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The School Choir c1960/61

This shows the Downs School choir; it was taken c1960/1, and shows Mr Foster and Mr Morgan, the Headmaster.

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Downs School Choir c1960/1
From the private collection of Irene Dobson (nee Budd)

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  • Hi Irene. I have the photo of the school choir for 1960/61, when I was a member, but it’s not the same as this one. I’m guessing that your photo is for the school year 1961/62. I can see Barbara Trussler in the back row (fourth pupil from the right), and she was at least a year below me. I’m pretty sure Linda Reeve(s) was in the same year as Barbara. Is she in this photo?

    By Alan Hobden (31/05/2014)
  • Hi Alan, I wish my mum had written the year on the back. I have tried to work out when this was taken – by working back from when I left seniors, which was July 1966 when I was 15 yrs 9 Months.  I can remember being in Mr Taylor’s class twice in the annexe and that was class 2a and 3a, then in 4a when my class teacher was Miss Parkes (when I took my eleven+).  I do remember the name Linda Reeve.   I think the school choir was usually made up of different classes. I have put some other school pics on, but they are not published yet, so watch this space.

    By Irene Dobson (nee Budd) (01/06/2014)
  • I was never in the choir but I remember the names of the male teachers you mention – I especially remember Mr Taylor who threw chalk, and sometimes the board rubber, at miscreants! Wasn’t there a male teacher who played “Moses supposes his toeses are roses.. ” in assembly and who left to pursue a musical career?

    By Margaret Martin (03/06/2014)
  • Remember me? I am in the second row below the tall girl and Linda Reeve is on my right. I managed to contact her (we were best friends all through primary school) about 5 years ago and we still e- mail on a regular basis.

    By Davina Rosendale (nee Coull) (09/06/2014)
  • Hello Davina, I do remember you had a lovely singing voice. I think the tall girl behind you was Iris Johnson. Funny how gradually some of the names come back to me.

    By Irene Dobson (nee Budd) (11/06/2014)
  • It’s me again. Bottom row 3rd from left is Julia Voller. Second row up 8th from left is Christopher Brencher (I would like to have seen him later on in life – all the girls adored him and he liked them too. I think I shared my first kiss with him!).There are other names coming back to me so I’ll come back with them later.

    By Davina (18/06/2014)
  • Message for Alan Hobden – I have had a look at your picture of the school choir and I think I should have been in it!  But, thinking about it, that was probably around the time that I was in the Children’s Hospital having my appendix out! – seems like yesterday…..

    By Irene Dobson (nee Budd) (30/07/2014)
  • Hello Davina, How is my then next-door neighbour? I was up Clyde Road earlier this week. The houses still look the same but the roads are stuffed with cars. Nearly all the shops have gone and have been converted into flats. You may recall that whilst I was still at the Downs School, I worked for A A G Smith, the grocer on the corner of Shaftesbury Road, which Mr Barber occupied previously. Three coach loads went to the Queen’s Coronation in 1953 from the Railway pub in Ditchling Rise.

    By Michael Dartnell (31/07/2014)
  • I have just found this website and am very excited as have just seen myself and many others that I recognise in the school choir photograph. My name then was Jill Rice and I am in the 3rd row from the front and 5 from the left.  I can remember many names in the photo!!

    By Jill Rowley (01/12/2014)
  • Like Jill, I’m excited too at this page – seen myself and lots of others, including my then best friends, Linda George, Rachel Hair to name just two.  I am in the 4th row from front, 7th from the left – my maiden name was Christine Hopper (Chopper) – does anyone remember me?

    By Christine Bowman (20/08/2015)
  • I’ve been very slow at discovering this website but am now very excited to see this photo with many people that I remember.
    Christine (Hopper) I am delighted to see you have written. I have often wondered where you are!
    Linda Henbest (née George)

    By Linda Henbest (23/10/2019)
  • Hi Linda – yes, still around – now married and called Christine Bowman. After the Downs, went to Varndean and then to the Royal Academy of Music (I remember us too playing around in Mr Foster’s music lessons!!) – I was on the Oboe Performers Course and after 4 years became a teacher and freelance player. Sadly, partly due to my Mum leaving us at aged 53 and my Dad remarrying under a year later, I suffered with my health and gave up playing. Been in a wilderness until I was rescued by my lovely husband, with whom I have been with for just over 30 years – have no children of my own, but have a stepson, Mathew…..and you?

    By Christine Bowman (nee Hopper) (08/04/2020)

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