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3rd X1 1956/57 season

This photo is of Fitzherbert School 3rd X1 taken in the 1956/57 season.

Team members are:-
Back row left to right, Bobby Morris, Peter Guy, Peter Mann, Douglas Hodson, Tony Luckin, Rodney Price.
Front row left to right, Alan Chapman, Cavan Butler, Lionel Knowles, Anthony Daly, Michael Smee.

The teacher is Mr. Goodman. I’m not sure why he is in the photo as he was never a P. E. teacher. I remember he stood in once as a temporary P.E. teacher but as such, he was about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

The shirts we wore were once used as netball shirts by the girls and some of the shirts had girls names sewn on them. If you were unlucky enough to get a shirt with a girls name on it you would turn it inside out or wear it back to front otherwise you would look a right idiot running out on to the pitch with Veronica or Mary emblazened across your chest in yellow cotton. Happy days!

This photo is of Fitzherbert School 3rd X1 taken in the 1956/57 season.
From the private collection of Anthony Daly

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  • Hello Anthony, I attended this school in Woodingdean after it moved from Brighton 1954 / 55, being one of the first intake of Woodingdean boys and girls. I left school summer 1958 aged fifteen. Surely in those days it was know as St. John the Baptist RC school – the name Fitzerbert, being adopted in the early 1960s I think? Please correct me if I’m wrong. I remember a couple of the lads in the photo, Peter Mann and Rodney Price, although both would have been a year younger than me and in the same year as my younger brother John Wrapson. Peter’s parents ran Mann’s Radio and Television shop in the village (mostly radios in those days) His older brother, John Mann the very well know organist. The Price family ran one of the village butchers shops as I recall. I too remember those girlie tops and Mr Danby the PE master at that time, he was a hard man , more into rugby than soccer. I enjoyed my school days at both Woodingdean CPS and St. John the Baptist, and Know doubt like yourself, especially the sports etc. Thanks for the memory.

    By Christopher Wrapson (30/10/2009)
  • Hi Christopher. Glad you remember the girls tee shirts, I was beginning to think I had imagined it. As you say, Mr. Danby was a hard man but a great P.E.teacher, ex England international rugby player, that’s why he was more inclined towards rugby in those days. The powers that be wouldn’t allow rugby at Fitzherbert while I was there although we did go through the basics with Mr. Danby one time. He was a well built bloke and I remember during an inter- house cricket match, he was batting and Mr. Moreman was fielding at silly point. On this occasion it was a very silly point as Mr. Danby hit a full blooded drive which hit Mr. Moreman straight between the eyes. An ambulance carted him away to hospital and I don’t think he came back to school for about six months. Now then, I think the school was called St. John The Baptist when I arrived there in 1955, and was changed to Fitzherbert possibly the following year but time can play tricks with the old memory so if anyone out there knows differently, please do tell. Sorry, but I don’t remember you or your brother although I was in the same year as your brother and you have a very distinctive sounding surname, not the sort you could forget, but I have. I spoke to Peter Mann earlier this year. He is well but he told me that Rodney Price ( Peter’s cousin) was not in good health. Nice to read your comments.

    By Anthony Daly (03/11/2009)
  • Hi Anthony.  I  remember Mr Morgan  being hit  by the cricket ball and  being carted off  to hospital too. Thanks for the photo of the boys team-I remember all the boys there. I bet none of them remember me though. I was Edna Taylor then and went to the convent next to the junior St John the Baptist in Bristol Road until I was 14, then I left the convent but still attended Fitzherbert (as it was called then). I have been in touch with a couple of girls from our class lately-Janet Baker and Celia Berry(who now lives in America). Janet is still in Woodingdean. I live in France now.

    By Sandie Waller (06/11/2009)
  • Bonjour Sandie, sorry, I don’t remember you, I don’t think you were in my class. I do remember Louise Coveney and Patricia Daley, they were convent girls, do you remember them at all? Louise was in my class, she was French Canadian and as such was very good at French and always came top of the class in that subject. Patricia was a bit older than me but I think she had a younger sister at the school. Was there a Sister Peter at the convent when you were there? I notice that you say the school was called Fitzherbert when you were aged 14. I and Christopher Wrapson have commented on the name and when it changed previously. I spoke to Peter Mann recently and he thinks it was called Fitzherbert the year he started there, 1955. Doug Hodson thinks it was named Fitzherbert after he left in i959 and so does Jacquline Kirby and Maureen Hillman has a school report dated 1959 headed St. John The Baptist, so confusion reigns. I looked in the Encylopaedia of Brighton recently but there is no date given for when the name of the school changed.

