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Miss Hake's class c1963.

Miss Hake’s class

Unfortunately, I can only remember a few of the names of pupils.

Back row: Miss Hake, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Paul Ferroni,??, ??, Paul Sheppherd 

2nd row: ??, ??, ??, me – Larry Roy, ??, ??, ??, ??, ?? 

3rd row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Sandra Fields, ??, ??, ?? 

4th row: ??, ??, ??, ??

I do hope that people with better memories will be able to recognise more pupils. If you do recognise yourself or anyone else, please post a comment below.

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Class photograph c1963
From the personal collection of Larurenc

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  • Pretty sure 2nd from left on front row is Raymond French,and far right on row 2 are Michael Townsend and Robert Mitchell.

    By Marc Turner (22/03/2018)
  • That’s me (Janet Carden), third in from the right as you look, in the third row (next to Sandra Field). I’m in the dark dress with squares and circles on. Julie-Ann Grigg is next to me and Karen Hope is next to her. Then there’s Julia Dunk on the opposite end of the row (blonde hair).

    Beryl Simmonds is in the back row, second in from the right as you look and Susan Bates second from the left in the back row.

    David Donno is third from the left on the second row. He’s the boy with lighter hair. Trevor Carter is to the left of him, wearing the tie.

    If I remember anymore, I’ll post them.

    By Janet Carden (10/05/2020)
  • 2nd row from front ,5th from left is my sister Jennifer Kelly. We had moved from Halifax to Brighton but were only there 3 years and we moved back to Halifax.
    I was younger than Jennifer and was in Miss Jenks’ class , I don’t remember names of previous 2 teachers.
    My good friends were Julie Gunn and Jane Ginn.

    By Jacqueline Baird nee Kelly (08/06/2020)
  • There is nothing here to say what school it is, but a friend was at a school with a Miss Jenks[as above] and recalls her stating-‘All children are brats’… memorable! Was it Elm Grove?

    By Dr Geoffrey Mead (10/06/2020)
  • The school is The Downs Junior and Infant school, Ditchling Road.
    We lived on Vere Road at the time I was there.
    Miss Jenks I recall , was a good teacher and I do not remember her saying “All children are brats”, but that is not to say she never said it ! Jenks is not a common name is it ? Idon’t know how long she stayed at the Downs after I left in 1966. She did visit me when she was visiting relatives in Halifax a few years later.

    By Jacqueline Baird (neeKelly) (18/08/2021)

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