At school in the 1950s

On Preston Road, opposite Preston Park, stood many large houses. One of these was on the south corner of Lovers Walk, number 165 I think. This building was for many years a private boarding school named ‘Preston College’.

The uniform (in the early 1950s when I was there) was a bright red blazer with green and white edging. I was told that red was chosen so that the teachers could easily spot us if we were playing in the park. I remember sitting on the top of the fire escape on summer evenings and looking out over the park.

I was staggered when 23 years later I was sent by my employers to work at a client’s place and found that their office, ‘Paston House’, was built on the site of the old school and I was looking out over exactly the same view! I suppose one day I should book a night at the Travel Lodge which now stands there and witness the same thing again. That would be a kind of ‘déjà vu’ with a vengeance.

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  • This is a real nostalgia trip! I was a pupil at Preston College 1947 to 1950 head prefect, school Captain and probably known as head villain. Would dearly love to contact anybody from that very exclusive establishment.

    By Michael Davies (28/12/2007)
  • Wondering how to get in touch with Peter author of this article re Preston College?

    By Michael Davies (22/04/2008)
  • I was a five year old when I started at Preston College in 1951. I left in 1955. Being a day boy I used to have a few boarders to tea. Two I remember - Jimmy Colman and Alan Penny – where are they now I wonder? There was a lot of caning by the masters and a great deal of bullying from the older boys. Not the most pleasing place to be educated.

    By Michael Robinson (02/12/2008)
  • Hello Michael Davies. I was at Preston College during your time and I think I remember you. At least I remember your name, although I don’t think we were closely associated. I’m not sure about your status as head villain. The names which come to mind are Mickey Millar (good at sports), the Tomsett (sp?) brothers, Dave Taylor, Alan Hinden, Ginger Mansfield, Monica Hough and her brother, Jean Swan… , oh!..and Major Bastock, of course. I spent two years at Preston College and looked for it in vain during the 1990s. I’d be happy to hear from you.

    By Norman Douglas (29/05/2009)
  • I was a boarder at Preston College, Preston Road, Brighton from 1951 until 1961, including when the school moved to Paxhill Park, Lindfield, Sussex.

    By Dennis Stevens (01/08/2009)
  • Hello Michael Robinson, I remember you. You and your mother took myself and Jimmy Coleman for tea at your house one afternoon. I still have the photograph taken with your mother, myself and Jimmy.

    By Dennis Stevens (01/08/2009)
  • Further to my original thoughts on Preston College, I forgot to mention Major Bastock, the principal, and his wife Fanny (French I believe). She sometimes got into a terrible temper and I think most of us were frightened of her. It wasn’t a school for learning manners or good conduct but the academic standards were quite high. The only master I can remember was Mr. Turrell, but I can’t recall what he taught.

    By Peter (19/08/2009)
  • Hello Peter. I think I must have left before your time, but I well remember Major Bastock and his French wife. I found her quite terrifying, but got along well with the Major (of what exactly? Some said he was an officer in the Home Guard in WWII). I think he retired to Lewes and his name was still in the telephone book in 2005!

    By Norman Douglas (13/10/2009)
  • Hi Michael and Norman. I was at Preston College as a border, from 1947 to 1950, with Michael (left hand bat) and Norman (annoying habit of cracking his knuckles). The older Tompsett was called John, the younger one was Fred. I also remember Anthony and Tim Compton, John Jeffs and Shelagh Clarke (whom I was very keen on). Other teachers I recall, were Mr Patten, Miss Martin, Mr Hale and Miss Ellis. In the late forties, the area by the clock tower in Preston Park was all allotments. In mid-summer some of us would slip out, early morning (5.30 am), and pick strawberries. I would love to hear from any old friends.

    By Brian Hough (10/06/2010)
  • Hello Brian Hough. Great to hear from you. Sorry about the knuckle cracking (a habit inherited from my grandmother). You were the goalie on the college football team. I remember Monica, your sister (whom I was quite keen on, but the relationship didn’t go very far; all that knuckle cracking, I suppose). John Jeffs was a near neighbour for a while. Dave Taylor (centre forward on the team) was a close friend. The names – and the recollections – come flooding back. Was Shelagh Clarke the quiet, dark haired girl? A question: why did you and Monica go to Preston College? Why did anyone, for that matter? This is a serious question.

    By Norman Douglas (29/06/2010)
  • Hi Norman, glad to see someone is still reading the page. Yes you were right, I was the goalie for the 1948/9 season. I have still got the photo of the football team for 1948/9 which included you. I contributed the photo with a comment, to the site on the 24th of June. Hoping that it will appear on these pages soon. Shelagh Clarke, also had two younger sisters at the school, she was a lovely quiet fair haired girl, keen on the high jump. She belonged to an athletic club in Hove and used to train at the Hove stadium once a week. I used to run to Hove stadium just to see her and have a 10/15 minute chat and a kiss after she finished training, before she caught the bus back to Fernhurst Crescent and I legged it back to Preston College. I broke off the relationship because of the difficulties and complications in my life at the time. Apart from Monica, I had another sister, Rosemary, some 2 and half years younger than myself. We were all boarders. I think it fair to say that most of the boarders were there because of home and/or family problems, it was certainly true in our case. While I was at school I wanted to be a surveyor, although I passed all my Maths subjects with honours I failed my English which ended these hopes. I had difficulties with life until leaving the army after 2 years national service. I married Doreen White (another Preston College day pupil) in 1958, she is some 4 years younger than me. We are still happily married and have 2 beautiful daughters and three grandaughters. I would love to hear from any old friends, email me Finally - you fail to answer your own question. Why did you go to Preston College?

