Patcham Seniors - Class photograph 1958

Patcham School 1958 | Private collection of Ben Breeds
Patcham School 1958
Private collection of Ben Breeds
Hollingbury Carden school | Carden School, Hollingbury c.1968. Photo by Martin Nimmo
Hollingbury Carden school
Carden School, Hollingbury c.1968. Photo by Martin Nimmo

I went to Patcham seniors in 1958 having been to Carden School since I was 9 years old. The change from juniors to seniors was daunting, as was facing the teachers for the first time, but as time went on they were not so bad. Mr Mann was one of the good ones and I got on very well with him, one reason was because I loved sport , and he was the sport master. I was so proud when I was chosen to be the leader of “B” team on the outward bounds course at Burwash.

The scarey Mr Ingham

I remember Mr Cresswell who took woodwork, I learnt a lot from him and all the knowledge I gained, helped me through life. The feared teachers were Mr Ingham who took science, he stood behind at the back of the classroom and when anyone was caught talking his cane crashed down on the desk, just missing their finger tips. When I left school I saw him at the bar in the Ladies Mile pub and told him that he was scary and very frightening, but he replied “Did you learn about science Breeds.” I nodded. and he replied well then I did a really good job then didn’t I, so get the drinks in lad.” So I got the drinks in and smiled, he was right.

The people in the photo I will name as many as I can remember

4th row- (2nd from the left) Ian Jefferies. (3rd from the left) Stephen Bartlet.
(5th from the left) Is me. Ben Breeds.
3rd row-(2nd from the left) Linda Ruff. (4th from the left) Lorna Green.
2nd row-(1st from the left) Michael Pope. (4th on the left) Sheila Pratt.
-(4th from the right) Sandra Wenham. (3rd from the right) Marjorie Hollow.
1st row- (3rd from the left) Raymond Drake. (4th from the left)Brian Laine.
(1st from the right) John Language.
If you see yourself, or recognise someone in the photo, could you please post a comment below, I will be looking forward to your remarks. Thank you.

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  • In Your photo, the only lad I recognise was Michael Pope who I was with in the Patcham Boys Brigade who used to meet in (the then new) Carden School. Some of the teachers I remember are: Mr Mann (PE) and Mr Creswell.
    I passed the 13+ exam and went to the BSBES In Hanover St. So Mr Ingham (who taught my wife) must have Mr Silverman in Science. I also remember Mr Goldsmith (a very cruel carpenter! ) a Miss (Daisy West) and my form teacher a young Miss Smart. Hope this jogs your memory. John C Snelling.

    By John Snelling (04/09/2020)
  • My wife, maiden name (Diana Valerie Bentley) tells me that she attended Patcham Seniors from 1956 – 1960 and does remember the dreaded Mr Ingham, Mr Mann (also hated as she was not into sport) and Daisy West. I believe Daisy West lived in a chalet type bungalow off Warmdean Road (on the RHS before the rise up to the school). Later (when at the BSSBE school in Hanover Terrace), we had to travel to Patcham playing field for games. She also remembers Mr Taylor who taught English and painted scenery for the school play “The Merchant of Venice). I remember a Mr Wills who (I think) taught English – he was on the upper floor. during this time we lived in Mayfield Crescent To get to school involved going down a footpath at the crown of the hill, into what I would think was Wilmington Close (Cul-De-Sac) , cutting accross waste ground (where the RC Church now stands and where we had the communal bonfire on Nov 5th. Crossing over garden Avenue and turning right into Warden Road. The alternative was to go down Mayfield Crescent, turn right into Wilmington Way, Cross garden Avenue opposite the sweetshop and go down the footpath turning right at the bottom into Warden Road. The bus into Brighton was then the No 35 which struggled up Braybon Avenue in 1st gear! Happy Days.

    By John C Snelling (05/09/2020)
  • Errata above. For garden Avenue read Carden. For Warden read ” Warmdean”. should be turn left into Carden Avenue not Garden :” Warmdean” Road again = not Warden. Zero marks for spellcheck!!

    By John C Snelling (05/09/2020)

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