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Miss Sykes in the cupboard

Elm Grove School
©Tony Mould

I have been on the My Brighton and Hove site and I looked up my school, which was Elm Grove seniors. Every time I read the letters sent in from previous school girls I felt guilty. The comment dated 15/11/2009 was from Sue Standley(Johnson) She posed the question” Does anyone remember putting Miss Sykes in a cupboard?” It was answered by Carol Durrant(Webster) on the 7/1/2010 which read “Yes I was in the classroom the day miss Sykes was put in the cupboard, I think it was a girl named Marie was involved.”

Owning up at last

Well it needs to be said that it was not Marie that locked Miss Sykes in the art cupboard, It was me. I eventually let her out and she was so angry that she sent me off to see the headmistress who was called Miss Butler, who was feared by everyone in the school. There was no way that I was going to face her so I decided to go home. As I walked through the main gates of Elm Grove I was seen by a couple of teachers who started to chase me up the hill but luckily they couldn’t catch me. If anybody remembers me  please post a comment below

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  • My twin aunts Sonia and Sandra also locked her in the art cupboard leaving my nan (their mum) to let her out, needless to say when I started in 1968 I had same surname and I was blamed for everything! Someone (my best mate) rubbed chalk on broken chair so when she sat down it collapsed and she screamed “TINA Grevett!!” Some one set off a stink bomb and again she blamed me again but it was my best mate! such memories xx.

    By Tina-marie Grevett (26/12/2020)

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