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Class photograph 1979

Class A 1979: click to open large version
From the private collection of Peter Guy

Class 3A 

Back row: Keith Wright, Pamela Rotner, Corrine Holding, Claire Nicholls, Mark Crowhurst.

Middle row: Greg Petty, David Guy, Heath Willemse, Neville May, ???, Colin Goodwin.

Front row: Lynn ?, Louise Wallis (decd), Sarah Pollington, Teacher ?, Raynor Windsor, Lisa Steyning, Rachel Horner.

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  • Greg Perry (not Petty).  Girl in front row is Lynn Simmonds.  Boy next to Neville May is Stephen Matthews.  Teacher is Mrs. Aitkens.

    By GP (13/07/2016)
  • I was at Hertford school 1976-1980. I remember some people in the 1978/79 photos. Those curtains in the main hall are so 70’s! I remember the teachers in the photos too. Mrs Cromer was head mistress and there was Miss Davies, Ms Tozer, Mr Carter, Mr Simmonds and Mrs Ramsey. I remember that the stage area in the hall had fold back doors that when closed, formed another class room. I enjoyed some great school trips too. I particularly remember Miss Davies and her partner Calvin taking us to the needles on the Isle of Wight, and a day trip to Arundel Castle.  We also had a lesson on teeth cleaning with pink tablets that showed up where you had missed brushing. There were some cookery classes and we tried to make butterscotch which never set properly. I did learn to make a mean apple crumble that I still make today. Fond memories of a great first and middle school.

    By Brenda Mountford (nee Francis) (10/08/2017)
  • I have class 4T photo also from 1979. The teacher is Miss Tozer.  I have written all the names on the back of the photo. The head teacher then was Mrs Cromar.  Is there anyway I could get a copy on to here? I was Brenda Francis back then.

    By Brenda mountford (11/08/2017)

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