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Photos taken in the 1970s

These photographs were taken in the 1970s.

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  • Please could someone tell me the year of this photo?

    By Bridget (01/10/2007)
  • Hey, check out Mr Lossaso’s Elvis hairdo. I’m surprised they let him. I only had two really good teachers in my life, and he was one of them. (Remember those animal stamps he would put in your school book when he marked it?)

    By J. Fogarty (27/11/2007)
  • This brings back memories! We did not have school photographs taken when I was there (I left in 1969), so this was a later date. This photograph shows the old school gym with the climbing frames glimpsed through the windows. The students are sitting outside on the old netball courts. It was freezing in Woodingdean in the snow in the winter, and the girls had to run three times around the playing field (which is still there behind the Nuffield Hospital) wearing towelling navy pants, blouses, socks and plimsolls. The boys were allowed shorts, but they had to run cross-country around the fields, so I don’t know who was harder done by! In the photograph I see Mr Losasso, Mr Arthy and Mr Crowley – all excellent teachers! Can anyone name the others?
    PS. For those who are viewing this and did not attend the school, it was demolished a few years ago and the Nuffield Hospital now stands on the site. Our field is still there though!

    By Mary Funnell (nee Bamber) (16/12/2007)
  • I was at Fitzherbert until 1973. This photograph was taken in about 1971/72 and I have a copy. I am in the photo also my brother John Doogan. So many happy memories.

    By Maggie Wlliams (nee Doogan) (12/01/2008)
  • I was at Fitzherbert untill 1977. Does anyone have any school photos?  Please let me know.

    By Maria Kirwan (01/03/2008)
  • I was at school here from 1960 till July 1964.  I would love any pictures that anyone may have as my school photos were all lost when my family emigrated to Australia.

    By Linda George (21/03/2008)
  • Hi Maggie,  Is there any way I can get a copy of the picture second from the top, the one with Tom Higgins, your brother and myself, and someone I can’t recall next to Clifton Mooney?  Thanks, Tony Arcand (

    By Anthony Arcand (15/01/2009)
  • I am living in Italy. Has someone a photo of the group from the years 1971, 1972, 1973? Please let me know

    By Kevin Paradiso (06/03/2009)
  • I was at ‘fizzy sherberts’ as we called it then, between 1967 and 1972. My name then was Diane Jarmakowicz, anyone remember me? I would love to hear from you.

    By Diane Marshall (27/03/2009)
  • Hi Tony. I remember you well! I know you met with John recently (well last year maybe). I have a copy of the school photo somewhere in my loft! It has two photos missing – me and David Lee. They went into a locket that I wore for ages! Sadly David died 2 years ago. There is another lot of photos on the web site. Dirk Mitchell downloaded them on to that web site. Hope life treats you well. So many happy memories of Fitzherbert! My email is

    By Maggie Williams (06/05/2009)
  • Hi Diane Jarmakowicz. I remember you well. I was at fizzys for about 18 months, then I moved back to Ireland. I had some great times there, actually you are the only girl I remember from that form. I see that David Lee died, he was a friend of mine back then R.I.P.95

    By Tony Breheny (18/05/2010)
  • Hi Tony, so glad you remembered me. I was beginning to think I didn’t exist at Fitzherberts at all. You are the first person to reply to me apart from Roy Harley who I saw recently. He said there is going to be a school reunion soon. I  might think about going, hope you are well.  Thanks again for replying.

    By Diane Marshall (11/09/2010)
  • Hi to everybody. I can’t see myself on the photo but there are lots of faces I can recall. My name was Jane O’Malley -I went there 1968 -1972.

    By Jane Swallow (nee O'Malley) (20/09/2010)
  • Hi Jane, I remember you. My name was Diane Jarmakowicz and I used to hang round with Anne Reidy, the Mann twins, Mary Whelan and Francis Misolek. I remember a lot of people but nobody seems to recall me much. I don’t know how to take that.

    By Diane Marshall (21/09/2010)
  • Hi Diane. Are you ok? As I said I can’t see myself in the photo or my mates like Bridget, Shelia, Anita, but I can see Delia, Karen, Tina Loarrina and others.I  hope life has been good to you.

