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Elm Grove School: 1929

1929 Eileen Thompsett at Elm Grove School

This photograph shows Eileen Thompsett at Elm Grove School in 1929 .

I wonder if there is anyone out there with a family member in this photo.  Mum could not remember the name of the teacher.

She and her Mother lived at 20 Arnold Street with Ernest Simmons and Sarah my Grandmother’s parents. Previously they lived in Whichelo Place/Street ?

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  • Class Photos 1950. Phil Fowler, thank you for your reply with a list of names. There are a couple that ring a bell.
    Did you not also live in Franklin Street? I seem to remember that there were a family by the name of Fowler that lived there close to the top pf the street. I remember a son moving to Oz could that have been you. Did you also have a brother by the name of Keith? I moved to Canada in 1969 and have been back to the UK a number of times. Thanks again, take care.

    By Peter Miller. (02/10/2019)

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