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Miss Cox's Class - 4A 1960-1961

Photo survived Arizona summers

I was at the Downs school until 1960-61 ending up in Miss Cox’s class (4A).  I recently found a class photo of 4A in one of the boxes in our garage.  The photo has endured the searing heat of our Arizona summers for a while although there are a couple of creases from where it was stored in my parents’ house in Brighton.

Remember the faces

I can certainly remember nearly all of the faces of the kids in the picture but not all of their names.  I was wondering if anyone out there might be able to fill in the blanks in my memories. So, starting on the top row from left to right (while viewing the photo) here are my best recollections (some could be wrong of course)

Top Row L to R Carol Gravett, ? , Janice ?, Diane Fluck, Carol Cole, Susan Cole, Pamela Kay, Wendy Fellingham, ?, Janice Higginbottom

Next Row L to R: Roger Wolverstone, Peter Burberry, Peter Archer, Alan Hobden, ?, Graham Johnson, Colin Burtenshaw, Peter Mitchell, Boyd Pearson, Phil Allsopp, John Green

Next Row L to R: ?, ?, Gwendolyn Keats, Susan Young, Pat Chesil, ?, Louise ?, Janice?, ?, ?, ?

Bottom Row (seated cross-legged) L to R David  Turner, Stewart Nicholson, David Foster, David Stoner, Paul Weston, Alan Bowyer, Patrick Leach, Michael (A great swimmer), John Neill, Tony Barnes, Michael Brooks

Michael Brooks responded to a post of mine on the Downs School page.  I remember Michael very well.  He was known – especially by his best friend Alan Bowyer –  as “Brookey”.  Back then Michael was a maths whiz-kid and as I recall played a mean right wing during our everlasting FA cup matches in the playground.

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Miss Cox's Class - 4A 1960-1961
From the private collection of Phil Allsopp

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  • Michael Moore (4th from left on bottom row) was the great swimmer. Just remembered his surname while staring at nothing in particular on the beach in Santa Monica, CA.

    By Phil Allsopp (08/09/2010)
  • I went to Stanford primary at the same time as this year, but as this was a nearby school knew several of the people here. Diane Fluck was a girlfriend of my friend Jim, much later. The Cole twins were always at 60s dances [Stringer, Patcham Memorial hall etc]and always looked ‘chic’. I still see one [don’t know which one!] shopping in M&S…still looking chic. Archer Green and Hobden went onto Brighton & Hove Grammar where I first met them. I bumbed into Peter Archer in Cliffe High St, Lewes last year where he is a wood carver.

    By Geoffrey Mead (09/09/2010)
  • I should have said Michael Moore is 4th from right as you view the photo.

    By Phil Allsopp (09/09/2010)
  • Replying to Geoffrey: Good memories. Wow – one of the Coles Twins still shopping in M&S after all these years. I have a slightly different memory of the kids who went to B&H Grammar; John Green went to Varndean (he and I have kept in touch over the years – since we were four in fact). Stuart Nicholson was the other one from our class at the Downs School who went to B&H Grammar along with Alan Hobden and Peter Archer. While I was at Fawcett for two years (flunking the 11-Plus), I had a very close friend – Shahin Kucekzadeh (originally from Isfahan). He too took the 13 plus like me and went on to B&H Grammar while I went off to Varndean. Do you recall him? He had a younger sister and his parents were B’haia. I’ve always wondered what happened to him. Lastly, your name is so familiar to me. Were you ever in the 7th Brighton Scouts that used to meet at the Stanford Avenue Methodist Church basement at the corner of Southdown Ave? I seem to remember you wearing round spectacles with one side taped over. Then again, my memory could be failing me.

    By Phil Allsopp (10/09/2010)
  • Yes Phil, I went to BH&S Grammar School, along with Ben Nicholson and Peter Archer. This is my best attempt at the names: TOP ROW (L to R): Carol Gravett, Pauline Craig, Unknown, Diane Fluck, Carol Cole, Susan Cole, Pamela Kaye, Wendy Fellingham, Janice Higginbottom, Angela Kinch. NEXT ROW (L to R): Miss Cox, John Colwell, Peter Burberry, Peter Archer, Alan Hobden, Unknown, Neil Johns(t)on, Colin Burtenshaw, Peter Mitchell, Boyd Pearson, Phil Allsopp, John Green. NEXT ROW (L to R): Unknown, Unknown, Gwendoline Keats, Susan Young, Carolyn Chisman, Margaret Langrish, Louise Emerson, Unknown, Janice Foster, Linda Vom Berg, Jacqueline ??. BOTTOM ROW (L to R): David Turner, Ben Nicholson, David Foster, David Stoner, Paul Weston, Alan Bowyer, Patrick Leach, Michael Moore, John Neill, Tony Barnes, Michael Brooks. I believe Peter Burberry died suddenly in Leics in February 2002, shortly after returning home to Oadby from a family holiday in Australia. I discovered subsequently that he was my third cousin. I can’t claim the above list was all my own work Phil. A few years ago I was helped with another school photo by Susan Young (now Susan Luty), who I think you have been in contact with in recent years.

