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School outing in the late 1970s

This group of school children were from Elm Grove School. They were photographed at Pool Valley bus station waiting to board a bus for a school outing.

My son Stephen and his friends Glendon Smith and Mark Greenhop are in the front of the queue. Can you recognise yourself or anyone else?

If you can add a name, please leave a comment below.

Elm Grove School outing
From the private collection of Harry Atkins

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  • Hi Harry, Great photo. I went to school with your son and Mark Greenop, and was in your daughter’s class. I can’t see anyone else that I recognise. I wonder if you knew where they were going on this trip? Also can you remember any of the teachers that are in this photo?

    By Carol Homewood (10/05/2010)
  • Hi Carol - I think they were going to that play area in Wivelsfield or Haywards Heath. I will ask Steve the name of the teachers, for I have a photo of Jayne’s class and I will put it on this site, Was your dad’s name Brian by any chance?

    By Harry Atkins (10/05/2010)
  • The tall girl leaning on the railings looking out is Sandra MacKenzie. The teacher leaning on the fence in flared jeans looks like Miss Rowles to me, who was my favourite teacher from Elm Grove .

    By Carol Homewood (11/05/2010)
  • Hi Harry, No my Dad wasn’t called Brian. Homewood is my married name. Would love to see the photo you have of mine and Jayne’s class. Been looking for some really early ones from the Wellington Road school.

    By Carol Homewood (12/05/2010)
  • Hi Carol. Have sent the photos to MB&H, but they haven’t got through as yet. Keep watching this space.

    By Harry Atkins (14/05/2010)
  • Thanks ever so much Harry. I look forward to seeing them.

    By Carol Homewood (17/05/2010)
  • Hi Carol. I don’t know whats happened to the photo, give it a couple of days, and if its not on then, email me and I will send you the photo.

    By Harry Atkins (26/05/2010)
  • Harry, thanks ever so much for your email address. Much appreciated. regards, Carol

    By Carol Homewood (28/05/2010)
  • Hi Harry: Boy in front row between me and Glendon is Lawrence? The small face on Stephen’s right shoulder is Steven Banks. Boy 2 right of Stephen is Shane? Right of him is Michael Walker. Top face to right is Samantha? Two to the right is Tracey Evans, then Sandra McKenzie.

    By Mark Greenop (28/12/2010)

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