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Class photograph circa 1951

Unfortunately, although I have memories of many of the faces here, my recollection of names is very poor. My apologies for any names I may have got wrong.

2nd row (L-R)  ????? Susan Randall, ????
3rd row (L-R)   ?? Chris Buswell (sadly deceased), Jeffery Kemp, ?? Colin Gurden, Dick Gunn
4th row (L-R)   ?????? Janet Watts, ???
5th row (L-R)   ??? Geoff Dowling, ? Brian Sanders (future Mayor of Hove) ???
The headmaster to the left was Sidney Smith.

Click on the photograph to open a large version in a new window.

Goldstone Junior School c1951
From the private collection of Dick Gunn

Comments about this page

  • Are you all shy? There must be some extant faces in view!

    By Dick Gunn (29/11/2012)
  • 1st Row 4th from left Derek Blinkhorn.

    By David Lawrence (01/10/2013)
  • I think that I might be the boy front row, far left.

    By Paul Watson (10/02/2014)
  • Is this the Dick Gunn  from Elm Drive, Hove who became bore racing commentator? 

    By William Earl (26/03/2014)
  • Late to this page, I am confused.  Was Goldstone Junior School what I called Ellen Street?  And was it really co-ed?   I was there between ’48 and ’51 alongside my near neighbour and best friend Derek Blinkhorn. But in ’51 we would have been ten. These folk look younger than that. So is the date of 1951 sure?  They certainly do not look ready for Grammar School. And yes, I do recognize some faces.  Buswell, Aslett, Gunn and just maybe that is Derek Blinkhorn in front.

    By Tim Sharman (14/01/2017)
  • Like Tim Sharman I knew the school only as Ellen Street, nor do I recall it being co-ed. Tim and Derek Blinkhorn lived opposite me in Holmes Avenue. I recall spending many happy hours playing football and cricket on the grass alongside the Windmill. Happy days!

    By Paul Watson (14/09/2018)
  • Boy in 3rd row, 6th from left is Roy Moore. He now lives in Maidstone. Roy was a mate of mine right through school years and we’re still in contact today. I remember getting my hands getting stung by Sid Smiths cane.

    By Gordon Coleman (08/01/2021)
  • I believe my sister, Barbara Frost, is in the 2nd row, 6th from the left. I was at Ellen Street School 2 years ahead of her.

    By Maggie Holloway (26/05/2021)

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