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Class photo c1961-62

This is form 1B taken in about 1961-1962.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else? Please leave a comment below.

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Class photo c1961
From the private collection of Vic Voice

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  • I can remember most of the lads in the photo. I am 3rd from the left on the top row. David Chandler was on my right and I remember he lived in Sheldale Ave over the road from my grandparents. Brian Bartram on my left lived on the Old Shoreham Road. I know he was a mechanic and I last saw him around 1970 and he was working in Hove near the old King Alfred baths and HMS Sussex RNR. Ralph Ritchie lived in East Hill Drive just down from the Mill Inn. I remember going on a bike ride with him when we were about 10 or 11 years old. We were on the coast road by St Dunstans miles from home and he got knocked over crossing the road and ended up with a fractured skull. You can imagine the trouble I was in when my parents knew what had happened and where!! I cannot see all the names but I think the lad at the end right bottom row is Brian Upward who lived by East Hill Park. Unfortunately on leaving school in 1965 I lost touch with everyone as I went in the Royal Navy for a few years, then the Police service. Am now semi retired and living in Spain. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, good things or bad!! I look back to my years in Portslade with very fond memories. My parents and sister still live in Portslade and I visit a couple of times a year.

    By Tony Hall (24/03/2010)
  • Hello Tony. I moved to South Africa in 1981; been here since. How’s life in Spain? I often think back to the school days – must be different in the UK now. Keep in touch Vic

    By Vic Voice (02/08/2010)
  • Hello Vic, I was beginning to think everyone was ‘dead & buried’. Life here in Spain is very good and I really don’t think we could ever move back to the UK. Been away so long now I feel like a foreigner when I go back. Boundry Road seems the same, as does Easthill Park area, but when you look up by where the old forge was and the water tower, then you see the changes, especially looking across to Mile Oak. How it has grown. My parents live not far from the old Portslade County School for boys and I always have a look at the building and remember. Also I like to go to the old harbour and have a look. I must confess I cannot remember where you lived? Please remind me of yourself and those friends around us……anyway, I hope things are good for you in South Africa – did you go to any of the football matches??. Look forward to hearing from you.

    By Tony Hall (05/08/2010)
  • Thats me far right standing, would love to catch up with John Millard one day, fab pics regards Tom.

    By Tom Winstanley (17/09/2012)
  • A few years ago I was contacted by Michael Pulling regarding joinery work, Michael is second left front row. Michael still lives in the same house Denmark Road, Portslade and is a very poorly man.

    By Tom Winstanley (01/10/2012)
  • Hi Tony, the two names that are missing belong to David Osborn and Kenny Mathews. Kind regards, Tom.

    By Tom Winstanley (02/10/2012)
  • Hi Tom, nice to hear from you. I was starting to think that everyone I went to school with was ‘dead & buried’. I still visit Portslade, in fact I will be there from tomorrow (18th) until Monday 22nd Oct. The only person I am still in contact with is Peter Hayler. Do you have any contact or knowledge of other members of that class of 61/62? I know when we got to 15 years of age the class was 4N. I still think back to those days with fond memories. It would be good to meet up with some of the other lads to catch up. Sorry to hear that Michael Pulling is in poor health but wish him well. Look forward to hearing from you.

    By Tony Hall (17/10/2012)
  • Hi Tony. Fab to hear from you. Regarding keeping in touch with members of our class, I spent the afternoon (Friday 19th) with Mick Redman who lives 5 minutes from me and we chatted about school days. As regards to 4N, I remember teaching basket ball and carrying out projects laid down by our form master, which meant being out of the school grounds most of the time. Please say ‘hi’ to Peter for me. Cheers

