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A Midsummer Night's Dream:1956

School play

This is photo taken in 1953, it was the production of Midsummer Night’s Dream by Miss Allen’s class. I can remember some of the people in the photo but not all.

The pupils

Pupils I remember were: Mavis Loom ,Maragaret Trueman, Jennifer Crossfield, Lorraine Nedham, Maleene Cheal, Jill Fogden, Wendy Sutton, Jackie Hill, Maureen Rhinehart, Jill Parsons, Joy Beady, Pat who lived in the Easthill Park, and Shirley who lived near the station.

The teachers

The teachers were Miss.Hawkins, Miss Wynn, Miss Rudd, Miss Allen, Miss MacKey, and the famous Miss Taylor.

Can you add in some names?

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who was in the same year as me, and maybe you can add some more names to my list. I now live in Italy and have done so for many years. If you can help, please leave comment below.

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Midsummer Night's Dream: Miss Allen's class
From the private collection of Yvonne Crowther-Carratu

Comments about this page

  • Yvonne, didn’t you used to have a massive Great Dane dog?

    By Tony Clevett (15/11/2010)
  • Hi Tony, yes we did have Great Dane named Rex. I lived in Foredown Drive, as did my sister Susan and four cousins - Joan and Roy Boniface and Alan and Brian Pettit. I went to Benfield School, then to Mile Oak for girls. Seem to remember your name - any clues?

    By Yvonne Crowther-Carratu (15/11/2010)
  • Hi Yvonne, I remember Miss Allen, Miss Rudd and Miss Taylor. I think there was a Miss Wheeler and Miss Nugent, also, if I remember we did a play called the Willow Pattern. Did you know Pat Butcher, Daphny Dyson, Joan Peel? I left in 1955 for Australia, but I loved Mile Oak School. I came over in 2005 for five weeks and loved England. Wish I was back.

    By Jan Purcell( nee Janet Burgess) (23/11/2010)
  • Hi Janet. I do remember Pat Bunting, also the play you did was the Mikado. A very good singer took the main part – Brenda someone. You must have been the year above me. Do you recall a Miss Wynne who took us to Stafford House and taught Scottish dancing? Also Miss Wheeler making a cap and apron; learning to make rock cakes and the last year Christmas cake. Great trouble getting on the bus with the finished product. We used to use the old air-raid shelters for gang meetings lunch time. I did have fun even after spending a lot of time outside the head mistress’s room No one’s perfect.

    By Yvonne Crowther Carratu (13/12/2010)
  • Yvonne; I remember Miss Wheeler she used to call me tuppenny half shrimp,we used to have a lot of fun. Good memories, loved the school also remember the Scottish dancing; old Miss Rudd with her move shoes and her cat. I used to give it milk. I wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year. I see it’s snowing for you,while here it’s summer in Aussie.

    By Jan Purcell(nee Burgess) (21/12/2010)
  • Wishing all Mile Oak girls, far and wide, a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Long may we remember the good times we all had.

    By yvonne crowther carratu (21/12/2010)
  • Hi Yvonne, I recall your name but believe you were two years ahead of me at Mile Oak girls school. I think one of the girls in your panto was Jeanette Denman, Sylvia and I are pals from childhood. If you are on Facebook, look up my name and you will see loads of photos of Mile Oak Revisited 2008, Mile Oak Revisited Reunion 2010, for kids from the original estate of Mile Oak. Marleen Cheal was in your class, her sister Linda attended the reunions. Pat Bunting is one of the Dream Team who created the reunions. My email if you want further information I am in Perth at this time, but leave here January 11th for Sydney, and then leave there on 18th en route back to Florida, not so hot at the moment. I have met up with Carol Hill, Easthill Drive and Mary Cross of Mile Oak Farm, while here. I remember the green and white check apron and cap we had to sew before we started on cookery classes, Ms Wheeler was a trick. Ms Rudd’s shoes rolled up at the toes and her front teeth protruded, and Fluffy the cat was number one priority for her, history second for us. Ms Taylor, long suffering, Ms Hawkins, very strict and tempermental, but kind. And many more. Last summer I was introduced back into the school and all it’s new buildings, you should see what has happened to the assembly hall, ahhhhhhh. Ms Kelloway would have a fit, bright colors and almost no stage. Gone the austere serenity of the school, now a vibrant thriving community of ages that to me look so young!