    By Alan Hobden (24/11/2011)
  • Alan, I think my previous text (unfinished) got sent or closed down. At any rate, apologies Alan for the tardy reply. I think the lad next to Miss Cox is Roger Wolverstone and it was Stuart Nicholson I think and not “Ben” as you have him. Nice to know your memory is serving you well. And it’s also nice to see the Albion have their own brand new stadium. That should boost the spirits somewhat! Happy Easter 2013!

    By Phil Allsopp (29/03/2013)
  • The name Roger Wolverstone certainly rings a bell, Phil. Was John Colwell with us in an earlier year perhaps? 

    Everyone at BH&SGS knew the boy Nicholson as “Ben” (for a reason that escapes me) throughout his time there, but you are quite right. His real first name was Stuart.

    As to the Amex, yes it is a great stadium and, despite last night’s result against Derby County, we are all looking forward to seeing Premiership football there very soon. Regards, Alan.

    By Alan Hobden (12/05/2014)
  • Alan: Yes, I remember John Colwell quite well. I’ll check out your other class photos as I don’t recall him being with us in Miss Cox’s class. Best

    By Phil Allsopp (25/01/2015)
  • Alan, I checked your photos but couldn’t see two boys that I recall went to the Downs School – there was John Colwell and also Gary Jones. I don’t think Gary was in our class but I do remember him – maybe from the Downs Infants much earlier on. If anything jogs my memory on these folks, I’ll let you know! Best

    By Phil Allsopp (25/01/2015)
  • 2nd row from front, 5th from left is my sister Carolyn Chismon who has just retired from teaching in Sherborne Dorset.

    By Jane Chismon (18/07/2015)
  • Hi Phil, I have just come across this article. I will email it to my brother, Boyd Pearson. My other brother Rod is still in close contact with Tony Barnes.

    By Donna (07/02/2016)
  • Hi Donna. Give my very best to Boyd.  I remember him so well at the Downs School handing out our exercise books and announcing “Sticky Bum last” as he gave the last book to Janice Higginbottom. Why on earth that image of ebullient Boyd stays with me I have no idea.  My last recollection of him was seeing him at the Florida Rooms after we all got our O level results back.  I also remember meeting Rod but never knew him well.  Tony Barnes and I were close pals for a while but lost contact after I left Fawcett for Varndean after taking the 13+ exams. Seems like yesterday. Time flies far too fast.

    By Phil Allsopp (01/06/2016)
  • Hi Jane Chismon. I remember your sister very well indeed.  Miss Cox was always calling on her for answers to random questions – she was brilliant – still is of that I’m sure.

    By Phil Allsopp (01/06/2016)
  • Hi There, I came across this site when looking up some of my mum’s details. My mum was Diane Fluck, unfortunately she passed away 18 months ago. Someone said she used to go out with Jim. I remember her talking fondly of a chap called Jim Bailey. She lived in Brighton until 2001 then moved to Polegate.  Her friends can contact me at:

    By Claire Chappell (05/05/2017)
  • Oh my goodness. I stumbled on this site whilst looking up Varndean. I am top row left. I moved to Australia in 1968 and now live in Victoria. I have had an incredibly varied life, all based around food and wine. I am retired and living with a gorgeous man I met 30 years ago after my marriage broke up. I have a gorgeous daughter and two perfect – well sort of – grandchildren. I would love to hear from anyone in this photo. Such a blast from the past. Thank you to those who have saved and shared photos

    By Carole Gravett (13/05/2019)
  • I’m trying to contact Carol Cole (on the back row in the photograph) who knew people I knew when I worked in Shoreham at LinkMiles in the 1960s and who I’m trying to track down. If anyone is still in touch with her, please could you ask her to email me? I’m happy for my email address to be forwarded. Thank you.

    By Alan Heyes (01/11/2019)

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