    By Jane Swallow nee Omalley (23/09/2010)
  • Hi all, I was at the school in 1973 my name then was Denise Howard, my mum and dad had a dress shop in Baker St. I live in Norfolk, I am a writer and actor, been married to Steve 31 years, have two fab kids. I am writting a novel with my best friend Val who lives in Woodingdean, it starts in the 70s so it has taken me back, hence this e mail. If I ring any bells with any of you I would love to hear from you. To see more of what I do just Google me Dee Hunwicks. Hope to hear from you soon.

    By Dee Hounwicks nee Howard (13/10/2010)
  • Hello Jane O,Malley, I remember you well, you were in my class for most of my time at Fitzherbert You hung around with Anita Hussey, Karen Madigan, if I remember right,

    By Martin Phillips (14/11/2010)
  • Hi Martin, nice to hear from you. I would really like to know what you are up to, have you a partner kids etc? If you did Google me, you know what I am doing. However, if you  email me we could send pics etc. I will leave it to you. Dee

    By Dee Hunwicks (24/11/2010)
  • Hi Jane, just wanted you to know it dawned on me I got mixed up. Still a nuts. Sorry darling, Dee.

    By Dee Hunwicks (25/11/2010)
  • Hi all, does anyone remember the Virgo brothers? In particular my dad John would of attended Fitzherbert through the sixties. I’m interested if anyone has any memories of him, it would be precious to me. I love this website.

    By Lynsey Beebee (nee Virgo) (27/11/2010)
  • Just came across this page – Diane, I certainly remember you! I was Pat Kennedy in those days – maybe some of you remember me. I married Paddy Schan and we are still together after 32 years!  We still see Micky Rolf and Brian Lynsdale. I used to see Mary Whelan working at RSCH about 7 or 8 years ago. Also used to see Bernadette Mann but that was 20 years ago – she moved to Kent.

    By Pat Schan (09/03/2012)
  • Hi to all old school friends, I attended Fitzherbert s.c 1972-1977. I remember the Virgo’s not sure if the same, anyone remember me please?

    By Terry Mitchell (24/04/2012)
  • The good old days. God, I will always remember the teachers and lots of people ( Jane O’Malley, John Buggey and his sister Delea).

    By Kazik Kis (13/05/2012)
  • Hi Linda George, do you remember me?I used to be Veronica Provost and we were in the same class most of our time at Fitzherbert. Would love to catch up.

    By Veronica Smith (25/05/2012)
  • I was at Fitzherberts from 1969 until 1974 good days – err

    By RICKY BRUZAS (01/11/2012)
  • This comment is for Veronica Smith nee Provost. Were you the sister of Roger Provost one of my classmates from 1948 until 1958? Also, the brother of Douglas? Mike Peirson

    By Mick Peirson (02/11/2012)
  • I went to Fitzherbert School. The people in my class were: Peter Bruzas, Danny Thorp, John Fischer etc. I left in ’69.

    By Philip Lynsdale (09/01/2013)
  • Hi, you fizzy sherberts. I was there in the sixties, with Terry Cliff, Brenden Quirk, Jimmy Aughney, Alana Small, Di Munery and lots of other dodgy kids! Any of you from that year about?

    By Hugh (Mooie) Moore (10/01/2013)
  • I remember John Virgo. Did Terry Mitchell go around with Mick Doyle? If anyone wants to email me:

    By Philip Lynsdale (10/01/2013)
  • Would love to hear from any of my classmates.

    By Roger Provost (17/06/2013)
  • Hi, my mum went to Fitzherbert school and I think she left in 1973. Her name is Sharon Batchelor. Do any of you recognise the name?

    By Sarah Hill (10/07/2013)
  • Hi, I just found this page today, great to see names from my past. Diane, I’m glad you remember me, I’ve often wondered how everyone is from our school days. I have a husband, three children and three granddaughters now so life is busy but has been good. Hope to hear from anyone that remembers me

    By Frances Sykes ( Misiolek) (31/08/2013)
  • Yes Mick, I am Roger Provost’s sister.

    By Veronica Smith (nee Provost) (22/09/2013)
  • Hi all. Just signing in. Great photos, amazing how you see faces and the names come flooding back, Jane O’Malley did you get any taller?! Blimey Mary O’Shea, hope everyone is well. I know of the sad loss of Anita Hussey many years ago, God bless her. Lynn Thatcher, Delia and John Buggy! Hope all is well Kazik and Paul Kis. Regards to all.

