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Form IV A 1955/56

Form IV A 1955/56
From the private collection of Brian Whipp

This photo was taken in my last year at Fawcett School in Pelham Street. By the summer of 1956 I was working for the Southen Railway at Brighton and retired from the industry after 43 years continuing service. All in the photo will be over the age of 72 if still alive.

I am seated 2nd from left in the front row. Next on my left (3rd along) is David Henderson who shortly after moved away from Brighton. He lived in Albert Road. I lived in Buckingham Road just a 4 minute run to school under the railway arch at Brighton Station. I cannot now remember the names of the others although one lad was a Fellingham. Some great hairstyles for the 50s!

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else? Please leave a comment below if you can identify anyone or have memories of this time.


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  • Looking at Class 2 B 1953 on York Place Fawcett School I recognised the following: 

    From Left  Back Row: 5th Fred Hards, 7th Alan Reynolds. 

    2nd Row: 4th James Type, 7th Bob Friend

    Front Row: 2nd Me, 3rd David Henderson, 7th Ken Robinson, 9th ? Horne

    By Brian Whipp (30/01/2014)

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