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Class photograph 1967

Mr. Wallington's class, 3C , taken in November 1967
From the private collection of Richard Szypulski

This photo is of Mr. Wallington’s class, 3C , taken in November 1967. 

Back row: Dave Barren, Ray King, Cliff Woolley, Lawrence Sava, Chris Scott, David Hale, Gary Bristow, Ron Dawes. 

3rd. Row: Michael Streeter, Colin Yeates, Peter Baker, Dave Shelley, Edmund Burt, Peter Smith, Andrew Strange, Peter Kimber, Peter Warren. 

2nd. Row: Nicholas Paine, Joseph Burrell, Malcolm Thompson, Bill Durrant, Mervyn Moon, Michael Robinson, John Vincent, Kevin Dinmore.  

Front Row: Bill Elliott, Paul Bending, Nigel ferrier, david Scott, Gary Ginn, Gary Chanona and Richard Szypulski. Not in the photo are Vic Payne, John Bronfield-Payne and Frank Norwicki.

Sadly, Gary Chanona and Frank Norwicki have passed away

Do you remember?

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Comments about this page

  • Ah, fond memories of Patcham-Fawcett. Thanks for posting the photo.

    By David Scott (01/03/2016)
  • Thanks for posting this photo Richard, great memories. Sad about the other lads we’ve lost.

    By John Vincent (12/03/2016)
  • Glad you appreciate the picture. Sadly, Kevin Dinmore (‘Dinks’) has also passed away.

    By Richard Szypulski (15/03/2016)
  • It was announced in the Argus (Fri. 6/8/16) that Mr. Wallington died on July 16th at the incredible age of 101. He was my form teacher in the third year 1967/8. (pictured above). In 1968/9 the fourth year were placed with their housemasters. Being in Truleigh House Mr. Wallington was my form master for that year as well. I like him as he was firm, fair and had a  great sense of humour.

    By Richard J. Szypulski (06/08/2016)
  • Nice to see my brother Gary still floating around the www. Thanks.

    By Lee Chanona (15/12/2016)
  • Thanks for the up dates Richard. All the best.

    By John Mercer (31/12/2016)
  • John, Did you live in Rushlake Road?

    By Richard J. Szypulski (14/01/2017)
  • No Richard, I lived in Petworth Road next to the school.

    By John Vincent (03/02/2017)
  • Mr John Vincent: Well I’m still her mate and remember that you used to be one of my best mates in our small merry band of reprobates. Looking at the picture Richard posted I have no idea why we seemed so happy! I’ve spoken about you and Nick and Bill to my children and about all the mischief we used to get up to at school. Lost contact with all you guys after I went to Africa 40 odd years ago and started a whole new life. Don’t know how we could get into contact with each other again for some sort of reunion, but would be nice to get together again. I understood Bill became a farm hand in Falmer, and Nick moved to Greece and his brother Roger was a taxi driver in Brighton. And I was in contact with Richard for a while on Facebook but we never got round to meeting but left now Facebook as I’m fed up with Big Brother watching you and fake news and all that. Guess there must be some way of finding everyone? Glad you’re alive and still around, guess we all have some great stories to tell each other of the last 50 years.

    By Andrew Strange (09/02/2018)
  • Yes Rich, I lived at 61, Rushlake Rd. You were a year younger than me. All the very best.

    By John Mercer (28/05/2018)
  • Hi All, great to see and recognise faces after so long. I can’t remember what class I was in to be honest but wasn’t this one lol. But we all knew each other of course. I was Steve Self in those days. Thanks for the pic posting. Wonder if anyone has other class pics? Regards to all who remember me.

    By Steve Gunn (05/09/2019)
  • Hi to all still alive , anyone have a form photo of 4c? I was at the school when it first opened, like to contact anyone who knows me .
    John Tulloch

    By John Tulloch (29/09/2019)
  • Yes indeed My Grandfather ‘Mr Wallington’ passed away on 16th July 2016 at the grand age of 101. A lovely, humorous and incredible man who quite often talked about his time at Patcham Fawcett to his friends and family. It’s great seeing this photo of his class of 3C of November 1967.

    By Darren Fry (01/02/2020)
  • I am sorry to continually sound like the ‘grim reaper’!
    But, sadly, the Argus (8th. Oct.) announced the death of Edmund Burt.

    By Richard J. Szypulski (08/10/2021)
  • So sorry Eddie Burt.
    We worked at Tescos stacking shelves 4 times a week after school
    We had many laughs and great times.
    Condolences to his family.

    By Alan Pook (11/09/2022)
  • Hello there, my name is Maeve O’Shea. I’m here to reach out to anyone in this photograph who might have known Peter Smith in the 3rd row. I believe that’s my father from what I can tell from other photos of him as a kid! He is still alive and well for anyone who wants to know 🙂

    By Maeve O'Shea (12/11/2023)

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