Memories of Senior Girls

Having just read the comments on Elm Grove Girls’ School, I was amazed to see three of my former school friends there. Hi to Sue (Culley); Irene (Hillman) and Yvonne (Granger).

Lots of memories
The memories come flooding back.  Those of you who stayed on for a fifth year will remember running down Franklin Road to get the best typewriters in the Business Studies Class. I remember how I hated needlework classes (with Miss Alexander?) but we had so much fun in Cookery classes with Mrs Stoner.

Still in the area
I still live in the area and walk past the school every day.  Still get a shudder when I look up to the room that used to be the head’s office  I have seen Marilyn Batchelor a couple of times (she works in a local GP’s surgery) but what about Sheryl Batchelor (her cousin), Janet Homewood, Penelope Homewood (her cousin), Susan Peters, Wendy Pitt and Rita Pearson?  Where at they now? 

I’d love to hear from anyone in the same class as me.

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  • Hi Denise, yes I have many happy memories of my time spent at Elm Grove High School and still wonder why it used to take you and I about half an hour to walk home on a journey of approximatley 5 minutes maximum from school. I remember lots of laughter. Maybe not so much after I left school when you and I drifted apart for some unknown reason. I wonder what happened to Sue Peters, Wendy Pitt, and Janet Anderson. I emigrated to Australia in 1973 and have unfortunately only returned to England once since then in 2001. Subject to lotteries wins I would love to return for another holiday. I also would like to hear from anyone from our final school years and I am happy to be contacted by email.

    By Sue Quigley (nee Culley) (03/01/2010)
  • I was at Elm Grove Senior School, along with Gina Peak, Vivien Hall and many more that I cannot remember. I was known then as Sharon Dawes. I can remember Mrs Stoner and her cookery classes, they were the highlight of my schooling, it was such fun. I am now living in Northampton, but would love to know where everyone is now.

    By Sharon Witney (23/04/2012)
  • Does anyone have a photo to post from 1958/1959/1960? Thanks

    By Jacqueline Thomas nee Jones (03/10/2012)
  • I was just looking up the web page to see if anyone else had logged on after I had last logged on. My email address has changed to the above – it is now   I did hear from Irene Hillman who happened to see the web page as well.

    By Susan Quigley (10/11/2012)
  • My name is Bob Green; my step-sister, Joan Barnard, and my half-sister, Pamela Barnard, were at Elm Grove School in the years 1936 to 1944, or thereabouts. Joan now lives in Shoreham, and Pam in Ringmer. I’d be glad to send on any messages from anyone who still remembers them. My email is

    By Robert Green (11/11/2012)
  • I was at this school from 1950 till 1955. While there I was captain of the netball team. I can remember Ann Bertenshaw, Linda Bell, Doreen Sharman and my best friend Edith Funnel. I would love to hear fron anyone who remembers me. Take care.

    By Beryl Friday (15/05/2013)
  • As mentioned before, I used to go to Elm Grove School, then it was only a girls’ school, not co-ed. I now live in Australia having emigrated in 1973. I am coming back over in June/July 2014 and will be passing through Brighton on my travels. I would love to catch up with any old school friends: Denise Hillier, Sue Peters, Wendy Pitt etc. I am happy to be contacted on my new email address which is

    By Sue Quigley (nee Culley) (29/05/2013)
  • Can anyone remember Valerie Jill Freeman and Mary Freeman? I’m Valerie’s daughter and was wondering if there were any photos from 1958 to 59 – thanks in advance. I’m trying to piece together some memories; she had five brothers too Raymond, Vance, Reg, David and Peter, all from Lincoln Street, Brighton.

    By Tracy Bruzas (06/11/2013)
  • Hi Tracy Bruzas, I went to school with Raymond and Vance Freeman. They lived in Lincoln Street, Brighton. Their cousin, Colin Taylor, also lived in the area – in Lincoln Cottages. I have been in touch with Vance on the “Friends Reunited Site” and I am still in touch with Colin.  My email address is

    By Michael Graysmark (08/01/2014)
  • Haven’t been on this page for a long time owing to family commitments. It was good to see some names from the past. I regularly keep in touch with Irene and she keeps me up to date with her contact with Sue Quigley. 

    Sorry but we have had to edit your post. We are no longer allowing the posting of requests to find third parties, as sharing information like this breaches their privacy. We recommend you try Friends Reunited website if you want to track old friends or neighbours.
    Comments Editor

    By Yvonne Taylor nee Granger (19/02/2014)
  • I was at the school when it was a split site between Fairlight and Elm Grove, my friend Christine (Sharp) and I used to walk up the hill to the school twice a day. I remember Marilyn Brooker, Marlene, Violet Little, Jennifer Jones, Sally Feast, Katie Grover, Rosemary Bishop, and Madeleine Fortune who also lived in my street. I worked for Legal and General for a long time and relocated to Wales for them, I now live in the South Wales Valleys. I have so many good memories of school, Miss Alexander was our needlework teacher, and Miss Butler was the Head, also Mrs Diprose, and Mrs Higgins who I seem to remember had blue hair and an enormous bosom! Mrs Solomon took us for French and music she was very elegant and always had long red nails! I remember Miss Butler came to see my dad to see if her would let me stay on and go to sixth form at Varndean but he said no, I had to go to work, I loved school and was very sad to leave. Best wishes to all old friends from 1962 to 1966 .

    By Rosa Lazell nee Deacon (16/09/2015)
  • Hi. My twin sister and I were at Elm Grove from 1967 until it closed in 1970.Anybody remember Belinda and Vanessa? Linda Peters, Sabrina Smith, Linda Winsor to name but a few were in our class. Lovely memories, have mentioned before on another page about the school. Miss Alexander taught us needlework but was also Head Teacher. We made a cap and apron in a check pattern to use in our cookery class. We loved Mrs Stoner but our cookery teacher was Mrs Shough -funny enough she also was our teacher before at St Paul’s West Street!

    By Belinda Lumsden (19/09/2015)
  • This is just to let Jacqueline Jones know that I have a photo 58/59. If she wants to email me, I would be happy to send it.I will be back with more but still learning to use tablet.


    By Kath Wickham (23/07/2017)
  • Hello Kath, I have only just recently read your comment, that would be great if you could. Thanking you in advance, take care.

    By Jackie Thomas/Parker Nee Jones (18/02/2018)
  • Dear Josephine,
    Sorry but we have had to delete your post. We are no longer allowing the posting of requests to find third parties, as sharing information like this breaches their privacy. We recommend you try social media websites if you want to track old friends or neighbours.
    Comments Editor

    By Josephine Henry now Darby (28/10/2018)
  • Oh my! I was at the senior girls school Elm Grove (60s) 1968 with Linda Filby and Denise Reeves, Susan Barnard, Sandra Bingham, Theressa Poore and yes I remember Yvonne. I never was one for cooking so Mrs Stoner let me paint the walls of the classroom that needed painting I enjoyed that. Also went down to Bear Road to typing classes stopping at the sweet shop on route. Sadly Sue has passed away and I lost touch with other school pupils. I still live in Sussex a great county to live in Joyce (nee) Reynolds.

    By Joy (05/07/2020)
  • Does anyone have an up to date email address for Susan Quigley in Australia. We were in contact but the last few emails I sent bounced back.

    And any one else who was in my year at Elm Grove Girls Secondary Modern School (i.e. Susan Peters, Wendy Pitt, etc., etc. – please get in touch.

    By Denise Hillier (26/08/2021)

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