    By Anthony Daly (29/11/2009)
  • Hello Anthony. St John The Baptist / Fitzherbert – just which year did the name change?? You have certainly created a bit of a mystery here! Which is great. As previously commented I left school summer 1958, Jacquline and Doug say they left in 1959 and Maureen’s school report is dated that year. I’m pretty sure it was still called STJTB at that time. My thoughts are – the name changed in the early 60s certainly before the newly built Longhill School opened, where many local none Catholic youngsters transferred – which would have been circa 1963 / 64? (Unless someone knows different.)  Both you and I have mentioned Mr Danby. My enduring memory of that chap is of him attempting to demonstrate to a dozen or more over-enthusiastic 14 year old lads including myself, the finer points of a rugby scrummage. During the ensuring melee someone trod on Sir’s glasses. I was immediatly blamed and taken to task, simply for being nearest to him. Subsequently he wrote to my parents suggesting they should pick up the bill for some new specs. My father replied in my defence respectfully pointing out that playing rugby with one’s spectacles on wasn’t exactly common sense. However Mr Danby would occasionally remind me of the day I allegedly broke his glasses – even when saying goodbye on school leaving day he said, you know, your father never paid the bill for those new spectacles! Then with a big smile a wink and a warm handshake he said – stick with rugby and cricket lad – make you a better man than soccer ever will. I was in Campion House and never realy excelled in any particular sporting activity, although like most lads I enjoyed participating and getting stuck in. I guess motorbikes, girls and the Swinging Sixties put paid to any sporting ambition I might have had.

    By Christopher Wrapson (09/12/2009)
  • Anyone remember the ash pile behind the playing field? I think it was from a local power station. It was a realy dirty place to play, which of course you were not supposed to do.

    By Micahel Hicks (12/12/2009)
  • Hi Sandie Waller. Re: your convent days. Do you remember a Sister Peter, she had a sister named Sister Margaret Mary who taught at St. Joseph’s School? Well, I met her today whilst visiting my father in law in the Sussex County. She was doing the rounds visiting the Catholic patients. I have known her for quite some time as she used to visit my mother. She has a wonderful memory and says she remembers you well. Joyeux Noel. By Anthony Daly. 16/12/09

    By Anthony Daly (16/12/2009)
  • Hi Anthony Daly, if memory serves me right St John the Baptist became Fitzherbert in 1960 because I left in 1961 and it had just been change then. Hope this helps.

    By John Eaton (22/12/2009)
  • Lovely to read all your comments although unfortunately I cannot always put faces to names. We are arranging a reunion of school friends on Wednesday June 8th at 12noon at the Hotel Metropole Hilton, Brighton. It would be great to see as many faces as possible there.

    By Peter Guy (28/04/2011)
  • Although not RC myself I was at St John the Baptist for a short while and attended Fitzherbert from the day it moved to Woodingdean which would, from memory, have been sometime in 1955 but I can’t remember which term it was that we went up there as the move was put off several times due to the new gymnasium not having been completed. I think that was the reason anyway as that part was all newly built then. As far as I know it was ‘Fitzherbert’ from the day it opened, so Peter Mann is probably correct, (Mrs Fitzherbert being buried in St John the Baptist church next to the old school in Bristol Road). I don’t remember the Woodingdean part ever being referred to as anything else and I left in October 1956 as my uncle was ill and I went to help run the family business and never got round to returning to do my GCEs. Somewhere else on the site I have listed some of the people I remember from those days. (Do a search for Fitzherbert and I’m sure it will come up). I think the Chapmans lived in the children’s home next to the school. Freddie was in the same class as me and I bought a Panther 250cc sloper motor bike from his elder brother there. There was a Josie Price I think but nothing to do with those you mention. My own particular friend was Laurie Blundell from Coldean. Unfortunately he died after a fall in 1963. Very interested in your re-union. Wonder if anyone from my years might be there? Might try to attend. We have lived up in Kent since September 1957 so I lost touch with most of the others. My favourite teacher was Mr Liddell, known to all as ‘Lid’, an ex-RAF squadron leader. I stumbled on this page by chance, don’t know why I haven’t found it before.

    By Tim Sargeant (30/04/2011)
  • Hi everyone,  (Peter Guy is the name I remember and the face, perhaps I was in your class).  I have just found this site and  many names are familiar, though faces less so. I see you had a reunion in 2011. How was that attended?  I look forward to browsing more.

    By Teresa Scrase (16/12/2013)
  • Remember Cavan Butler too.  Cavan is a name that has stayed with me as it is the name of an Irish county.  I presume your family were Irish.  

    By Teresa Scrase-Davey (28/12/2013)
  • I joined Fitzherbert School at age 11 in 1960, having failed my 11 plus. It was the era of Mr Crowley, Maths Teacher, Mr Ivory Head Teacher, Miss de Mohun French/Music Teacher, Mrs Lester Needlework and Domestic Science and Mr Hermolle our Form Teacher. Can anyone remember me? My name was Libby Emery ( now Adams) and my friends were Geraldine King, Moya Fox, Ruth Rickets, David Allan, Ted Pietrowski and others. I left age 16.

    By Libby Adams (nee Emery) (10/01/2021)

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