    By Brian Hough (04/07/2010)
  • Does anyone remember Mr Eynock – he was there when the outside classroom was built in the playground (if you can call it a playground).

    By anthony march (08/08/2010)
  • I was there when the outside classroom was built, but I don’t remember a Mr Eynock, my sister Rosemary does remember him she says that he wasn’t there very long. Major and Mrs Bastock had a son about 1949, his name was Phillip, does anyone know what happened to him?

    By Brian Hough (18/08/2010)
  • The three sisters were Shelagh, Patricia and Lesley. Nice to think we are remembered.

    By Lesley (29/08/2010)
  • Does anyone remember these people – ? Gadd who had a sister Margaret – Dennis Gander – ? Mailings whose parents had a newsagents in Henfield – David Wheeler and Mr Daniels a teacher?

    By Anthony March (29/08/2010)
  • I have had some lovely emails from old friends, thank you very much. Yes I remember you Lesley, I think Shelagh was a year younger than me, you were about 12/15 months younger than Shelagh and Pat must have been about 2 years younger than you. I don’t remember much about Pat, I think it was the age difference. My wife Doreen White used to live in Henfield and she remembers Frank Mallings whose parents had a newsagents in Henfield. In the late Forties I think that there were 60 odd day pupils and 40 odd Boarders. The Boarders were mainly boys with about 12/13 girls. On Sunday mornings the boarders had to put on their school uniforms, Major Bastock gave everyone one penny to put in the collection box at church, we would then line up crocodile fashion and march off to church in Preston Village. After church we lined up again and marched back.

    By Brian Hough (05/09/2010)
  • I remember the cycle track well as Bill the park keeper used to let me ride on it after school, and I later joined Brighton and Hove Wheelers.

    By Anthony March (06/09/2010)
  • Hi, does anyone remember going to see the film Kon Tiki Expedition with the school at the Astoria Cinema? Are there enough people linked up now to have a school reunion – even if it is only a coffee in Preston Park?

    By Anthony March (07/09/2010)
  • I was stunned to find a social web site of Preston College alumnis. I was a boarder between 1950-52. I am impressed that you can all remember names of others from the time you were there. I can only remember the name of one boy who was a friend, Berryman – can’t remember his first name. I do remember the teachers you are talking about, and of course Major Bastock, his French wife and their son Philip. I also remember the Major’s parents being around some of the time. Do any of you remember the Major buying a three wheeled car and driving round and round in front of the school? Other rememberances include the crocodile file to church clutching a penny (that church was so cold in the winter), rotten school meals, Miss Martin whom I loved  … she gave me a Bible; I still have it. There was also a tall boy who always seemed to have fainting fits .. I remember his falling off the small wall into the basement area of the school; this was whilst we were lining up before going our separate ways for class. There was also a bald headed teacher, always wore a teacher’s gown, who could be distracted by asking him about his war memories. Always a hoot when he co-operated by showing us how to throw a hand grenade. I’m still searching for the school photograph, it must be around somewhere, that may jog some more memories. I don’t recognise any of your names. Does anyone remember me?

    By Colin Brennan (10/09/2010)
  • I was a student from 1960 through 1963. Started out at Preston Park and transferred with the school to Haywards Heath. What a few years, I tell you nothing was like Preston College. Martin Drain, Leslie Little are names that come to mind. If ever a school should have a reunion it should be Preston College. The Bastock’s were amazing. Miss Martin (what a lady) Barnwell, etc. Hope I hear from someone and that a reunion could take place.

    By Leslie J Baynes (11/09/2010)
  • The teacher with the bald head was Mr O’Neill – somehow he got the nickname of “egghead” (don’t ask me why!!) Funny the things we remember!

    By Anthony March (11/09/2010)
  • Dennis Stevens: I was there through 1963. Do you remember of the following or know of their where abouts: Palu Newmann, John Burleigh, Martin Drain the Little Brothers? Any names you might remember would be great as they might jog some memories. I started at Preston College just before it moved to Lindfield near Haywards Heath.

    By Leslie Baynes (11/09/2010)
  • I was a lodger in the room above the front porch between 1945-48 and must say it’s quite fun to read all about the old days. I am grateful to Brian Hough who introduced me to this website. Anyone remember me?

    By Maurice Brice (12/09/2010)
  • Yes, Colin, I do remember the Major driving his car around the circle with the flagpole in the middle. Does anybody know why the School moved to Lindfield and is it still there? I am up for a re-union.

    By Anthony March (14/09/2010)
  • Lesley (Clarke) has contacted me to say that she is the youngest sister, not Patrica. Sorry Lesley but it is 60 years since I last saw you girls. I used to think that you three sisters were the neatest and smartest dressed in the school (I maybe biased). I had a chat with my sister Rosemary over the weekend and she reminded me that the Bastock’s also had a daughter about 1949 or early 1950, so Phillip must have been born about 1948. After the birth of her daughter Mrs Bastock was left partially paralysed down one side. Mr & Mrs Bastock Senior took care of the baby daughter at their home in Springfield Road. When the Bastock Seniors went out they relied on the senior girl boarders to do baby sitting. My sister Rosemary was one of the baby sitters.

