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Class of 1960

At long last I have managed to find a couple of photos of my class at Portslade Senior School but I am not sure of the year, possibly 1959 or 1960. I think that the class photo must have been in the first year at that school and the cricket team photo was year 2. I hope they bring back some memories.

Back Row L-R David Davidson, John Flake, Rodney Aldridge, Donald Hales, Robert Piercy, Paul West, Geoffrey Parker, Nigel Rickard; Middle Row L-R Martin Townsend, Brian Drew, Alan Jeater, George Hamblin, David Barr, Thomas Lamiman, David Knight, Michael Harding; Front Row L-R David Spicer, Alan Green, Chris Cadby, Christopher Pratt, Mr Bennet (of Fido fame), Donald Peters, Peter Beadle, me.
Photo from the private collection of Dave Phillips
Back Row L-R Mr Bennet, Keith Miles, Paul Laskey, Charlie Miller, Michael Mitchell, W? Vilic; Front Row L-R Thomas Lammiman, Brian Drew, Rodney Aldridge, Donald Peters, David Knight, Martin Townsend, me
Photo from the private collection of Dave Phillips

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  • A few years ago I wandered into the old Portslade secondary school in Mile Oak and, unchallenged, went up to the top landing and there saw a whole line of photos of us old boys – wonder if the pics are still there? Pity if they were chucked away – I was in one of them.

    By Paul Edwards (05/06/2006)
  • This was my class too although I am not in these photos – I do remember Fido! and the Shower Gauntlet! I remember Michael Michell, Pual Lasky, Martin Townsend, Donald Peters, John Flake. But that was 40 odd years ago.

    By Chris Edwards (21/06/2006)
  • The cricket team picture brings back a lot of memories. I used to love the sports, but not too keen on the other lessons. Still, very happy days.

    By Paul Laskey (21/06/2006)
  • Hi Paul Laskey. Quite a good goal keeper if my memory serves me correctly. We had a few good sportsmen in that year: Martin Townsend, Don Peters, David Knight, George Hamblin, John Flake to name but a few. Good days.

    By Dave Phillips (13/07/2006)
  • I never went to the school, but one of the boys in the photo – Robert Piercey – lived in Vale Road a few doors away from me.

    By Tony Alderton (11/08/2006)
  • Read this with interest and wondered where Portslade Secondary School was.  Was it the one in the High Street or Chalky Road?

    By Tara Malenczk (01/10/2006)
  • Anyone remember Mr Hunt taking us over to Calais for the day, must have been 1961/2. I remember chaps coming back with lighters and playing cards that were short of numbers in the deck.  It was so hot and a very long day.  I remember the woodwork teacher getting into trouble about something and the Herring family slowly getting expelled one by one! The boy in our class put a banger in another’s pocket. Did anyone else get the new boy introduction of being squashed in the air raid shelters.

    By Chris Edwards (11/10/2006)
  • I remember Mr Hunt. He took us for history I believe and football, up at the then girl’s school in Mile Oak along with Mr ‘Slipper’ Bennett – I still have a job to sit down when I think of him. As for the initiation ceremony, I was in the house represented by yellow. I can’t remember the house name, but in the science lab each new pupil had to undergo the electric shock treatment which involved the new ‘victim’ having to hold two pieces of metal, one in each hand and the teacher spinning a generator to give a mild electric shock. If they did that today, I’m sure the teacher would be locked up in the tower and the key thrown away. This site has given me many a laugh and bought back many memories. Thank you all.

    By Brian Higgins (12/10/2006)
  • The Yellow house was Pevensey, Blue was Lewes. Red, I think, was Bramber, and Green was Arundel. As you can see all castles.  And yes, we got the sqashing in the Air Raid Shelter initiation. That was the shelter at the bottom of the steps going down from the top playground (the supposedly peaceful playground) to the lower playground.

    By Dave Phillips (21/10/2006)
  • The boys school was/is at the top of the hill out of Mile Oak. The girls school was in Chalky Road further up the hill. We used to walk up there to play soccer or rugby. We also went over the downs in the annual cross country race – I hated it. The other memory was the frozen or boiled milk (depending on the time of year) left in the top playground and the tuck shop in the lower playground. I also have a very faint memory of a swimming pool that was filled in and made into Mr Bennetts classroom. I had him that year – oh ouch, the fido!

    By Chris Edwards - Brisbane, Australia (24/10/2006)
  • I haven’t moved as far away as Chris Edwards, it’s about a mile, I now live in Southwick. To Dave Phillips, yes it’s me of Beechers Road and I also have the form photo which is on the Friends Reunited website. Dave do you remember that your parents were some of the first to receive ITV, and that on most Mondays we would go back to your place to watch Popeye? Not one of us will ever forget the mass slippering. What you ask for you get in this instance. The building hasn’t changed a lot from the outside apart from some oversized logos saying 6th Form College. I believe it was Mr Heasman who had the grin on his face when he gave us the shock treatment.

