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Historical pageant 1953

This historical pageant concerned the Battle of Hastings. At the time we were taught that King Harold was killed by an arrow in his eye; current research of course questions this version of events.

My photograph shows Richard Whiting as King Harold and myself as the archer who shot the arrow through Harold’s eye.

I am sorry but I cannot remember the names of the young ladies in the group. Perhaps you recognise yourself or someone else?

If you can help, please post a comment below.

Click on the photograph to open a large view in a new window.

Historical pageant 1953
From the private collection of Richard White

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  • I recognise the girls but can’t remember their names. I was in a pageant there, I was Paddy Doyle then. 

    By Paddy Berry (06/03/2018)
  • I was supposed to be in this pageant but caught chicken pox so could not attend. Someone else (no idea who) wore the costume my mother had made for me. I do remember Paddy Doyle. I was Virginia Winters in those days.

    By Virginia Hartwanger (01/09/2020)

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