    By Brian Hough (15/09/2010)
  • My mother, June Brown and her brother, John Brown were boarders at Preston College when Mr and Mrs Bastock senior (know to me as mummy and daddy Bastock) ran the school. They are buried in Preston cemetery, just by the park. They had a daughter called Joan who married Charles Trickey and went to live in Deal, Kent. They also had a son called Tommy, and the last time I saw him was at my mother’s funeral in 1982 unfortunately he passed away a few years later but we did keep in touch until then via Christmas cards. I am very pleased to tell you I am also still in contact with Miss Martin. She recently gave me some photos that she had dug out of the loft, showing some of the children at the college. I am sure she will be pleased to hear that she is still remembered with great affection. I will forward on your comments to her. Kind regards to you all. Jane

    By Jane Harrison (19/09/2010)
  • This is so interesting. Miss Martin is still around, and I thought she was old when I knew her, in fact she must have been a young woman in the early 1950s. Trying to think of more names or personalities, what about the two men who I thought were just around in the evenings?  One I think had a handlebar mustache and the other seemed to be very tall and lanky..who were they? I have only vague memories of two girls, I guess I must’ve fancied them, Lo, A slim girl, Pauline I think her name was and a young girl with lovely blond hair in ringlets and the name Carole comes to mind.

    By Colin Brennan (21/09/2010)
  • It is nice to read all these comments- those were the days my friends. Does anyone remember Mr Daniels? (a teacher who I believe he was ordained into the Church).

    By Anthony March (21/09/2010)
  • Dear Jane: I was amazed to hear that Miss Martin was still alive. She was an interesting, very bright and caring woman. She taught history, but loved current affairs. If you get a chance pass on my good wishes. With all the kids she taught over the years I imagine she will not remember me. However, let her know I have always remembered her. She knew that I did not like history but engaged me in current affairs which we both loved. Let her know I think about her often-in my book that’s a mark of a good teacher. If you get a chance could you see if she kept any class registers by years. It would be fun to publish them and if she doesn’t then can she remember any names and what years they were there. PS: Tell her I finally came around to history. All the best,

    By Leslie J. Baynes (24/09/2010)
  • Thank you all for responding to my message left on the 19th. I am going to give it a few more days, then print off all your comments and send them to her. I know she will be thrilled. Kind regards to you all.

    By Jane Harrison (24/09/2010)
  • Mr Turrell (blonde, early twenties) in 1950 took the senior class for PE. There was no gym at the school, we used to line up in the back yard and do physical jerks (on the spot running, bend and touch your toes etc). After which we would go through the front gate, he would look towards Preston Village and say run to the police box (situated on the pavement, beyond to rockery opposite some tennis courts (now block of flats) and back. Needless to say not everyone reached the police box before turning back. If there was time we would go on a longer run. Passed the police box, turn into South Road, turn left into Millers Road, left into Highcroft Villas, left down the steps into Lovers Walk, then school. There was also a three mile run, which I don’t dare think about.

    By Brian Hough (30/09/2010)
  • Hi, I remember being at Preston College 1960 – 1962 with Patricia Penley and the Rogers brothers. Has anybody heard anything about these three? I did track Patricia but her memories of Preston College were not happy.

    By David Wilkin (11/12/2010)
  • Mr Brice you are right, that is Mr Bastock’s father in the center of the cricket picture that is on this website. What years did you attend Preston College? Also do you know of any other students that attended school with you, if so please forward this site to them and encourage them to participate. Happy Holidays to all. Is that ‘Daddy Bastock’ in the centre of the back row?

    By Leslie J. Baynes (12/12/2010)
  • Hello everyone. Sorry I have not posted anything recently but nevertheless, I have been in touch with Miss Martin who was thrilled to read all the comments posted. She does not have access to the internet so I will endeavour to forward your comments on to her. In the mean time she has asked me to pass on the following information:
    “I am quite amazed you found Preston College on the website and I am very interested to read the comments. I certainly remember the names but would not recognise the ‘children’ – otherwise ladies and gentlemen of today. When I have found anything to do with Preston College I will forward this to you since I know of no one who would be interested. No register was kept by any staff after a school year as records etc were sent to the Head and on to County records. Some pre-war were sent to Lewes (E.Sx) and then to Chichester (W.Sx) when the decision was made to cut Sussex to East and West Sussex. The ‘old girl’ is still very much alive and is now 90! Having retired from Hurstpierpoint Infants and County Primary School and finally from private music teaching in 2000. I miss teaching so much, I used to love it (still do but no youngster wants an old foggy I realise). However, often old pupils (music) visit me from time to time and will give me pleasure by playing or asking advice. This is all for now and will look as soon as possible for more information.”
    Miss Martin also mentioned to me about my mother’s friend (Magda) who was brought to England from Czechoslovakia as an evacuee as her parents were gassed in the Nazi gas chambers because they had Jewish blood. Her uncle knew Tommy Bastock and he took Magda into Preston College to live with them. She returned to Europe to live and married and lived in Switzerland. No one has heard of her since. So if you are reading this Magda or if anyone knows any information about this girl, Miss Martin and I would love to hear. I have a few photograph’s of my own that I am sure you would like to see and will post them on this website when I learn how to do it. If not, I will have to wait till my friend’s 10 year old son comes to visit!

    By Jane Harrison (30/12/2010)
  • Hello, happy New Year all. I found an old photo of myself as a pupil at Preston College. I have uploaded it onto my profile, but don’t know how to add it to the pictures in this blog. Help would be appreciated. Anyone recognise me?