    By Paul Bibby (03/10/2013)
  • Just found this photo (I’m 4th from the right, back row). Hello Paul Bibby. Remember me? Probably not. But the names you mentioned certainly brought back memories. Are you in touch with anyone from the school?

    By Catherine Harris (13/10/2013)
  • Hi, my name is name Robert Bolingbroke. Those pictures, so many faces I remember. I am now in my retirement (living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia). I look back with fond memories of the good and bad times we had. I even remember school teachers’ names, ie Finny, White, the caretaker Riley – is that sad?
    To all old school friends (a lot I am still in touch with) – I wish you all a merry Xmas.

    By Robert Bolingbroke (16/12/2013)
  • How are you doing Rob Bolingbroke living in Phnom Penh Cambodia? It’s nice to see a few of us spread our wings. I’m living in Calgary Canada. I remember you well. I was just talking about buying that Lambretta scooter off your brother the other day, funny how some things stay with you. I would love to hear about  Phnom Penh if you want to drop me a line, at Cheers

    By Tony Arcand (27/03/2014)
  • I just found this page by chance. I was at Fitzherbert 1964-1969. I recognise some of the names here. Mr Lassaso taught me in Class 1a and also taught my daughter at primary school in Seaford in the 90s. I have some photos that I will find and post on here. It would be good to hear from anyone who remembers me.

    By Sue Doherty (nee Ovett) (30/03/2014)
  • Hi All – just looking at the picture on this page, I remember all the girls in the bottom two rows. Is this 1st or 2nd year? I started in 1971 and left in 1975. Fond memories of Monica Williams, Maria Kish, Robena Champion, Alison Cambell, my cousin Claire Calcutt. Wonderful teachers, my favourites were Mr and Mrs Chappie, Mr Marney, Mr Turner and sweet Mr Brown.

    By Karen Hayward (31/03/2014)
  • My older daughter told me about the Fitzherbert School website: good to read through the comments sparked off by photos taken in 70’s. My husband and I (I sound like the queen!) are alive and well and living in the south of Spain. In occasional touch with Mrs Mee and Dirk Mitchell. Have seen the odd ex-pupil like Antonio Dademo and Karen Hayward quite a few years ago when on a visit to Hove – where younger daughter lives. Still have a small metal statuette that Pietro Paradiso brought back from Italy very many moons ago.

    Many very good memories of Fitzherbert days… even of having to teach Human Biology and carting around a sackful of bulls’ eyes – the real thing – for dissection.

    By Mary Chiappe (13/05/2014)
  • Yes, a lot of memories from school. We won the school’s rugby cup in ’75; Mr Phillips was PE teacher: good man. Mr Finney was Head, Mr Crowley was Deputy. Also, Mr and Mrs Jolly, Mr and Mrs Chappie, Miss de Mohan, Mr Turner and Mrs Brownhill (I played rugby for Brighton with her husband Mike). In my year: Dave Stephenson, Paul Smith, Keith Franklin, Dave Perret, John Celani, Jane Bosely, Fiona Davenport, Theresa Macateer, Mags O’Grady and many others – can’t put names to faces. Living in Ireland for last 30 years, 2 kids – Alex, he’s 31 and Steph, 28. Hope all my old friends are in good form. Take care. On facebook: Allan Golds – picture of me and my dog. Get in touch.

    By Allan Golds (03/06/2014)
  • Hello everyone. I have just seen this page and in fact it has brought tears to my eyes. I wanted photos for my kids, and can remember how sad it was to see the school when I went there with friends and, yes, it had been knocked down. It was such a lovely building, I could not believe it. I left around 75/76, now live in France, and I would be truly grateful for any group photos. I was there with the other guys: Lorraine Griffiths, Julie Maddigan, Francine Adelaide, James Price, Nancy, Christine, Christos Michael, Vincent, and so many more of you. I would love to hear from any of you. It is so nice to see Mr Finnie, Mr Crowley, Mr White, Mr Brown, the good old days. And, yes, those sweets!

