Jean; Karen Pollard.

Front row:  ?;  ?;  ?;  Steven Lang;  ?;  ?;  ?;  Albert?;  ?;  ?.

If you recognise yourself or anyone else, or can share your memories of this time, please leave a comment below.


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  • Hi Wendy – can’t help you identify anyone in that picture – the only two people I recognise are you and Miss Weatherly. I was a year below you, in the same class as your sister. My family lived in Shaftesbury Road, and I seem to remember yours were in Stanley Road. I used to come round to play with you and Amanda sometimes. Miss W was a really great teacher – the only one I really remember clearly from Downs. Looking at her now, she must have been a proper 60s dolly bird! I remember she drove a little white Mini – the height of cool in those days. Happy days indeed, I count myself very lucky to have gone to Downs School.

    By Marc Turner (12/08/2013)
  • I was there 1935 – Infants then Juniors where I discovered my name was Dorothy! 1939 saw the building of the trenches under the playground where we spent many an hour or so. I’ve described this earlier. My teachers were Miss Haffenden, Miss Wigmore, and in the Juniors’ Miss Porter who persecuted me every time she could because I was illegitimate – but I was also bright which annoyed her too! Then Mr ? a Scott and I’m ashamed I can’t think of his name. Then Miss Cowtan and Mr Webb who joined the RAF later. I loved all these teachers for the interesting way they taught us and we learned so much from them. I have no photos sadly but they are in my heart still.

    By Stevie Hobbs (13/08/2013)
  • Wendy,

    I am the boy on the back row with the Beatle haircut.

    I think I can help with most of the other names…

    Back Row. Melody Strong, Susan McGann, Tony Melkin, Geoffrey Nesbit, Me, Stephen Marshall, Peter Haylor, Stephen Golds, Kevin Mason.

    Upper Middle Row. Michael Leach, David Stepney, Jimmy Mitchell?, David Allport, Janet?, Valerie Thorpe, You, Timothy Payne, ???, Kevin W(H)ale, Phillip Martin.

    Lower Middle Row. ???, Angela Mitchell, Diane Wynn? ???, Susan Cook, Celia Foster, ???, Jean Townsend, Karen Pollard.

    Front Row. Malcolm Beal, Derek Courtney, Peter Watson, Stephen Lang, Michael Spurgeon?, Paul Cook, Robert Mepham, Albert Montgomery, Peter Sutton, David Miles.

    Good times – fondly remembered.

    By Richard Bateman (07/10/2017)
  • Most of us boys were “in love” with Miss Weatherley.

    By Richard Bateman (07/10/2017)
  • I have just remembered the name of the girl, 3rd from the right, upper middle row – Pauline Marriott.

    By Richard Bateman (08/10/2017)
  • Thank you for posting this photo. I am Melodie Strong in the back row. I loved the Downs School very much and have some wonderful memories.

    By Melodie Munro (29/04/2020)

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