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Class 2B 1952

My first class

When I moved to Patcham Senior School this is the first class I was in.

My memory for names and faces is not that good after 63 years trying to remember a class of 36.

Row 1:  ? , ? , Billy McFarland , ? ,? , ? , ?  Barry Osely
Row 2:  The teacher I think was Mr Packham
Row 3:  I do not remember
Row 4:  ? ,Dennis Morris, ? , Brian Bravery, Paul Scarce, ? , ?, John Clegg, Me, Roger Waters

Do you remember

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else here? Do you have memories of this time you can share with us?

Please leave a comment below.

Class 2B 1952
From the private collection of William McWhirter

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  • I remember Mr Packham from when I was there, I left there in 1961.

    By Dennis Gayler (24/03/2015)
  • Back row, 2nd from the left, is Denis Morris.

    By Mary T Smith (01/09/2015)
  • Gary Tulley – front row 3rd from the right. Anyone remember the Bakers from 13/15, Fernhurst Crescent?


    By Gerald Millard (11/02/2017)
  • Hello William, I am standing in front of you and remember a few names in our class. 

    Front row l to r ? David Wolf, Billy Mcfarland, Michael Jenkins,Trevor Fawbert, Colin …? ? Barry Ousley.

    Time is going too fast now. Mr Packam was a good teacher although I didn’t appreciate it at the time. My husband remembers him in 1945/6 when he was in the men’s choir at St Anne’s Church, Kemp Town. My husband was 12/13.


    By Barbara (New) Ickeringill (25/03/2017)
  • I am Trevor Fawbert. I am in the middle of the front row next to Colin Cook, my twin sister Valerie second row down r/hand end next to Barbara New. Sadly John Clegg passed away quite young I believe.

    By Trevor Fawbert (10/08/2017)
  • I believe that the lad second from the right front row is John Frost, known as Frisk or Frosty to his friends.The lad behind the School sign wearing specs looks very like Mick Jenkins, son of Farmer Jenkins who had the farm opposite Salmon’s in Patcham.

    By Alex Spencer (19/01/2018)
  • Hi William,

    I remember you well and how nice it is to see your photo of our class all those years ago, Mr Packham is still alive and living in Horsham, he is a regular contributor to thr Brighton Argus post box page, have you considered posting the photo on the Argus website looking back in time.?

    I think one of the lads in the back row could be Colin Salvage, the one wearing glasses. It really made my day discovering your photo unbelievable after all these years seeing that I’m just two years away from my eightieth birthday, so sorry to hear of John Cleggs passing.


    By PAUL SCRASE (27/01/2018)

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