    By Dave Spicer (28/10/2006)
  • Great to see photos like this on the site – I might even be really brave and post a couple from my days at Benfield. I wondered if my brother might feature in the above photos but he was a bit older than these boys. If anyone reading through these messages does remember him – Stephen Clifford – I would love to hear from you. He went to Benfield too and then Mile Oak (Portslade Secondary) and would have been at the latter about 1954/5 to 1958/9’ish.

    By Helen McDiarmid (28/01/2007)
  • I was at the school from 1964-66 I remember Mr Beale, that slipper guy, Mr Bennett, and my favourite teacher (ever) Mr Faulkner the art teacher. Dave Gibson and I thought we were in trouble for negative comments in an art gallery book. But Mr Faulkner asked us why we thought Miro was rubbish. I was surprised, a teacher in the 60s asking for my opinion, unbelievable. I love art.
    I almost forgot, the tech drawing teacher, Mr Parkinson, he was great. The first time you went into his class he warned you not to talk. No matter how sneaky you were he always heard you, and eventually you got the edge of the ruler across your knuckles. He treated everyone the same, I liked that.

    By Chris Preece (01/03/2009)
  • Anyone know what happened to David Knight? He lived at the bottom of Crown Road and we used to go around together. I also remember some of the other names here. I hope you are all well.

    By Vic Voice (18/08/2009)
  • I remember Mr Hunt, he was our form teacher for 4 years - only one who would put up with us. Mr Bennet P.E. teacher; because of him I used to get a gentle slap with a slipper each morning from Mr Hunt in case he missed anything. My mate was Terry Martin. Knew of the Herrings - suppose they are still trouble. This has me thinking now at 62, it seems like yesterday. I lived in Trafalagar Road; pop down now and again when I’m going to watch the Albion. Live in Middlesex now. Wish you all well.

    By Mick Pitttock (23/09/2009)
  • Oh the Herrings – each generation expelled. I lived at the bottom of Crown Road – mum worked in the handbag factory. We were on the same side as the coal-man. Skinners I think. I remember David Knight – but we moved to St Andrews Road and lost my mates.

    By Chris Edwards - Brisbane, Oz (03/01/2010)
  • Brian Higgins – I was in “yellow” house too, and as pointed out, it was Pevensey. Worse still (!) I was the 1960-61 House Captain, and I am guilty of being the one who doled out those electric shocks to initiate all the new boys in the Science Lab which was our House meeting place! I remember getting the treatment too, in my first year, but it was no big deal, just a bit of fun really, but taken seriously by the House and by the new boys, who always feared the unknown, of course. Ah, those school days!

    By Stephen Giles (in Brisbane, Australia) (15/02/2010)
  • A class re-union is being arranged for March / April 2014. If anyone is interested then please ask for my e-mail address from the administrators of this site, who I authorise to pass it on.

    By Alan Phillips (05/01/2014)
  • Remember Mr Bennet and another teacher (Hunt or Whitaker) taking turns to slipper the whole class. Messing about in a French lesson I think. Didn’t do us any harm. Although I do hate French. Mr Hunt gave the class the only ‘Sex’ lesson I ever had. ‘You may make a mess’ – good tip that. Was it unofficial? Don’t know. Mr Hunt was an ‘unusual’ looking chap, but does anyone remember Mrs Hunt, stunning lady? He did give me a lifelong interest in modern history. ‘Buffalo Beale’ was the Headmaster, harsh but fair. Someone mentioned Mr Parkinson – loved his Tech Drawing class. He once broke a drawing board over Charlie Miller’s head. Mr Miller Snr. came up to the school with his large dog and a lot of attitude to complain. Anyone remember Rob Piercey trying to organise the National (well Portslade) Union of Schoolboys? Mr Turnip Head Brown Woodworking. Wally Travers top guy Metalwork.
    I’ve been contacted re possible reunion.
    Will also look out a Benfield photo.

    By Nigel Rickard (20/01/2014)
  • Robin then known as Satinet remembers most teachers and pupils from 1960 to 1965. A few names from our years: James Slade, Robert Peters, Priestly Marmot and many others. Yes, I remember Victor Voice, Valentine Gale and others.  Yes, fond memories.