    Editor’s note: Hello Colin – sorry but we are not a blog – we are a local history website. You didn’t upload your photo to your profile cos we don’t have that facility here – as it isn’t a blog. In fact you uploaded your photo to the submissions area of the website. If you would like to write some of your memories of Preston College up and submit them – I would be more than happy to publish them. You can contact me at

    By Colin Brennan (09/01/2011)
  • I’m Angela Owen nee Woodcock and was at Preston College 1957/60 with my sister Philippa. I remember Miss Martin very well and fondly,she was super and got us acting plays at the end of term. I was in the 4th form and fairly good at sports and also moved to Paxhill Park. I recognise some of the pupils in the cricket team photo. Next to Major Bastock is Stuart Woolway and then I think it might be Harold Kaiser. Robert Robinson is in the centre of the middle row; he was from South Africa. Front row left is Philip Bastock he has a sister named Lynn. In the 5th form with my sister were Carol Hardy and Josephine Walker all the boys were after Carole. I have a photo of my class among whom are Jimmy Coleman, Eugene and Gene Simmons both very good on sports day. Duro Talabbi from Nigeria,Pat Tappenden and some whose names escape me? I would be happy to submit it another time. What a school but it was one of the happiest times of my life as I had been to four schools before landing up at Preston College.There were never many girls at the school and we got roped into cricket etc all boys games. I also remember a chap called Langston; he was pally with Robert Robinson they were in the 6th form I what have wondered what became of everyone? Hope someone responds.

    By Angela Owen (16/01/2011)
  • Hi all. I went to Preston College approx 57 to 63. The only friends whose names I remember are Kin Clabby – used to live in Hurstpierpoint, and Koonly Kampson. I can picture some of the faces of the teachers, but can’t put a name to them (apart from the ones I made up)

    By Colin Miles (28/01/2011)
  • Hello to all that went to Preston College. I was also there and remember Duro Talabi, he was my brother’s best friend. My best friend was Wendy Fudge. If anybody remembers us I would love to hear from you. I did not know this site existed until I caught up with Brian Gough, I think it’s really great, and if you are all up to it we should have a reunion. This might jog your memories – my brother, Peter Rudge, was caught by the prefects on sneaks payday, stripped, put in a cold bath and scrubbed with a scrubbing brush, put in a laundry basket and thrown down the fire escape. My father was so angry as they also hung me over the wall until I told them where Peter was. My father gave Bastock hell and he took me and my brother out. But I do remember playing cricket, doing some small shows with the old lady who lived in that big house the other side of Lovers Lane. Oh those were the days. My memory is not too good with names but a few that I have read sound familiar. Would love to hear from anybody with memories. The church run was hard on all of us and the girls were very few, but that was OK, we all mucked in together. Hope I get a response and let’s try to get us all together for a coffee in Preston Park. Bye for now. Best wishes.

    By Pauline Rudge (09/04/2011)
  • Hello Colin Brennan. Yes, you are right, I am the Pauline that you mentioned in the comments. The blonde girl was Wendy, she was my best friend. We went through a lot at that school – in fact it was hell. My brother and I did not want to go to the College but my father insisted but took us straight out when we had so much trouble with the prefects. I am sure if they are reading these comments they will know who they are. I was so happy to find this sight, with help from Brian Gough, I really hope that the people that are still with us and are in the area would love to meet up at the Park, after all that’s where it all began – right? Hope to read some news from you and anybody else who reads my comments. Are you still in Brighton? I have nice pictures of myself and my brother in our uniforms – I think that was the best part of the school – we all looked cool in our blazers! Well, bye for now.

    By Pauline Rudge (09/04/2011)
  • Hello Pauline, it’s great when a voice from the past appears on the computer screen; isn’t the internet wonderful? I don’t remember the incident with your brother, in fact my poor fading memory can’t even bring him up in my mind. So the girl I thought was Carol is Wendy, I loved her blond hair; didn’t she wear it in ringlets? I was so proud when I wore my bright red school blazer for the first time, so I rushed out to show my friends. After a short pause one of them looked at the badge and asked whether I was going to ‘fishy college’, that took the wind out of my sails. I tried to post a picture of myself in the blazer but as you probably noticed I was not succesful. I can’t find the school photograph although I know I still have it; I guess it’s in a box in the garage somewhere. You remember the misery that was the long walk to Church on a Sunday particularly in the winter, and no heating when you arrived it was perishing. The better thing about the weekends was going to Saturday morning pictures in Brighton. On reflection it was a real flea pit with outrageous behaviour, throwing orange peel everywhere and shouting and fighting, or was that just the boys? Although I don’t live in Brighton (I live in Wadhurst in East Sussex) it is only an hours drive and I agree it would be fun to meet up with others for coffee, a chat about school life, and exchanging experiences. I have to admit I don’t have fond memories of the school, although I can see that others had a better time of it. Any more memories from anyone?

    By Colin Brennan (15/04/2011)
  • I’m not a former pupil of Preston College, but my Dad was a friend of Major Tom Bastock. In 1958 I’d just finished my National Service and was about to be married and honeymoon in Paris. My Dad took me round to Preston College where I met Major Tom and Mrs. Bastock. Tom lent me a guide book to Paris and told me that he met his wife in Paris while serving in the army (not the home guard!) at the end of WW2. I often saw Tom for many years afterwards at Masonic meetings, and it was not until about 2000 that he finally passed away.

