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Mr Tolhurst's Class early 1960s

Mr Tolhurst's Class early 1960s
From the private collection of David Sanders

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1st Row L-R: Tony Luckhurst, Kevin Smithson, Roger Fenton, Michael Sowden, Bruce Hyland, Michael Priddle, Terry Cooper? Andrew Reeb.

2nd Row L-R: ????????? , ???????? , Ann Gorton, Rowena Perez, Susan Breden, Diane Loosley, Anne Pedrick. ???????? , ????????? , ???????, Sue Clark.

3rd Row L-R:Beverley O’brien? , ?????????, Philip Stone, Graham Fawn, Alan Ingram, Brian McCorquodale, Sue Brighton, Nick ???, Rob Short , ?????????, ???????? , Felicity ???.

4th Row L-R: Alan Lank, Julie Wren, Marilyn Simmonds, ????????, Graham Brooks, ????????, ???????? , ????????,Dave Sanders, ???????? / Mr Tolhurst.

Do you recognise anyone?

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else? Have I got any of the names wrong? If you can help, please post a comment below.



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  • Second row from front, third girl from right may be Elaine Scarborough?

    By Lesley Brett (20/01/2016)
  • Absolutely brilliant…….remember it well apart from the names of course. I’m at the end of the 3rd row on the right, Felicity Bailey. I think I only joined the school half way through the year.

    By Felicity Snowden (11/02/2017)
  • I am on the 3rd row far right, Felicity (nee Bailey). Lovely school – the bakery was over the back of the playground so it smelt delicious at playtime. Boys and girls were still in separate playgrounds then and we played hopscotch and French skipping.

    By Felicity Snowden (11/02/2017)
  • I think the lad in row 1, fourth from left is Kevin Fawn. Graham Fawn’s twin!

    By Karen Cobden (19/04/2017)

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