    By Laura Scholey (28/06/2014)
  • I went to Fitzherbert in 1969 from St Joseph’s, and joined  both of my brothers , Kazik, and Jan. Unfortunately my baby sister was killed in a car crash (14 months old) in 1970 at the bottom of Bear Rd, where my Mum was also badly injured. This event completely destroyed my life, and my schooling suffered. The next six months were spent in a children’s home in Rottingdean as my father had suffered a nervous breakdown. I didn’t spend a lot of time at school after that but do remember having some good times. There are many names I remember. There is a post by Ricky – I remember him well -also Phil Bath, Paul Jarvis, Dermott Whelan, Graham White, ( really all), Sean O’Halloran, the Moss brothers, The Kiely  brothers, John, Tom and Kevin, Sean Pickering, Phil Jefferies, Phil Thompson, Eric Watton, Joe Phillips. Strange but I had a face in my mind these past few weeks of Vannessa but cannot for the life of me remember her surname, but lo and behold I was working over in Patcham today and she walked past me? I called out to her and she remembered me. Nigel Cairns, Martin Akehurst , Karan Hassett, Eileen Higgens, Dawn Carol, Vincent Moss, Karen Madigan, sister to Steve who recently passed away. Studsy, Paul Kish, Konrad Tomasinsky. I remember the secret basement room we had next to the playground, where we would  have a smoke. I remember Gazelle’s where a lot of us would go and fill our pockets with chocolate’s. By the way Mr Finney is still alive and living in Hove, I would love to meet him before he goes. Mr Crowley my God he was a monster, but I laugh at it now. He caught me flipping my ruler against the bannisters one day, and gave me a right hock!! He tried it on a few months later and I stood up to him. Never did it again. It was a very strict school, but I look back and think it was for the best. Look what teachers have to put up with now. I remember a lot of the teachers , the Jollys , Mr Brown, I thought he was great, but all the kids gave him hell. Mr White the mad Professor with the hairy hands. LOL. Mr Wordsworth, all the girls were in love with him, the straight ones anyway. I remember when we all went on strike and gathered on the playing fields. Mr Crowley picked out all the ringleaders, me included, and we all got six of the best. Mad times. Although I had a tough home life I still have great memories of my days at Fizzy. Danny Topping, Paul and Geoff Bibby. Mandy Ohara. Mr Phillips PE teacher. Colin Tugwell, M Green, the Drummer. There are many more and I will mention them on the next post.

    By Jozef Kis (18/11/2014)
  • Great post Joe. Although I wasn’t a Fizzy I know many names and sad to hear about Steve Madagan. You were a bit of a git when you were young but I guess some of that toughness was needed to cope with all those traumas, I remember the tragic accident and your dad but, when we’re all young we don’t always appreciate what people are going through, especially back then. Still, you turned out OK and always pleased to see you at the Amex.

    By Ken Valder (19/11/2014)
  • Hi all. Joe – great post. Ricky Bruzas – I love your ‘err’ comment! How are you doing mate? As for me, I couldn’t wish for a better life. Life is easy, but only if you don’t take it too seriously. 

    By Lee P (28/01/2015)
  • Good days except the long runs to Longhill urgh and back. Those of us that did not cheat. Jo Kis I remember him and Tubby Charles. So Finny is alive, he must be 90. 

    By Ricky Bruzas (05/02/2015)
  • l went to Fitzherbert in 1972, l had just come over from Australia.  My name is Michelle, does anyone remember me?

    By Michelle (29/03/2015)
  • Hi Lee, yes doing great. Hi Ricky. I wish more ex school chums knew about this site. 

    By Jozef Kis (03/07/2015)
  • Vanessa Lysdale, I was secretly in love with her. I bumped into her only a few months ago in Patcham. Karen Hassett, she was the cool kid on the block. I was thinking it would be great to arrange a grand get-together of the Fitzherbert pupils? What with all these festivals nowadays, we could call it the Fitzherbert Feast? or facebook me with any ideas. 

    By Jozef Kis (03/07/2015)
  • I remember you Michelle, we used to hang out with Margaret Hamilton, as she was then. You used to love Donny Osmond.  Happy days.

    By Sue Pharoah, nee Lever (05/11/2015)
  • Hello Margaret, l have a faint memory of you and, yes, l did love my Donny. Hope you are well. Thanks for answering me.

    By Michelle Goldhoorn (12/05/2016)
  • Hello, are you the curly haired Sue l remember, and yes l did love my donny, hope you are well. Thanks for answering me.

    By Michelle Goldhoorn (12/05/2016)
  • i was at Fitzherbert  until 1969. My first teacher was Mrs. Fitzgerald. I had a younger sister called Linda, does anyone remember me?