    By Tom Winstanley (20/10/2012)
  • Hello Tom, I did reply earlier but somehow or other the message got lost. Trouble is we are pretty new to this internet and all that goes with it. I remember when I left school and went in the RN at HMS Ganges. I trained as a radio operator and learnt morse code etc. I won a £1 learning the morse code forwards and backwards from my intructor. Yesterday my son offered me an i-phone to use, nope I said my old one works just fine…yep I know getting old (er)…but still young in the head. I did get to see Peter Hayler on my last visit. He does not change. He is living in Hangleton with his wife and has family nearby. My parents now live in Rotary Point by the old village. They are pretty well for their age and still enjoy life. I took them a drive to Kent to see some friends of mine and have a meal, they really enjoyed it. I will be back in Portslade on the 9th December for a couple of days. So you had a good chat with Mick Redman, did you? Give him my best regards. I remember he loved his sport and especially football. I also recall in 4N we got to escape from the school premises to go sailing with the metalwork and woodwork teachers. Mr Brown was one of them, not sure of the others. Health and Safety – forget it. Neither knew how to sail a boat just had a tow bar on the car. Same goes for most of our school days ‘political correctness or health and safety’ did not enter into it…and I am so proud to have survived, like most of our generation we were able to live and play and learn at the same time. I have lived my life to the full, perhaps far too much, but I at least have lived and I am so happy that I can look back and say: “been there, done it and got the ‘T’ shirt”, but in an honest way. In life I learned that it is better to help somebody than hurt them, and I think that I have done that. Seems like I am saying a lot of bull but I learnt it all from being from Portslade, going to school there, my parents and friends like you from years gone by. Do you remember St Nicolas Junior school and a teacher by the name of Miss Mandelli. She did not like me. Mind you, I still remember the song we made about her….no I will save it for another day. Keep in touch and if you are in contact with any of the other lads from 4N etc, then surely we must have a get together. Was not Les Hamilton our last form teacher or at least a teacher in our last year? I am surprised that he lasted as we or some of us were a real problem for him. Look forward to hearing from you. Tony Hall

    By Tony Hall (01/11/2012)
  • Hi Tony, great to hear from you again. The metal work masters name was Travis, and yes I remember that song very well. It was composed by Dave Osbourn - great piece of song -writing. Mick is very well but he is without that fab mop of white hair. Keep in touch and hope to see you soon. Tom.

    By Tom Winstanley (02/11/2012)
  • And there I thought I the only one to remember that song! Boy am I glad to hear that others do. How old are the words…50 years +. Either a good memory or a sad one..!! I am in Portslade from 9th Dec and leaving on the 12th. It would be good to meet up and have a chat. May be Mick and anybody else who is around could make it, we could either meet for a coffee or a beer somewhere. What do you think? As I have said many times I seem to have left Portslade in the mid sixties when I left school and went in the navy. Yes I kept in touch but lost contact with everyone but Pete Hayler. Now all I have are my memories. On my last visit with Mum and Dad in the car I was driving up by the water tower and where the old Foredown Hospital used to be and my Mum said it had been years since she had been to the water tower. We drove past and I told her about the time probably 1964 when Peter Hayler and I were up on the track with an old BSA C11 that we had got running and kept in the farm. We were by the water tower and a car came up the track with Brian Bartram driving it. I think it was a Vauxhall with a column gear change. We all had a drive in it or tried to until the Police arrived. Fortunately Peter and I were with our motorbike. It appears that Brian had borrowed the car having done some repairs to it but had forgotten to tell the owner!! How lucky I was…..Brian not so. I think he got a fine and points on his licence…..well when he was old enough to get one. The last time I saw Brian was probably in 1970 when he did some work on an old Ford Anglia I had (side valve). He was an excellent mechanic and I hope he has done well for himself. My e.mail is If you think you have time to meet up during my visit then let me know and we can arrange a time and place. Keep well. Tony

    By Tony Hall (04/11/2012)
  • Is this page still active i’m in the picture

    By Dave osborne (22/10/2019)
  • I’ve just found this page, and I’m still wondering if it’s still active?

    All our pages are open for comments Dave. Just need people to contribute
    to them. Maybe you have some memories to share?

    By Dave chandler (10/02/2020)
  • Hi folks. I stumbled by this article whilst enjoying a wave of nostalgia. I’m not in any picture or article but remember quite a few of those that are from St. Nicolas. Also a little later through the scooter and then Mini era. The internet is great for reunions of this type which otherwise would not take place.

    By Kenneth Ede (25/10/2021)

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