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Class photograph 1955

To add to the names on the photo are:-

Back row 4th from right William Mc Whirter,

2nd row from bottom 1st from right Denis Morris and same row 4th girl from right Judith Samson.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else? Please post a comment below


Patcham Secondary School
From the private collection of Mary Smith

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  • Not Class 4a I’m affraid. This photo is 1953. The class teacher 4th from the left 2nd row up is Miss Smart. I am on the far right on 2nd row next to Jennifer Wickham. I left the school Easter 1956 from 4A, therefore the form must be 2A. I am puzzled as to why the chalkboard is showing Form 8, I can only assume that for a short period the form numbering system must have been changed. Anyway I’ll fill the names in as best I can remember.
    Reading left to right (bottom row):
    Row 1:- Peter Jones, Geoffrey Hudson, Brian Card, Melvyn Dunk, ?, Robin Tulley.
    Row 2:- ?, ?, Julia ?, Miss Smart, Gloria Gaston, ? Ellis, Jennifer Wickham.
    Row 3:- ?, ?, ?, Gwenda Fitt, ?, ?, Janet Lawton, Susanne Sutton.
    Row 4:- John West, ?, Ian Tracey, ?, Andrew Hillier, ?, Peter Morris, Desmond Worsfold, John Della.
    John West became head boy when in the 4th year. Hope this helps Mary. I note that you say that William McWhirter is in the picture, is it the same Billie McWhirter who lived in Fernhurst Crescent, Hollingbury?

    By Dave Cresdee (24/01/2017)
  • I am very glad I found this photo, it brings back so many memories! I am in the 3rd row up, 2nd from the left, and my twin sister, Andrea, is 6th from the left. I remember most of the faces and a lot of the names now they’ve been mentioned. I also remember our (History?) teacher Mr. Packham, and our music teacher, Miss West, I think. I probably didn’t appreciate it at the time, but looking back, she was a wonderful teacher and my appreciation of music stems from those days!!

    By Cynthia Wood (01/06/2019)

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