    By Maureen Collins (09/06/2016)
  • Hey Jozef Kis – did you forget me, Stephen Francis Thompson, I was a member of the smokers’ club! So many names, so many good times at school.

    By Stephen Thompson (11/07/2016)
  • Hey Stephen.  Sorry I hadn’t forgotten you! I think you lived first turning past the Co-op in Woodingdean ? Sandhurst I think. I remember going to your house once. And Phil Jefferys lived at the top first left. I have just put a photo of me and Angela Horsby on my Facebook page. It’s the sports day.

    By Jozef Kis (09/08/2016)
  • Hello Maureen, I remember you very well, lots of fun memories. We were in the same class and were best mates at school, together with my cousin Yvonne. Do you still live in the Brighton/Hove area?

    By Valerie Carroll (04/12/2016)
  • I was at Fitzherbert until 1971. I remember many of the names mentioned. Fond memories of the old place.

    By Rita Pratley (Sutton) (20/01/2017)
  • Hi Joe and to all other ex fizzy sherbets. It’s great to see all the comments and names from the past, some of you will remember my brothers Phil & Brian Lynsdale.  Sad news of the past pupils who are no longer with us, as I found out when I bumped into Joe Kis in Patcham last year, it was great to catch up on all of the gossip!  If there is a reunion, please could you post on this page.  If you want to contact me, please email me at
    Happy 59+1 to you all, this year (2017) if you were in my year.

    By Vanessa Lynsdale (21/01/2017)
  • Was at Fitzherbert from 1973 – 1977. Had great time at that school with only fond memories. Remember Mrs Hill (nee Glennis), Mr & Mrs Jolly, Miss Brownhill, Mr Crowley and of course the headmaster Mr Finney, who sadly passed away a few days ago. 

    By Micaela Pannett (28/01/2017)
  • I have just found this site from old photos. So many names remembered. Martin Phillips contacted me a few weeks ago, so many memories have come flooding back, great times, great people. If ever a reunion gets set up I’m defo up for it. If anyone remembers me, get in contact – it would be great to chat. 

    By Tony Ridpath (07/03/2017)
  • I was in Mrs Fitzgerald’s class in 63. Had loads of fun. Had a little pint of milk every day for free!

    By Mary Cuffe (15/03/2017)
  • I was at Fitzherbert from 68 onwards and was a close friend of Sharon Batchelor. My name was Isabella Williams and I came from Ireland. I have some fond memories and had many friends there.

    By Isabella Thomas (23/03/2017)
  • I was in the same class as you Laura, back in the early ’70s before I emigrated to Rhodesia (as it was then). I returned in 1978 after completing my education whilst avoiding being enlisted into the army to fight against independence. After a number of moves around the south of England I am now back full circle in Brighton. I do recall my stepmother (who remained in the UK when I escaped with my younger sister to Southern Africa) writing to me to say she had bumped into you and you had asked after me. Glad you are happy in France with a family.

    By Dom Taylor (23/05/2017)
  • Come on you lot, lets get something organised like a big reunion as we’re all knocking on the big 60 door. I think it will be a good idea. What do you lot think?

    By Tony Ridpath (12/06/2017)
  • Happy Christmas all you fizzy lot.

    By Tony Ridpath (27/12/2017)
  • Hi, I was at Fitzherberts from 1966. My name is Charlie Mclenahan, so anyone who wants to, I am on Facebook as mac lenahan. Be good to hear from you, thanks. 

    By Charlie Mclenahan (10/02/2018)
  • A lot of memories on here, not sure if anyone remembers me; Shirley Johnstone. I left Fitzsherbert in 1972. Anyone who wants to get in contact please do. 

    By Shirley Johnstone (18/03/2018)
  • Hi all Fitzy Sherberts  gang does anyone remember the O’Halloran’s there were 6 of us who went there !!!! in order Kevin O’Halloran 1966 – 1971 Mary O’Halloran 1967 – 1972 Sean O’Halloran 1969 – 1974  Caroline (Caz) 1970 – 1974 Pauline O’Halloran 19 72 – 1974 and Evelyne O’Halloran 1973 we all moved to Ireland in 1974! Myself and my brother having a great laugh reading those comments!!! happy days would love a reply !

