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Photographs from the 1950s

These four images are submitted on behalf of ex pupil David Tarr. Apart from the first photo not many of the individuals in them have been identified and perhaps others could help?

The first was taken in 1954.
Top Row left to right:- Leslie Mansell, David Burstow, Peter Hurd, Brian Hamper, David Wells, Ian Jennings, Roger Hayler, Terry Hoad, Ridgewell?, Patrick Kelly, Fred Starr, John Attwood, Graham Stafford, Kenneth Broomfield.
Middle Row:- Russell?, Colin Wilson, David Shields, Terence Hornsby, Gerald?, Mr. Nicholas?,Weeks, Robert Parsons, Clive Henty, Richard Harris, ?
Bottom Row:- Peter Kirby, David Tarr, Vic Wills, Patrick French, David Collier, Terence Stewart, Peter Wickens, Brian Denyer, Michael Harris, Eric Maxwell, Edward Micklam, Michael Wootton.

The second photograph is of the third eleven football team during season 1955/6. Vic Wills is third from the right at the back, David Tarr third from the left seated then Brian Hamper next to last – it could be Brian Denyer holding the ball.

Third photo shows the second eleven in the 1956/7 season. Derek ‘Midge’ Martin is the teacher on the left, his wife Viv taught at the girl’s school at Portslade. Brian Hamper is fourth from the left standing, Vic Wills is second from the left seated with David Tarr next to last in the same row.

Lastly a shot of a scene from the school play of about 1956. David Tarr is on the left but, again, none of the others can be identified.

If you recognise yourself or anyone else, or can share your memories of these times, please leave a comment below.

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Class photo 1954
From the private collection of David Tarr
Third eleven football team during season 1955/6
From the private collection of David Tarr
The second eleven football team in the 1956/7 season
From the private collection of David Tarr
The school play of about 1956
From the private collection of David Tarr

Comments about this page

  • The N1a class photo was probably taken in 1955. Changes or corrections to names are: Godfrey Burstow. David Ridgewell and Gerald King.

    By Ken Broomfield (04/04/2015)
  • Change to the Class Photo – David Collier is in fact Dave Collis.

    3rd Eleven. Standing Left to Right: ? – Russell Harris – ? – Pat French – Tony Woodruff – Vic Wills – Roger Hayler – Mr.Dennis

    Seated Left to Right: Gerald King – Dave Shields- Dave Tarr – Elwin Ford – Brian Denyer – Mick Colborne – Brian Hamper – Les Mansell

    2nd Eleven. Standing Left to Right: Mr.Martin – Russell Harris – Melvin Patterson – Brian Hamper – Roger Hayler – Fred Starr – Gerald King – John Trussell – ?

    Seated Left to Right: Les Mansell – Vic Wells – Dave Shields – Mick Harris – Pat French – Dave Tarr – Eric Maxwell

    By Brian Hamper (08/04/2015)
  • Very interesting,but too late for me. I left Portslade Boys school in Sept 1953 as Head boy & led Arundel house to win the Football & Cricket Cups Breaking the Reds (Bramber) monopoly. Lovely days happy days. So David Tarr any chance of previous pictures 52 or 53?  I stayed on for an extra year but took a job in the September. Any one remember me? I have tried a few names but no luck.  Best wishes to all.  Michael Holman.

    By Michael Holman (05/02/2016)
  • Hello Michael, have only just seen your comments. I too left in 1953 but it must have been earlier in the year as John Redmond was headboy then. I was Captain of Bramber for a while before I left. Saw Norman Stevens last week, one of Bramber’s best sportsmen, only just recognised him! My pals were Pete Bristow and Maurice Leach. Nick Main and I painted a mural on the art room wall of galleons, I think. Were you in Mr Greaves’ class?  Your name rings a bell but it was a long time ago.  All the best. 

    By Den King (31/07/2016)

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