    By Tony Hill (19/04/2011)
  • As I mentioned previously I was a boarder at Preston College for approx 10 years from 1951-1961, Preston Road and Paxhill Park, Lindfield. I remember many children from those far off days (well we were all children then). The prefects I recall were Robert Robinson, Michael Robson, Keith Langston, John Sherrington, John Williams, the lovely Josephine Walker and Atkinson, Carol Hardy and her brother Charles. My first kiss was with Pauline Rudge and, like her brother, I too was sent flying down the stairs in a laundry basket upon my initiation in 1952 (Welcome to Preston College Stevens!). Other names I remember are my friend Jimmy Coleman whom my wife and I went to visit in Finsbury Park, London in 1970 (?). Other names I recall are James Carlisle, Brian Lyons, Nigel Walker, Michael Robinson, Harold Kaiser, the brothers Eugene and Christopher Simmons and Pierre who played the trumpet and who was badly beaten by Major Bastock for fighting with Keith Langston. The four dormitories for the boys were on the top floor (Preston Road) and the girls were the floor below where the Bastock room was. I remember the freezing winters in that solitary block in ‘the playground’ a classroom on its own and the one single gas fire in that huge dinning room in the main building. Do you remember Saturday evenings when all the girls and boys queued for their weekly change of clothes? Heaven help those who lost a sock! And received a sharp back hand slap round the face from Fanny Bastocks one GOOD HAND!
    I think most of you came from London as I was the only one from Southampton which seemed like light years away at the time. At Paxhill Park, Lindfield where we were transferred to in 59/60 (?), myself and Jimmy Coleman were caned in front of the whole school for running away. I think we got as far as Ardingly before we were brought back. In 1986 my wife and children went to visit that lovely Elizabethan building with me in Lindfield. It was a world away from Preston Road, with fields of green as far as the eye could see. Alas it was no more Preston College, it was a residential home. I think now it is an upmarket golf club.
    Teachers I remember are Mr O’ Neil, Mr Enoch, Mr Barnwell, Mr Martin and Miss Martin (no relation). I think the latter lived near Preston Circus in the road that ran up near the Duke of York cinema? Every December at the end of term there was a dinner dance at the ‘Cooks Hotel’ in Old Steine down by the seafront, the only decent meal of the year! The Bastocks offspring were Philip and Lyn, the latter I remember was at the Preston College kindergarten further on down the road by the Rockery. At least she was when I joined in 1952 (?). Or should I say, when I was sent! I remember the day Major Thomas Cornelius Bastocks’ father died; their house was in Springfield Road (earlier from a letter on the google site). Mr Bastock senior was a polite man and always made you welcome when you visited the school and always spoke to me, a lot different from the Major! I cannot recall any decency or politeness from his daughter-in-law (Fanny Bastock) – just the opposite! I would really appreciate hearing from any of you. I am not into computers or the internet but will stay with the Google website (at school in the 50s) and yes a reunion sounds great! How about one of the hotels by the seafront?

    By Dennis Stevens (01/06/2011)
  • Cricket Team 1960-1961: In regards to a further comment from Lesley Baynes; The teacher at the opposite end of Mr Bastock is Mr Barnwell. Next to the Major stands Stuart Woolway, his father once took the pair of us to their new house for lunch. If my memory is correct it was either in Peacehaven or Rottingdean? Must have been around 1956/57?
    Pauline: Duro was a ‘she’ and her brother was Tunde Talabi, although I can’t remember your brother Peter.

    By Dennis Stevens (03/06/2011)
  • With regards to Lesley Baynes. Your comment about the first name on your letter maybe Pablo Muller - he was Spanish but I guess he may have had a German origin in his blood father or mother. Regards Dennis Stevens.

    By dennis stevens (05/06/2011)
  • Hello to everybody who was at Preston College, I am so glad that some of you remember me. I also remember some but at 63 now the memory has faded a bit ha ha. I do remember you Dennis – don’t remember the kiss. I was a bit young then. Yes you are right Duro was the girl. Sorry Duro I am still waiting for our reunion, I think it would be lovely. I still live in Brighton but have lived abroad for many years in Egypt, Germany, USA etc etc. Lets really try and get together, I will check on my email which you are all welcome to its I would love to hear from anybody from our old school. Oh so many memories. Unfortunetly my brother Peter Rudge passed away a few years ago aged 59. Well must go, I hope I will receive some emails so we can make a date for us all to meet. Bye for now, Pauline Rudge.

    By Pauline then Rudge (27/09/2011)
  • I found this page by accident… and was amazed as I was a boarder at Preston College late ’40s-early ’50s. I was Jackie Terris then, I am now 67 and remember the red blazers etc. I don’t recall any names or even having any friends. I was very young, and only remember the bathroom and having baths. I was very shy and insecure at that time and remember hating the place, I would pretend to be asleep when someone did rounds. I now live in Canada. Thanks for the trip back in time. Jackie

    By Jackie Harris (Nee Terris) (09/10/2011)
  • Hello Anthony March, I remember you were older than me, you mixed with the prefects? Did you have black, very curly hair? I remember the boy that had fainting spells, I also recall him toppling over the the gully wall in what we called “a playground” (probably due to a lack of decent grub)!  It’s a wonder we were not barred from the Astoria on Saturday mornings – we were easily picked out by our red blazers. Best wishes.

    By Dennis Stevens (14/10/2011)
  • Hello Angela Woodcock,I too was in that class along with Jimmy Coleman and Pablo Muller. Do you remember the Persian guy who had a habit of suddenly bursting out crying? His name was Montecab, I guess he didn’t like our class, or he may have been permanently homesick. Two of the teachers I recall were Miss Martin and a Mr Dompetrini. I remember maybe at least two girls in the class, one of whom had blonde hair – could that have been you? 

    By Dennis Stevens (31/10/2011)
  • PRESTON COLLEGE. Hello from Dennis Stevens. I now have an email address: I’m still in the process of learning the computer, so things take time at the moment! Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best wishes. 

    By Dennis Stevens (04/11/2011)
  • I too went to the school between 1955 and 1961. My Grandmother also lived in Preston Park. I now live in USA and looking for photographs of the old place.