    By Pauline O'Halloran (23/03/2018)
  • A few names I remember reading on here are Catherine Harris, Shirley Johnstone, Kazik Kis, Paul Kish, Martin Phillips. I could rattle off a lot more – would be nice if we had a few more responses. The dates on some of these posts go back a few years, we are all knocking on the 60 door now so would be good for a catch up sometime soon, what do you lot think?

    By Tony Ridpath (05/04/2018)
  • Hello there! I Have to admit my time at Fizzy Sherbet was not a happy one ,But the friends I made and some inspiring teachers ,influenced my life.I have just created a Facebook group today called.. da da dah.Fizzy Sherbet. Please feel free to take a look and maybe add some more memories.

    By Julie Mason (12/07/2018)
  • Hi Pauline just read your post. I remember Sean, he was in my class. Hi Vanessa. It’s late now but will post again tomorrow.

    By Jozef Kis (03/10/2018)
  • Been thinking about organizing a Fitzherbert reunion, and would like to hear from anyone interested in attending. It would be for all former pupils, and teachers and take place next year. I want to see what response I get, so spread the word. I will start a facebook page dedicated to the event. I’d like it to be big, the biggest Fitzherbert reunion ever, so if anyone would like to join me in my quest then email me at

    By Jozef Kis (04/10/2018)
  • Hi Jozef, with you on a BIG reunion there, mate. You won’t know me, but I was in same class as your brother Kazik. Lets hope something comes of this. I am, like you, still in contact with a few school mates so shouldn’t be too difficult to get the ball rolling.

    By Tony Ridpath (04/10/2018)
  • Hi Tony, thanks for getting back. I’m seeing Kazik this week so I will mention your name. Let’s see who gets in touch.

    By Jozef Kis (08/10/2018)
  • Was there ever a reunion? I am 63 now and semi retired.

    By Ricky Bruzas (10/11/2021)
  • Hi there, does anyone have any details about Maria Kiss? Went on to become Maria Taylor? I am her daughter and cannot find her, have been looking for a very long time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    By G Taylor (21/11/2021)
  • Does anyone remember me? I went to Fitzherbert from 1969 to 1973 and my name is Steven Price, I saw a lot of familiar faces on the pictures and wondered if anyone remembered me.

    By Steven price (29/01/2022)
  • Wow! so many memories flooding back, I was Fran Leatham back then, my older brother David and younger sister Liz also went to Fizzy Sherbet. I’ve met up with a few of the old gang, Shirley Collins (now Penter) Liz Murphy (now King) and Teresa Hurren (now Chambers) & we’ve had a couple of meet ups but the dreaded covid put the mockers on it for the last year or so. Really good to recognise so many names.

    By Fran Murphy (09/02/2022)
  • Hi Pau!one O’Halloran I remember you well Lizzy Leatham as I was then. Also remember Denise Rice, tracey Barker, Debbie Townsend, Hilda d’demo. Denise and I still best friends even after me moving to Birmingham for 16 yrs but came back to Brighton in 2001 after getting divorced. I have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. I also remember, Robert Welch, Nikki Kersanoswki (sorry if spelt wrong) Paul Harland , Steven Conboy, John Garcia,Wayne Mross and so many more . Since reaching the big 60 in 2021, where in Ireland are you? As I still visit family overthere.

    By Elizabeth Waldron nee Leatham (09/02/2022)
  • Hi Steven price,
    Yes I remember you mate you used to play football with us at the top of the play ground,
    kicking a tennis ball about.
    My name is Tony Ridpath I used to hang about with Robert Peirce, Micky Keefe, I could name loads more players, lol.
    I hope all is good with you.

    By Tony Ridpath (13/02/2022)
  • Hi Toby Ridpath,

    Such a long time ago but I do remember you and all the names you mentioned and Kazik Kiss who was my good mate, hope your all good and well.

    By Steve Price (22/05/2022)
  • Hi, Steven Price.
    A couple of years back while having a costa in Hove kazik kiss came over and introduced himself saying he recognised me ??? ”WoW” what a memory lol. not having seen him in nearly 40 odd years, and I wasn’t a well known character too.
    As for life in general, yes all good thanks, retired at 57 yrs old, after nearly 40 yrs as a postie enjoying life to the full, are you in contact with anyone from school still?? Take care mate.

    By Tony Ridpath (07/06/2022)

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