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Form 5A circa 1955/56.

Back row L/R – 1. Augustus Engleman  2. John Smith  3. Norman Searle  4. Alan Bennett  5. Richard Rye  6. N/K  7. Brian Shinnga  8. N/K  9. N/K

Middle row L/R – 1.  ? Mitchell  2. ? Goldsmith  3. Brian King  4. John Mytton  5. Brian Streeter  6. N/K  7. Roger Mawditt  8. Roger Ranger  9.  N/K

Front row L/R– 1. Peter Reeve  2. N/K  3. John Green  4. N/K  5. E.J.Webb  6. Gary Cowley  7. Huddy  8. Ray Castle  9. Michael Moore 

If you can fill in any of the gaps in the names, please leave a comment below.

Fawcett School Form 5A circa 1955/56.
From the private collection of Barrie Searle

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  • I was at Fawcett 1952-55/6 and can identify back row 9 as me next but one to me should be Brian Skinner, next to him is ? Baker, front row 4 is Peter Bayes. Smithy back row 2 is almost certinly looking over at the girls school. Mr Webb was a good teacher but I don’t look back on my time there with any affection

    By John Clements (29/10/2011)
  • Hi John, you won’t know me but if you are who I think you are then I remember you when you lived in Clarence Square.  You and your brothers were in the Boys’ Brigade and as I was in the Scouts – we would sometimes clash. The only other face that I recognise is Augustus Engleman. John Wignall

    By JOHN WIGNALL (20/02/2012)
  • I probably was looking at the girls. However No 8 in the back row was named Mercer, I can’t remember his christian name.

    By John Smith (16/07/2012)
  • I was in form 1a when John smith was there. He probably won’t remember me but it is nice to see a few of the old boys are still around because we are all in our 70s now. I have lived in Australia for over 30 years but will be in Brighton next year so may pay a visit to the old school.

    By Mike Holt (01/08/2012)
  • Yes that is me No 8 back row – Christopher Mercer – how did you remember me after so long John ? I can only remember Mr Webb from this photo – that is the names not the image. Have been in the Royal Navy and the oil world as a medic for over 40 years and now live in Fareham. Still have a friend from the school – John Reany – who still lives in Brighton.

    By Christopher John Mercer (15/11/2012)

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