    By Nick Ashton (25/12/2011)
  • Maurice “Brice”, its great to know you are still about, perhaps I shall hear from you by email You of course will understand my “back slang” email name and there are several things I remember you for as I do Brian Mansfield. I have the picture taken of us in Preston Park with the school in the background. Hope to hear from you

    By Terence Mills (01/01/2012)
  • FAO: Jennifer. Now I am on email, please if possible, could you remove my telephone number from all my previous communications. Many thanks from Dennis. [I think I have found them all Dennis, but let me know if you can see any comments with your number still referenced. Comments Ed]

    By Dennis Stevens (23/02/2012)
  • Hello everyone. I visited Miss Martin last Tuesday. She has managed to retrieve many old photos and paperwork down from her loft and has entrusted them all to me. Amongst them there are 16 old panoramic (not sure if that’s the correct term) school photographs dating from the late 40s to early 60s. I am certain that she would like me to share them with you. As there are so many, does anyone have any suggestions how I can do this?

    By Jane Harrison (05/05/2012)
  • I was at Preston College as a boarder from mid 40s until 1956. It has brought back a lot of memories seeing all the comments. My nickname at school was Tat. Can anyone remember me?

    By Richard Tattersall (06/05/2012)
  • My brother Fazal and I were boarding students in 1957-58. We came from East Pakistan and we have fond memories of Preston College. My best friend was Pieere Goin who was Swiss and every Sunday when everyone marched off to church I used to meet Pieere at the seafront as he was supposed to be attending the French Protestent church. I was sad to find that the college ended up as a Travelodge. Can anyone recall me or my brother please get in touch.

    By Ahsan Irshad (Bobby) (25/05/2012)
  • Hi Tat, I was at the school during your time there, but regret to say I don’t remember you. I think that I must be 6 years older than you, therefore we didn’t have a lot in common. As you were at the school all those years it would be nice if you could write something that you remember about the school, also it would be nice if you could put a name to some of the faces in the photographs.

    By Brian Hough (01/06/2012)
  • Hi, my name is Ian Pain, I was a student at that wonderful seat of learning between 1953-8, not exactly famous for its educational achievements, but I have fond memories of the school, its teachers and of course my fellow students, Rob Robinson, Kieth Langston, Tony March, Nigel Walker, Joe Walker, Charles Hardy and his stunning sister Carol, who became the face of BOAC, as it was then. I’m sure she was in love with me! Major Tom was an amazing character, his French wife not so nice, in fact a bit frightening, Miss Martin who taught history was a delightful lady and great teacher, Eggy O’Niell- a somewhat sad man, Norman Danes, a psychopath who joined the church, thank god, David Enoch, an English teacher who had a great influence on my life. Miss Martin is, I understand still alive, wonderful. An abiding memory is of Major Tom Bastock taking a French class chain smoking a Gauloises, how times change. I had to leave the college owing to three or four students being diagnosed with TB, myself, John William, and a couple of Asian students, not good, the sharing of cigarettes in those wonderful latrines were perhaps to blame.To say it caused a bit of a kerfuffle within the local health authority, would be an understatement. A number of people within the forum hinted at a reunion, what a good idea, perhaps it could be held at the Travel Lodge Hotel, which sits on the site of the old school; how it could be arranged might prove difficult, but if there is enough interest, I would be happy to have a crack at it, though obtaining email addresses or face book contacts could be difficult. 

    By Ian Pain (08/06/2012)
  • Hi people, my name is John Williams. I was at the college between1953-8. I seem to remember everyone and everything: overcooked roast dinners, frozen football pitches, ice slides in the playground! Getting six of the best from the Major for letting a firework off in my desk and being sent to the shop to buy his fags. Those crazy nights on the landing. One thing Ian, we are all a lot older now. Fond memories.

    By John Williams (17/06/2012)
  • To John Williams et al; Hi John, delighted to hear from you after all these years, about 50, me thinks, I remember you trying to set the school alight, some would say its a pity you failed. Please let me know what your doing, where abouts you are, and a potted history of your life to-date; Email address. I was abroad for a number of years but returned a couple of years ago, and now live in happy retirement in Hurstpierpoint, East Sussex. Kindest regards Ian Pain.

    By Ian Pain (21/06/2012)
  • Hello everyone.  I am still around, believe it or not!  Wonderful to hear from old pupils after all this time. I have been reading your comments and am so pleased to know you remember me. I also remember you! Wishing you all the very best and hope you’re behaving yourselves. Happy memories…

    By Miss Martin (28/08/2012)
  • Dearest Miss Martin, Wonderful to see your comments after all these years, and that you are well. Your memory is obviously a lot better than mine, remembering my own is a daily challenge! I remember you fondly at the college, to be honest you were one of my favourites, together with Mr. Enoch the English teacher who had a big influence on my life, urging me to read some of the great classics, Dickens was his and became my favourite. I still live close to Brighton, in Hurstpierpoint. You I remember used to live near Preston Park, so if you would like to share a cup of tea, then please let me know at the following email address  Kindest regards.

    By Ian Pain (30/08/2012)
  • Hello Tony March and all. What memories have been brought back by reading all your letters! I thought I had a fairly good memory of my Preston College school days, but I was sad and surprised to hear bullying went on to the extent it did and that some left the school unhappy. I loved every day at school during 1953 to 1961 and remember most of the names mentioned in the various letters, although I believe most were younger than me at the time. You haven’t responded to any of the letters since 9/10 Tony, and hope all is well with you. Although I am now living in Christchurch, I would love to meet everyone to share the good and bad times that we all remember. Ian, I believe you were up to organising a get-together. If you’re still up for it, count me in and let me know if I can be of any help. I will be contacting Nigel Walker to let him know about this site as I am sure he would love to come as well. We have visited the old school in Lindfield on a few occasions and were finally allowed to view inside the house by the present owners who appear to have the cash to bring the old building back to its original condition. It appears the interior of the building was ruined when it was run as a residential home. The fine staircase in the hall was sold to relieve the then proprietor of financial worries at some stage, but still didn’t stop him from going bankrupt!!! Look forward to seeing you Richard (Tat) Tattersall, remember the King Charles Oak Tree? Bobby Irshad, nuts about Elvis!!! Ian Pain, on the evening I rode down to see you to see if you were fit enough for a school game on the Wednesday but you were unwell? John Williams, when you rode from the Midlands with Keith Langstone to the West Country to join your parents during the summer term holidays? Kindest regards to all and hope we can arrange a get-together. Rob Robinson.

