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Class 3a 1962/63

Missing are Mark Cohen and Linda Wood

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else? Please share your memories by posting a comment below.

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Class 3a 1962/63
From the private collection of Mick Wright

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  • I wasn’t at Goldstone but my sons were two decades later. However, I recognise a lot of these girls from my year at Hove County Grammar School for Girls in 1964: Christine, Linda N, Rebe, Linda T, Michelle and Valerie. Lovely to see them all, more or less as I remember them (I was known as Teresa, then).

    By Renia Simmonds (02/08/2016)
  • I have a memories of when I was in 3A (Gillian Swayne). I remember Valerie Mabb and I both winning a prize in an essay competition about pocket money. Graham Hayter spilled ink on Shirley Roger’s dress and had to write a note of apology to her mum. We both still laugh about it to this day. I could name all the faces too! Happy days:

    By Gill Hills (10/09/2017)
  • Another nostalgic look back in time to all the faces I remember so well in this picture. Was it really more than fifty years ago?

    By Bernard Webber (20/11/2017)
  • Not sure why but I missed this photo. I don’t remember being absent that day, although Mrs Hovell didn’t like me. I have a huge 3A class project at home, (Topics: Roundheads/Cavaliers; Shipbuilding; The New Forest) with submissions from many of my former classmates in this photo. Not sure why it ended up in my hands, but i am happy to email pics of (and send hard copy if desired) of the submissions. Please contact me at

    By Mark Cohen (22/06/2019)
  • Just stumbled across this picture – how extraordinary! All those names and faces and memories. Here’s a couple. Anyone remember Friday swimming after school with Mr Lovett? And I remember Ms Hovell going ballistic one day when she broke a finger-nail and blamed one of the children. And it would be good to have one memory confirmed – the next academic year – one girl ?Michelle? flying to Spain on holiday – unbelievably exotic!

    By Ian Byford (24/05/2020)
  • Also just stumbled across this picture by accident. I remember most of the faces, but only about half the names. I was at the school from 1960-64. I remember walking down to the swimming baths with Mr Lovett, who always carried his swimming trunks rolled up in a towel under his arm, and also playing cricket at the front of the class with Mr Spain, who kept a rolled up newspaper handy to hit offenders over the head with. Amazing, I haven’t thought about any of this stuff for about 50 years!

    By David Goldman (02/01/2021)

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