    By Trehernefran (27/03/2014)
  • 1965-1966 I was in class 4N, my teacher was Mr Falkener (he also had some dealings with the L.C.C. School (naughty boys’ school) up on Mile Oak Road. My classmates were Dave Gibson, Chris Preece, Melvyn Taylor, John Miles, Peter Milburn, I did class these few as my mates. I bumped into Melvyn only a couple of weeks ago – 1st time since the early 1970s, briefly in the late 80s saw Peter & Dave. I remember the Herrings. Melvyn Herring he put a banger (firework) in my pocket at East Hill Park. Later, in 1969, he was in the same detention centre as me, but to hopefully get out of the short, sharp sentence, admitted to killing Ken Lyons’ (bandleader) son, so was taken back to Brighton for questioning and was charged with wasting police time. Chris & Dave Preece emigrated to New Zealand, Melvyn Taylor told me he had been in recent contact with Chris.

    By Tony Rollinson (17/08/2014)
  • Looking at the class photo, I wondered why I was not in it. Then remembered that I spent most of the first year in the B form, but got put up to the A form at the end of the year.

    By Paul Laskey (19/10/2014)
  • I was at the school for a couple of years probably 1961 to 1963. I will always remember going to the local borstal’s swimming pool with the school and running the gauntlet of the inmates, if looks could kill we would have all been dead. I also remember the cross country on the downs, we used to hide in a bush halfway round for a crafty Park Drive tipped and join the race on the way back.

    By pete wild (27/10/2015)
  • I was married to Melvyn Herring for a lot of years until he passed away. Melvyn ended up being a honest and respected member of the community. We have two children and five grandchildren. Just wanted to put the record straight.

    By Susan Field (09/01/2016)
  • I was at this school between ’67 & ’72 my last form being 5S1, I think. I  was friends with Stephen Stoneman, Nick Robinson, Steve Burton, Ray Carroll, Lawrie Trask, Maurice Crump and Steve Fruin to name but a few. I recently saw photos of the 2004 reunion but recognised no one! For my sins I was in the Budgie Club and a member of Bramber house. If anybody remembers me I would love to hear from you?

    By Steve Swinard (08/05/2016)
  • I was a pupil of this school from 1964 to 1969. I distinctly remember Harold Steer who was my form tutor in 1A, who was very strict and often got out his slipper or plastic badminton racquet in the event of anyone talking in class during lessons. I later caught up with him during his reign as the Mayor of Brighton many years later on Brighton Station and I was astonished he remembered me!

    I remember all the boys in the class 1A in 1964 as per the register called daily. They were as follows:- David Allen,Trevor Belcher,Graham Boniface, Roger Boys, Bryan Coughlan, Clifford Cross,Stephen Daniels, Philip Gard, Derek Hart, Alan Hickley,Brian Hornsby,Andrew Howard, Paul Johnson, Brian Jones, Alan Knight,Roger Lane, Martin McConnell,Paul Mitchell, Steven Nichol,Graham Nye, Paul Phillips, Ian Preston, Steven Ransome, Glen Sargeant,Lewis Stanley, David Stedman, Gary Tong, Paul Wadey. Whatever  happened to them? If any of them read this I hope they can get in touch through this site.

    I remember running the Tuck Shop  with a friend which was  situated in the lower playground immediately below the staff room. We sold Burtons potato puffs for 3 old pennies, tea cakes for 1 old penny, and R Whites fizzy drinks for  5 old pennies, mint chocolate and orange flavoured chocolate biscuits. Mrs (Old Ma)Dexter, took the takings from me daily to bank. I never knew whether a profit was made.

    I also remember that there was an aviary in the top playground full of budgies and Mr Beale , the headmaster at the time took a great interest in the Budgie club. Also remember the notorious Mr “slipper” Bennett. When you hear about what kids get away with at school these days it makes you think that if there were more Mr Bennett around who were still able to give the slipper/ cane then you would not see the disruption you hear of today. It is fair to say we lived in fear of the “slipper”, but somehow you knew where you stood at the end of the day.

    Finally I also remember being  a milk monitor in the days that free school milk was available. Added bonus for me that I was able to drink left over milk which came in 1/3 pint bottles. Lucky me!

    By David Stedman (03/07/2017)
  • Great school, I hated every minute of it except woodwork or metal work. Maths and English was a complete bore, I used to go and do gardening out in the fresh air. Oh, playing football at the girls’ school playing fields. I realize years later the veggies I grew went into the school canteen. Cheap labour.

    By Malcolm Allwright (10/10/2018)
  • Hi Malcom, Just been reading comments from this page. I was at the girls school until 1962. We moved to Peacehaven in 1961. I think you may be my cousin Malcolm. We lived in Hurst Crescent Portslade and my maiden name was Carol Allwright. My dads name was Bert (short for Albert). Was your mums name Betty!

    By Carol Merchant (nee Allwright) (28/05/2021)

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