    By Bonny Cother (05/01/2011)
  • Hi Yvonne. Boy, you have brought back good memories!  Of Miss Rudd - I used to give her cat milk and I remember her rolled-up shoes - purple if I remember. Also Miss Wheeler - she used to call me Tuppeny Ha’penny Half Shrimp. I also remember Ms Taylor. I was there in 1954, came to Australia in 1955. Now live in Seaford, Melbourne, Australia.

    By Jan Purcell (nee Janet Burgess (11/01/2011)
  • Yvonne – my sister, Pat Cother, and Brenda Christmas went to Stafford House, and were also involved with Scottish dancing on the playground. I believe there is a photo somewhere on the web of an exhibition. I have a photo of my sister’s class but it is so faded now. My sister lives in Devon now. My brother who may be same age, was at St. Nicholas CofE, then Hove Grammar, John Cother. He was in the Mikado at the Junior school.

    By Bonny Cother (10/04/2011)
  • I would like to wish you all from Mile Oak school a very happy new year and hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I loved the school back in 1954 and 55 left for Australia in 1955 came back for a holiday in 2005 and loved the UK. I wish I was still there.

    By Jan Purcell (nee Janet Burgess (30/12/2013)
  • Hello Bonny, I remember Yvonne Crowther so well, we were always around Southwick Green. I expect she remembers Dave Hatchard. She was a couple years older than us, yes our good old school days in St Nicholas Juniors. Mrs.Wells, Mr.Eastwood, Mr.Elder, Mr.Bailey, Mr.Turnouth, our head master. I lived along Victoria Rd, Portslade, right opposite the swings. What fabulous memories, could look out and see the world go by – had a brilliant childhood. Our Mile Oak school days were great, had Mrs.Martin for PE and Mrs. Yarnell for Domestic Science. Will always remember you Bonny with Miss Taylor. Pity we never learnt much at that school but memories will stay forever. Did meet you at the school reunion that Susan Blaber and I organised at Cricketers in Southwick on the green? A few years ago now. Was so good to meet up with some of the girls. Do you remember Carol Bide, or Diana Creaney from Mile Oak school, you may not remember her. I know your sister married Pam Braggs brother. Also you are still in touch with Julie Christmas who always sends me a Christmas card. Would love to hear from you or anyone else who remembers me.

    By Maureen nee Cannons Harvey (14/02/2014)
  • Hi Maureen, sorry to be late in responding to your message. I met up with Julie earlier this year, she came to Florida and down to see me for a day. For the past five years I have travelled to the UK for some weeks to stay with my elderly aunt in Somerset. On one trip I stayed with Pam Bragg and her darling husband for a few days, it was fun to catch up with her. I recall the Cricketers and stayed on two occasions at a B&B just around the corner, 2008-2010 for our Mile Oak Revisited reunions, great fun. I belong to a Portslade FB page and have fun seeking out photos of Mile Oak and friends to share.  Hoping you are keeping well. I did send newsletters with photos of the reunion at the Cricketers. Keep in contact, please.

    By Bonny Cother (25/06/2014)
  • Hi Yvonne, what a wonderful site, I have just been introduced to it.  I certainly remember most of the cast in Midsummer Nights Dream. I played Puck! In addition to the names mentioned I can see Carol White as Titania, Pat Robinson and Beryl Robinson as Fairies, also Mary Burstow in the right hand back row. All the faces are familiar but cannot put names to them all. All those memories, especial ‘Old Mother Rudd’ who threw the blackboard rubber at us!  I now live in Steyning and would love to hear from anyone nearby who remembers me. My email is

    By Barbara Strong (White) (05/02/2015)

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