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School play c1940

This old photograph was sent to me by my very good friend Patrick Lettres.  It was taken at Middle Street School prior to 1941.  It depicts, as far as I can make out, a production of  ‘Ten Little Niggers’. The title is of course very very politicaly incorrect in this present day.

The girl in the bonnet, centre of picture, is believed to be Lillian Simmons/Simmonds who was Head Girl in the Juniors, and Patrick can be seen immediately behind to her left with half his face torn away.  I was at Middle Street School from 1937 to late 1941 as was Patrick.

Personally I do not remember this  production at all.  However for the record some names I do remember are Shiela Crisp,  Donald Thatcher, Heather Simpson, Stanley Ashford, Royston? John Hahn was Head Boy.  Also at the school were John and Jennifer Nix later to become international ice skating stars.  Two of the teachers were Mr, Collins and Mr. Hobley.

Middle Street School: Ten Little Niggers
From the private collection of Patrick Lettres

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  • Further to the above, my memory jogged again, there was a little diary issued by the school [whilst I was there] giving details of all the staff and lots of helpful notes. There was also a motto in it as follows: Good, better, best, I’ll never rest. ’till my good is better, and my better best.

    By John Wall (31/08/2008)
  • I remember Mr Hobley. In my last year at Middle Street, which would have been 1935, he invited me to tea with him and his wife. They lived up near the Dog Stadium. Also Mr Collins, a man with light colour curly hair if memory serves correctly. He married Miss Ballard about this time, she was one of the teachers.
    Mr Parnell was the headmaster – he gave me the strap (tawes) once for fighting in the playground!
    Memory grows dim, but I think I was headboy/prefect in that last year. I returned there briefly in 1940 to help with the dispatch of many of the children as evacuees.

    By Tony Viney (03/03/2009)
  • Please look on the school websight to find out more about the history of this school.

    By vanessa Denyer (30/10/2009)
  • My Mum Margaret Churchill went to Middle Street School, I remember her telling me about this (not very PC) production and finding it very amusing!
    She’s 2nd from left in this photo. She did attend a school reunion many years ago, and was recognised by quite a few former pupils!
    Anyone remember Her?

    By Tim Connor (02/05/2020)
  • Apologies, She is 2nd from the right in the photo in the hooded gown…my mistake!

    By Tim Connor (02/05/2020)

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