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Memories of the 1950s

Hertford Road School
Photo By Joy Whittam

Lovely Christmas parties

I lived at No 12 Hertford Road, and was at the Hertford Road school from 1951 to 1957. I remember so clearly the Christmas parties; we all had to dress up and my mother made me a sunflower outfit, my face was the flower.  We all sat in the hall in the dark and then suddenly, we heard the bells of the sleigh and Father Christmas appeared at the back door of the hall with a giant sack on his back. We all had a present and were then judged for the best fancy dress. Needless to say I didn’t win, I think I was a drooping sunflower by then.

Mother was a dinner lady

My mother used to dish out the school dinners and for this reason she was very popular with some of the kids. I have memories of Miss Potter, Mrs Broadrib, Mrs Haffeneden who was my first teacher. and Miss Tugwell who was my second teacher. Oh, they are such happy memories. I am still in contact with Des Ost and Ann Thorpe. Sadly Adrian Blake has died and also Ray White. Would love to hear from anyone else that was there at the same time.

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  • Hi, My name is Paul Winch. I was in Miss Tugwell’s class in Class 6 about 1953 when Miss Young was Headmistress. Yes I remember the magic Christmas parties and sitting around the Christmas tree with a great feeling of excited anticipation. Wonderful days! I can remember many of the other children’s names and some faces too. You do not give your name unless you took the photo.
    Take care.


    By Paul Winch (26/12/2020)

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