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Patcham Fawcett Annexe - Class of '79

Patcham Fawcett Annex - Class of '79

Do you recognise yourself – or anyone else here?

If you can share any memories of this time, please post a comment below.

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  • I was just looking back at my time on this planet. I use to live in Brighton. Stamford Road Juniors then on to Fawcett School (which was in Pelham Street).
    I have just been on to Google Earth to see the original Building is still standing (with additional buildings (where the playground used to be, now flats). So went onto where the New School had been built (at the extended Ladies Mile Road). Alas no longer there. Just goes to show that the older buildings appear to stand the test of time. It was the first School to have it’s own Indoor Swimming pool. Remember Bill Sheild, Pete Holland. Some of the others I tried to remember their names. However they all helped us to prepare for the life ahead. When I left the School (at the end of the 5th year 1966). The year England won the World Cup, (yet to be achieved again). Days I will always remember. Life goes on, Moved to Hove. Met up with a young lady (who I later Married). I worked for a Bulding Company AJ Construction. Then moved up to Cumbria 1978 to work for the Local Authority. Then moved again to Somerset, where I reside now. It’s been an interesting journey so far seeing different parts of this country. How many years I have ahead of me (who knows). However it has been good so far. There are a couple of sad times, like loosing my first wife to M.S.. Plus some of my own friends who sadly have been taken away, some older than me, but a few younger. Take one day at a time and try and enjoy each moment. To those who read this and were at the school at the same time as me. Thank you for being part of my time there.

    By Nick Murrell (06/04/2021)
  • Does anyone know what happened to the teacher
    Mr Nichols, I always liked him?

    By martin southon (16/06/2021)
  • I recognise a few faces here, but I was in 5E in 1979.
    I think I remember Mr Nichols, he was my form teacher for a while.

    By Paul Fossey (28/09/2021)
  • Does anyone know the name of the boy on the far left of the front row? My late husband never had any of his childhood photos, and spent years trying to find some – he went to Patcham for his last 2 school years, 78 and 79, and his son looks uncannily like the boy in the pic!?!

    By Rachel (07/06/2023)

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