    By Rob Robinson (01/10/2012)
  • Hi Rob Robinson et al, great to read your message on the B&H web site, so many memories, so long ago. I was in contact with Nigel Walker when we lived abroad, but seem to have lost his email address. I’m more than happy to attempt a reunion at some stage, obviously in Brighton, but it will depend on numbers, and the ability of old students to make contact with me using the following address: If I get enough replies I will look at finding a suitable venue and date(s) acceptable to all interested parties. Please email me asap, so that we can make contact directly rather than use the excellent B&H web page.

    By Ian Pain (17/10/2012)
  • My name is Rod(erick) Tempest and I went to the college between 58 or 59 until 1961. I was a day pupil living in Brighton and I remember my parents pulling me out of Fawcett School because I was mixing with the rough’uns and moved me to Preston College opposite the park. No sooner had I settled in, we were moved to Lindfield. The only name I can recall (old age!) is Leslie Little who I used to travel with on the train. I think he and his brother lived in Patcham? I remember Major Bastock and his scarry French wife but cannot recall any other teachers’ names. I was one of the ‘bad’ boys who used to sit at the back of the class. I also remember another boarder who lived in Hapstead where his parents had a pub. The odd things that I can remember is – having my red cap thrown out of the bus into the pond in Lindfield and the fact that the boarders seem to be having more fun than us. I also remember a girl who was in our class who was a bit outrageous and one day put a tampon on the floor and pretended it was a mouse – we were in stitches as the teacher had not initially noticed. I can just about recall a couple of incidents of some boarders getting ‘done’ for smoking, and also an incident when they went to the pub in the village one night.

    By Rod Tempest (09/11/2012)
  • I have been meaning to post a note for Miss Martin, and now I am getting round to it. Miss Martin gave me a Bible one day in class, I can’t remember why she gave it to me, but I still have it to hand. Miss Martin signed it and gave it to me on 29 January 1954; I wonder if she remembers? That’s 58 years ago!

    By Colin Brennan (15/01/2013)
  • I was a student at Preston from Sep 56 to Jun 61 in both Brighton and Paxhill Park. I thought that Ms Martin was great and that Mr O’neal needed a new coat, his was full of ink at the back.

    Dear Pablo,
    Sorry but we have had to delete some of your post. We are no longer allowing the posting of requests to find third parties, as sharing information like this breaches their privacy. We recommend you try Friends Reunited website if you want to track old friends or neighbours.
    Comments Editor

    By Pablo Muller (24/01/2013)
  • Hi, I’m Pablo, my email address is love the idea of getting together in Brighton at any time. I’m living in Florence, retired and have plenty of time so can make it there. Loved Ms. Martin, she was a very good teacher. Now and since 2003 living in Florence, Italy as I could not think of a better place. Will reply to any e-mail from old friends.

    By Pablo Muller (28/01/2013)
  • I was a day pupil at Preston College around the years of 57/58 with my older brother David and sister Yvonne. From memory it was a nightmare place. Our parents took us out of there after one term. I made a short term friend with one of the girl boarders but am unable to remember her name. Her mum used to give her home baked biscuits in the shape of an S. I was the only girl in my class. We learnt absolutely nothing. I remember the school tuck shop which was the best thing there! Their home made bread pudding was delicious! The school was such a rough place and I hated going to school. There was an incident one day in the playground when a few of the kids decided to wipe dog pooh on our clothes which they had gathered up on dinner plates and smeared us with it. My memories of Preston College are just awful.

    By Susan Hardy (25/03/2013)
  • My dad Anthony Millen was at the boarding school and can remember that sports day as my auntie Yvonne Millen is pictured running. He would like to know if anyone has a picture of her with some cups she won? He has some great stories to tell if anyone would like to hear.

    By Sue Millen (08/05/2013)
  • Hi Sue, I don’t remember your dad, I think he was a few years younger than me. But I do remember your auntie as she was a friend of my younger sister Rosemary. I would love to hear any stories that your would like to tell us.

    By Brian Hough (17/05/2013)
  • Hi to all those here that may remember Harold Kaiser now spelt Kayser by my choice. Have a lot of mixed memories when at Preston College in Brighton and Lindfield and they were predominantly better ones in the Sussex Countryside. However happy to share any thoughts, recollections, events etc. with anyone who remembers me –

    By Harold Kayser (20/05/2013)
  • Hello ex Preston College students. On 2nd November 2013, a reunion will be taking place at the Royal Albion Hotel, 35 Old Steine, Brighton, from midday onwards. So far I have four definite confirmations from four ex pupils whom I have kept in touch with these past couple of years. If any of you out there are interested, please feel free to attend. Regards from Dennis Stevens.

    By Dennis Stevens (16/08/2013)
  • I was a boarder 1948 till 1953, remember teachers Pattern,Tyrell, Martin, Danes, Enoch. Pupils Peter Hall, Denis Goodwin, Mic Davis, his mates Brough, Mansfield. Also Cox, Comptons, Hutchings. If I remember correctly the Bastocks had a daughter after his son, and his wife had some sort of stroke as she was confined to bed for a while, then started teaching French but her left arm was useless. On the whole my memories are not to bad about the place.

