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Outing to London Zoo 1965

I have several photos from my time at Mile Oak School for Girls 1963 -1969 but my favourite has to be the school trip to London Zoo c1965. It was organised with the Worldwide Fund for Animals, and we were priviledged to meet Sir Peter Scott at London Zoo when he took us personally to see Guy the Gorilla. We also went to a performance of the TV show Crackerjack, and I was one of the lucky contestants to get a Crackerjack pencil.

In this group are schoolpals, Carole Bowley; Anne Reeve; Josephine Denny; Anne Richards; Jill Attwater; Valerie Wilkins; Pauline Jennings; Christine Smart; Lynda Dunster; Ann Saunders; Janette Seaton; Sheila Mepham; Jane Hickman; Janet Wyles, some of whom I kept in touch with over the years
From the private collection of Sheila Tobin

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  • Does anyone have any photos from 1953 to 1955 of the girls from Mile Oak? I would love to see them.

    By Jan purcell(nee Janet burgess} (21/04/2010)
  • Has anyone got any photos of the years when I was at Portslade Girls School 1966 – 1970? I would love to hear from anyone in my class. I have lived in Mile Oak for 34 years now previously Wolseley Road, Portslade.

    By Debbie Matthews (nee Adams) (08/10/2010)
  • I don’t have much in the way of photos from 1966 (I left school in the 5th. Form) but I have some from before that. I have to find the box and scan some but I have quite a few. I can’t figure out which she is in the photo above, but I remember Christine Smart – she was in the First Form when I was in the Fifth Form, and I remember her as seeming so tiny (you forget you were tiny when you were 11!) Mrs. Allen was the PE teacher and she asked me to help organize the first formers into teams for a rounders tournament, and I remember Christine was one of the captains I selected. Some of the girls in my form going through were Linda Hayler and Jennifer Lewis (both of whom joined the police service), Linda Castell, Audrey Roots, Derryn Wingate who became a nurse), Susan Lee, Janice Cotton, Diana Thomsett(who went into catering I believe), Christine Divers (who was killed in a road accident when she was 15), Margaret Hart (also a nurse), Susan Vassie, Pat Boyle, Margaret and Susan, who were twins (can’t remember their last name), – oh there’s more -I’ll remember some more when I find the photos. I’d love to connect with anyone who remembers me.

    By Sylvia Lee (02/01/2011)
  • I left the school in 1967 to emigrate to Australia. I have wonderful memories. We kept guinea pigs in the quadrangle, a responsibility I shared with Debra, Judy and another girl. I had Miss Hawkins for science, Mrs Allen for Art, Miss Mars was one of my home teachers. Miss Saunders was the head mistress and was very good to me.  Wonderful memories love to all, Elaine Metherell.  I became a nurse, now am a Commonwealth Nursing Officer and had four boys.

    By Elaine Metherell (14/06/2014)
  • Does anyone have photos of pre nursing course 1955- 1957? Would love to see them.

    By Betty Dunn ( Beth Ellis) (11/01/2020)
  • Just remembering my school days at Mile Oak girls, my name was Maureen Hill Miss Allen was my teacher as well happy days be safe.

    By Maureen (10/06/2020)
  • Margaret and Susan Collison were the twins mentioned, they lived in Stanley Avenue, Mile Oak.

    By Bonny Cother (01/08/2021)

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