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Photo of Class 4a

Back row L-R


Middle row,Hudson Bushell,Smith,Smale,Clarke,Reggie Broadbank,Bradford,Coppard,Wright,T,Smith.


Class 4A
From the private collection of Tony Clevett

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  • A bit before my time as I left there in the early 60’s but it was good to see an image of Reggie Broadbank. He was, I believe, my maths teacher at one stage and apparently taught my father also when he was at that school. As I recall a good teacher from whom I learned a great deal and from whom I also received a school prize which I still have to this day. Good memories.

    By Dave Phillips (13/12/2008)
  • I agree its good to see our old teachers. I remember getting a caning from Mr Broadbank in front of the class, for making rude noises during a lesson. Later he sat by me and discussed the error of my ways! Needless to say I never did it again.

    By Den King (22/12/2008)
  • Hi Tony it was great to see the photo of our class. I worked at Brighton “B” Power Station for about six years with Ian Smart, but I have lost contact with him since then. My sister’s garden backs onto the school grounds which brings back the memories of football matches during school breaks and rockets firing across the play ground in November.

    By Derek Ford (01/02/2009)
  • Hi Derek. Good to hear from you. That school photo doesn’t seem that long ago does it? Most of the class are still around. Robin Bradford was sadly killed a few years ago. I too worked at the power stations A & B in the 60s. I am past retirement now but still working in the health service.

    By Tony Clevett (08/02/2009)
  • At that time I found Maths difficult and since there were two maths lessons on Thursday, Mr Broadbank coined the phrase “black Thursday” to describe my love of that day. Later, I was described as a late starter when I got top marks in Maths and I remember with great satisfaction the incredulous look on Tony Smith’s face. I also remember the canings and slipperings which were always deserved but which would now qualify for a charge of assult.

    By Rodney Way (12/12/2009)
  • Hi Tony. The un-named class mate of ours in the front row of the photo you sent in is Dennis Plaster. He attended Brighton College full time for many years after leaving Portslade School. He then left the UK to work in Canada.

    By Derek Ford (05/01/2010)
  • Hi Derek,thanks for that, I don’t think I had a lot to do with him. I don’t think he came up through the other schools as a lot of us did. There is another boy in the back row that I can’t name although the name Packer comes to mind. Any ideas? Regards

    By Tony Clevett (14/01/2010)
  • Class 4a with Reggie Broadbank was the class I was in. Has anybody got a photo with Barrie Lawson in? If so, could you please put it on this site so I can print a copy, thanks. I’m sure I was in one of the photos.

    By Barrie Lawson (08/02/2010)
  • Hi Tony, thank you for the memory jog with the name Packer, I believe his first name was Charles. I forgot to mention before I live in West Kingsdown Kent. I have recently spoken to Robin Gander who I believe you know, Robin and I started training at the same time at Brighton Power Station. Regards, Derek Ford.

    By Derek Ford (27/05/2010)

    By BARRIE LAWSON (05/08/2010)
  • Hi Tony. I’m still waiting to see if any body has the class photo of 4b. I’m sure that was the one I must have been in. I’ve also seen the teachers’ photo on the Friends Reunited website. I seem to remember the photo being bigger than that. It also had both Bakers in it.

    By Barrie Lawson (11/08/2010)
  • Was the “Phlepps” in back row, Charlie? He is still around if so, apparently watches soccer Mile Oak rec. Also the “Packer” – did he have a sister Pam? They lived not far from the boys’ school.

    By Bonny Cother (25/01/2011)
  • I found out about this picture today, when I bumped into Tony Clevett whom I don’t recall seing since those days and he mentioned it to me. Those were the days, or were they? I must say that I didn’t really enjoy my time there very much. There is an irony about this picture being on the Brighton & Hove website. I remember that Mr Broadbank had a thing about Brighton and Hove becoming a city. He was always going on about it. Sadly, he almost certainly didn’t live to see it happen. If only he knew that his picture would one day appear on a city of Brighton and Hove website on a thing called a PC! Also that the welcome sign to the city, from Southwick, would be right outside the house on Old Shoreham Road that his son (also a teacher at the school) lived in at the time.

    By John Upton (08/03/2011)
  • Hi John, it was nice to see you. Check out the photo of the Pevensey trip on this site.

    By Tony Clevett (09/03/2011)
  • Hi Bonny,Colin Packer is back row second from left. Yes he has a sister Pam who lives in Devon, they are my cousins.

    By Tom Winstanley (09/10/2012)
  • Missing names are Packer -back row, 2nd from left,and Plaster – front row, 2nd from right.

    By Tony Clevett (27/07/2013)
  • Yes – my father Colin Packer is back row second from left. Good to see that pic. We have the football team photos if anyone’s interested?

    By Nathalie Packer (19/10/2013)
  • Pam Packer was in my classes through our school years. We also played in the same netball team at the girls school.

    By Bonny Cother (21/10/2013)
  • Oh yes, put them on Nathalie.

    By Tony Clevett (21/10/2013)
  • Hi Nathalie, how is dad? Please give him my regards.

    By Tom Winstanley (15/01/2014)

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