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Photographs c1910

This is actually a postcard photo of Elm Grove School about 1910 with Elm Trees that look quite young
From the private collection of Dennis Parrett
Elm Grove classroom, circa 1915 or earlier. My Mother, Ellen Ann Terry born Jan 1906, is second left in front.
From the private collection of Dennis Parrett
Elm Grove classroom, circa 1910 or earlier. My Uncle, Albert Terry who was older than my Mother, is I believe third from left in front.
From the private collection of Dennis Parrett

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  • The early photographs of Elm Grove School are brilliant! My Dad (Ralph James Bamber) was born in 1907 and attended there around the same time, and I never thought I would ever see how his classrooms and teachers and schoolmates would look like. He had to be dragged to school, so I think they changed him to St. Martin’s School later – or maybe he attended the other school first! If anyone actually has a photograph with his name on it, that would be brilliant! Older siblings Dorothy, Alice, Elsie, Evelyn and Will may also appear on photographs.

    By Mary Funnell (Bamber) (05/05/2007)
  • Your photos of Elm School are fantastic! May I use them in a presentation to my tutors? I am writing a musical about the school 100 years ago for my degree and I can illustrate my ideas to the tutors with your photographs if this is permissable?
    Editor’s note: An email has been sent to your address.

    By Pauline Willougby (13/10/2008)
  • Yes you have my permission and good luck with this Pauline. E mail not received by the way.

    By Dennis Parrett (27/11/2008)
  • Fantastic photographs. I attended Elm Grove in the 1970s, can’t believe that 60 years later they still had the dark green tiles on the walls. I wonder if they are still there now?

    By Julie Bowring (19/07/2013)
  • I have just come across these interesting photos. My Mother was born in 1906 and also attended this school so she maybe in the circa 1915 photo. Very unlikely I know, but do you happen to know the names of any of the other pupils?

    By Brian Parsons (04/05/2015)
  • I am sorry but I have no information about other names. I wonder if registers are still available somewhere.

    By Dennis Parrett (20/08/2015)
  • Brian Parsons, my Dad was born 1907 so maybe he was in the school photos with your Mum, Ralph James Bamber. At the time they had a Grocer/Confectioner’s Shop at 2A Bentham Road nearly opposite.

    By Mary Funnell (13/06/2019)

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