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Class photo: undated

I have always treasured this photo and I hope some of the people in it will recognise themselves. I’m not 100% sure if this was at Connaught Road Infants or Goldstone Junior although I think most of the people in this photo went to both schools, it was taken about the time that we would have gone up to Goldstone Junior.

Apologies if I have got any names wrong here:

Teacher – Mrs Brennan
Top row: Danny Craze? 6 in from the left,Donna Holmes 7 in from the left (top row)
2nd row down: Andrew Isted 2 in from left, me 4 in from left, Andrew Luxford? 5 in from left
3rd row down: Timothy Urban? 3 in from left, Simon Hough 4 in from left
Other names I remember are Stephen Elliott, Alan Wells, Stewart Wiseman but I am not sure if they appear on here.

If you recognise yourself, or anyone else, or have memories of this time, please leave a comment below.
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Undated class photo
From the private collection of Nick Harvey

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  • Oh dear I get really confused with Connaught Road School. I went there as an infant and we were on the ground floor. Later on I went there on the top floor when I was 11 and it was Hove Manor Secondary Modern School for boys. The girls were on the ground floor; we were never allowed to meet as we had different play times. All very strange.

    By Dennis Fielder (08/10/2012)
  • Nick, Denis, this is most certainly Connaught Road, of fond memory. I was there from 1952 to 1956 and very clearly remember Miss Brannan; wonderful to have a pic of her. I remember Miss Cook too and Miss Wright, and Miss Woodfall who, at least until very recently, was alive and living in Hove. Nick Rosewarne

    By Nick Rosewarne (17/09/2013)
  • Roger Gould, 3rd row down, 1st on the right (in a black tie wearing braces!).

    By Roger Gould (08/02/2014)
  • Hi Roger, thanks for the update. I do remember you now and would be interested to hear any memories you have about the school or any of our class? If this is Connaught Road School I guess you went up to Goldstone as well? Shame nobody else has come forward to identify themselves, it would be really great to hear from others.

    By Nick Harvey (08/09/2014)
  • I think I am on the bottom right hand corner, camera shy. My name was Janet Aplin. But I am a bit confused as I thought I was in Miss Woodfall’s class before going up to Goldstone. Danny Craze was in my form all through Goldstone. The only other person I recognise is Kathleen Gibson, 4th from left on the back row, because she lived in my road. My mum was the secretary at Connaught Road from my first year there to the date it closed and had many many happy memories of the children and teachers there. I remember we had to share any fruit we had brought in at playtime, and bizarrely playing imaginary tennis across all the children with a boy called Neil! I can remember Miss Woodfall and Miss Crossland so vividly but it would be lovely to have pictures of them. Also Mr Lovett and Miss Henderson from Goldstone – they were really inspiring teachers. Thanks so much for posting this, I only have a couple of photos from that time, one is a photo of Mrs Hovall, another favourite of mine, which I will try and find and put on the site.

    By Janet Ballard (08/02/2016)
  • Hi Janet, so nice to hear from someone else who recognises themselves. I’m sure this pic was from Connaught Road before the move up to Goldstone. As a matter of interest, did you move up to Neville Secondary School after Goldstone? How nice that your mum was secretary for all that time. Imaginery tennis – the innocent but fun games of the past seem to have sadly gone? Sadly this is the only photo that I have of that time, but I too remember Miss Woodfall and Miss Henderson and Mr Lovell who took us down to the King Alfred for swimming. I have far more memories of Goldstone – I guess you remember Bullens sweet shop? Thanks again for posting your memories Janet.

    By Nick Harvey (17/02/2016)
  • Hello, I  love this photo – so many memories. I am third from left top row and Kathy Gibson is to my left and Fiona Richards to my right. Janet, I remember you so well.  You Fiona and I went through all our school years together, I recall you had a great artistic talent. It would be good to catch up – I am still in touch with Fiona!

    By Nicola Matchett (04/09/2016)
  • Hi Nicola, Glad you like the photo, do you still have the same pic? I lived in Nevill Avenue and remember your family Chemist (the end shop in the parade on the old Shoreham Road). Be great to hear how you are.

    By Nick Harvey (22/11/2016)
  • I went to Goldstone Junior School around 1948.  It was known as Ellen Street in those days.  My sisters and brother also went to the school after leaving Davigdor Road Infants School.  I remember the kindly headmaster, Mr. Smith, and all in my class loved our form teacher, Mr. Hawksworth who we nicknamed “Hawkeye” and thought he didn’t know, but he did!  I also remember Mrs. Cannaux, Miss Clothier and one I was really scared of was Mr. Wallace.  I remember treats from the sweet shop after school – buying sherbet lemons.  Those were such happy days and I am so thankful for the good teaching we received at Ellen Street.  What a shame it no longer exists.

    By Margaret Holloway (nee Frost) (28/01/2017)
  • It was announced in the Argus today that Miss Woodfall has died she was nearly a hundred !

    By wendy stone (21/07/2018)
  • I think this is Connaught Road school and I think I am in the front row looking down. I was very self conscious due to a facial disfigurement so I rarely looked at the camera. I think this is just before we all moved to Goldstone Junior School.

    By Vanessa Coombs (03/06/2020)
  • I went to Ellen Road Junior School, from Knoll Infants.
    I think that it would have been Mid to late 1940. I lived in Hangleton at the time and used to catch the No 5 bus, to Sackville Road. Mr Smith was the Head at that time, and some of the Teachers names that I can recall were. Mr Hawkworth, Miss Jones, Miss Bulbeck, Miss Clothier, and the dreaded Miss Phipps.( May not be the correct spelling)
    I can only recall a few names who were there at the time, I think that the son of teacher Mr Hawksworth was in my class, Collins, Peak and Scutt, also Adrian Thorne, who went on to play Pro football with Brighton and scored 4 goals in a match against Watford .
    There was also a sweet shop close by, Bullens, where you could buy for a Penny, a fizzy drink, dispensed in the shop, and on the corner a Bakers that sold wonderful puff pastry cakes. I am fairly certain that the Girls had a separate play area, but not sure that this was General in the class rooms.

    By William. (Bill) Earl (23/10/2021)

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