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Class 2A 1962

I cannot remember all the names in the photo although most of the faces are familiar. If anyone can replace a question mark with a name, please leave a message in the comments box at the bottom of this page.

Back row l to r: Arthur Pumphrey, ?, Chris Poole(?), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.
Middle row l to r: Stephen Williams, Maurice Forrest, ?, ?, Peter Crouch(?), ?, Raymond Guy (deceased), Alan Phillips, John Baker, Barry or Brian Upton, Robert Shipham, ?.
Front row l to r: ?, ?, ?, Chris Baker, ?, Mr Martin (form Master), Trevor Mayhew, Geoffrey Boys, David Fuller, ?, ?.

Class 2A 1962
From the private collection of Alan Phillips

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  • Fourth from the right on the back row is me – I now live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  Look I did have hair once 🙂

    By Chris Edwards (04/10/2006)
  • Hi Alan, I hope you are well?
    Some more names: –
    Back row l to r: Arthur Pumfrey, Geoffrey Freeman, Chris Poole(?), ?, Brian Harding, ?, John (?), ?, Richard Mason, ?, ?, ?, Chris Poole.
    Middle row l to r: Stephen Williams, Maurice Forrest, (?)Willard, ?, Peter Crouch(?), (?) Moody, Raymond Guy (deceased), Alan Phillips, John Baker, Barry or Brian Upton, Robert Shipham, ?.
    Front row l to r: Roger Reeve, ?, ?, Chris Baker, Peter Lansdale, Mr Martin (Form Master), Trevor Mayhew, Geoffrey Boys, David Fuller, ?, Kenneth Wrist.

    By Arthur Pumfrey (02/02/2007)
  • I have noted this pre-site update but it probably got lost in that massive task. Anyway Back Row 3rd from the right is my cousin Jeff Edwards and Middle Row 6th from left is Doug Moody.

    By Dave Phillips (20/03/2007)
  • I used to live in the Old School Cottage of Portslade County School, I just wondered if you had any other photos of the school at all? Would love to know, Did you have any boys whose surname was Yeates? Many thanks.

    By Jay Brewerton (19/06/2007)
  • Does anyone know the whereabouts of Robert Shipham? I really need to contact him regarding an urgent family matter.

    By Wendy Murray (15/06/2008)
  • Wendy, I spoke to Bob Shipham in Southlands Hospital only last week if he is the one you are looking for.

    By Tony Clevett (23/06/2008)
  • Does anyone else remember “The Crush” that 1st year kids were subjected to during their first two weeks at Portslade County? A very real fear of this was instilled into you at 11 years old by boys with older brothers at the school, before you had even left junior school, be it Benfield or St Nicholas. For the first two weeks at the school, before school or during break times, all 1st years were liable to be herded into the corner formed by the flint wall and the brick wall of one of the bomb shelters at the northwest end of the playground. The rest of the school, as a group (or mob more like), would then rush into them and crush them against the walls. Stories of major injuries were rife. By the time I joined the school in 1960 however, the stories were far worse than the reality. Mr Beale and his staff always tried to be vigilant, and although I did witness this happen a couple of times, it always seemed half-hearted and I always seemed to be left out of it. There were also stories of 1st year boys having their heads put down the toilets and flushed but again, to my knowledge, this did not happen during my time at the school. I hated school at the time, but like many others I suspect, look back on it now with very fond memories.

    By Alan Phillips (09/03/2009)
  • This came as a shock after all these years, seeing my old class mates on the internet. I have also got this photo with all the names on it. I have been living in South Africa since 1981. I’m 6th from the right at the back with my arms folded.

    By Vic Voice (14/08/2009)
  • Vic, it’s good to hear from you after all these years. I hope life has treated you well since leaving school. If you have the same photo, with all the names, perhaps you could fill in the rest of the blanks?

    By Alan Phillips (27/08/2009)
  • Hi, I was at the school from 1961 and can remember many of the faces. When I joined the school I can remember there was a water barrel outside Mr Martin’s classroom where all the new boys were taken and had their heads dunked. I don’t appear to be in the picture, Ih must have been away on that day. Can anybody remember Peter Williams?

    By Ken Barrington (23/11/2009)
  • Ken, If you didn’t join until 1961 you would have been in the year below as all of the boys in this photo joined the school in 1960.

    By Alan Phillips (10/12/2009)
  • This is for Chris Edwards. Hi Chris. I graduated from PBS in 1961 so I am a few years older than you. Interestingly, like you, I live in Brisbane these days also, so you might like to contact me and say hello. I guess you could reply to this forum if you wish. I became rather patriotic and loyal to my roots by buying a place in Brighton, Qld!! Not really – just coincidence. Look forward to maybe hearing from you.

    By Stephen Giles (15/02/2010)
  • In 1961 I don’t remember anyone in the UK “graduating” from any school. Certainly not Portslade County School for Boys, anyway. Back then we used to leave school – some with GCEs and some without. At that time in this country “graduation” was for university students. It was some time later that the idea of “graduating” from school was imported from America.

    By Alan Phillips (13/04/2010)
  • Hi. I would like to keep in contact with you all – my email address is

    By Vic Voice (02/08/2010)
  • Well I have just found this site by accident. I was at the school from 1963-1968. I remember the squash house very well. I also remember the sports. Running over the Downs in all weathers. Somehow I ended up as Head Boy. I am now living in France.

    By Colin Enticknap (01/11/2011)
  • Back Row; Arthur Pumphrey, Geoff Freeman, Lynne Mitchell, Ray Baird, Brian Harding, Vic Voice, John Washer, Graham Bell, Richard Mason, Chris Mason. Jeff Edwards, Paul Silve, Chris Poole. Middle; Steven Williams, Maurice Forrest, David Willard, Tommy Mair(dec), Freddy Crouch, Doug Moody, Ray Guy(dec), Alan Phillips ? Jeff Upton, Robert Shipham ? Bottom; Roger Reeve, Doug Ryde, David Moses, Chris Baker, Peter Lansdale, Mr Martin, Trevor Mayhew, Geoff Boyes, Ray Fuller, Graham Maymonn, Ken Rist(me).

    By Ken Rist (17/06/2012)
  • Thanks for that Ken. The ? you have standing next to me is actually John Baker (now living in Spain), the one at the end of the row next to Robert Shipham is something Edwards, I think. And I also think it is David Fuller in the front row, not Ray Fuller.

    By Alan Phillips (06/07/2012)
  • Hi Ken, you have a good memory. I did remember some of those in the photo but not all of them. Do you still see any of them or keep in touch by any chance?

    By Vic Voice (19/01/2014)
  • It would be good to meet some of the above faces again after all these years. So how many of those on the photo above might be up for a reunion? As I don’t know the whereabouts of anyone except John Baker (Spain), I would rely on some of the rest of you to sound-out others who might be interested. Even if there only ends up being one or two of us, I think it would be nice to sit with a beer and reminisce. You can contact me via:

    By Alan Phillips (09/02/2018)

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