    By Peter Waltham (09/09/2013)
  • Hello Dennis, since posting the numbers of those interested in meeting up for the 2nd November, I now understand the number stands at 14! I feel sure many more would want to come. Unfortunately unless the B&H site has recently been visited, any one else interested in coming will miss out. Look forward to seeing you all on the 2nd. Rob.

    By Rob Robinson (12/09/2013)
  • Hi. I was a boarder from ’59 to ’61 at Lindfield. I met up with David Kennedy the other week and will try and make the re-union. I promised David I would send him the school photograph that I still have, hanging proudly in my house, so I will attempt to post it here. All the best.

    By Barrie Glibbery (14/10/2013)
  • With less than a fortnight to go to the PC Reunion definitely scheduled for Saturday 2nd November 2013 there could be in excess of 20 people attending the event at the Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton from around noon. If any other pupils read this communique and want to attend would they be kind enough to let me know. My email address is All are welcome and I would be pleased to meet you for a real special day. Thank you

    By Harold Kayser (21/10/2013)
  • Apologies to all concerned for a mistake about the school cricket team. It was in actual fact Mrs Bastock senior that died before the school moved from Preston Road to Lindfield not Mr Bastock senior. Regards

    By Dennis Stevens (24/10/2013)
  • A second memorable get together for the “oldies” is scheduled for Saturday, the 22nd March 2014 once again at the Royal Albion Hotel by the Brighton Pier at the bottom of Old Steine from 12 noon followed by a private late lunchtime four course buffet in the hotel complex. It would be good if any of the “missing” faces from Preston College who would like to join those below please do not hesitate to contact us via my email address at the bottom of this bulletin. The existing bods who will be there to welcome you I list below. I wonder how many of them you might recognize by name and/or remember from the years 1955 to 1964 when the establishment closed…

    Leslie Baynes, Barrie Glibbery, Bobby Irshad, Harold Kaiser (Kayser now), David Kennedy, Pablo Muller, Aileen Nurse, Robert Robinson, Pauline Rudge, Dennis Stevens, Nigel Walker, David Waller and other unconfirmed members. If you would like to also bring your wives/partners etc. they are of course welcome as there will be a few of them appearing already. My email address is On behalf of the whole membership we are looking forward to re meeting any of you again and please do come.

    By Harold Kayser (18/01/2014)
  • Hi, I was a pupil at Preston a College Kindergarden circa 1952/53 and well remember the red uniform and have a photo taken by my father (possibly on my first day at school) of me looking very smart in my new red uniform.  I remember the Queen’s coronation when we were all presented with blue, glass tumblers and still have mine.  I also remember going to Preston Park to have our school photo taken which I also still have.  Unfortunately I don’t really remember any names of my fellow pupils but one girl was the daughter of some quite famous actress but I can’t remember her name although I can pin-point in the school photo. I do remember the school nurse and having rests every afternoon on camp beds!  Happy memories.  I left at the end of 1953 when my family moved to Burgess Hill. Rosemary May (previously Russell).

    By Rosemary May (04/02/2014)
  • I have just found this site and it is great to see so many faces that I remember but can’t place to name them. I was amazed to see myself in the school photo. I think it was 1950: I was a pupil from 1949 to 1952. I have very happy memories of Miss Martin, one of the best teachers. I remember dancing at a Christmas concert and Miss Martin played the music for me. Oh yes, I remember the queue in the kitchen for milk and rich tea biscuits. Happy days.

    By Yvonne Ainley ( now Knapman) (18/06/2014)
  • Latest news from your group secretary… The latest number of ex PC pupils who have joined our group has swelled somewhat and I am elated to add in CAPITALS the “newies” for any others who should be joining ours in the near future. The list is in no particular order and are hereby named: Pablo Muller, Dennis Stevens with Diane, David Waller, David Kennedy with wife, Leslie Baynes, Ian Boyd Pain, Pauline Moawad, Barrie Glibbery, Nigel Walker, Robert Robinson, Aileen Nurse, Bobby Irshad and brother, MICHAEL WARD SALE, JIMMY CARLISLE, and Harold Kaiser (now Kayser) with Di.  Let’s all hope and pray there are many more out there  who will swell our numbers!

    By Harold Kayser (10/07/2014)
  • I omitted Mrs Freda Robinson from my previous recent posting on the site. My apologies to the couple of course.

    Our next PC Reunion meet will take place in Brighton at the Little Bay Restaurant, bottom of West Street by the seafront on Saturday 13th September from 12 noon onwards to allow for any late arrivals. Once again, lunch will be served from around 2pm subject to timing. It is feasible that there could be around 15+ oldens from Preston College and I invite any newbees to contact me if they would like to come and introduce themselves on their own or with their wives / partners. Due to free evening / night entertainment at the venue, an overnight stay would be advisable and the restaurant has a 3* hotel annexed to it. My email address is

    By Harold Kayser (11/07/2014)
  • My goodness  – while fishing around the net I found this page. I was a boarder at Preston College from 1959 until 1963 (using my step father’s name of Graham). I moved to the States many years ago now but on one trip home to England I visited an uncle who lived at the time near Brighton and we had a day trip to the old manor house which at that time had been turned into an old peoples home. I just the other day met someone that knows the current owners of the house and it is now privately owned again. Major Bastock and the fierce Mrs Bastock were in my memory quite fair (even when we ran amuck a la St Trinian’s). I found myself on the carpet quite frequently in his study. Reading some of these old names brings back some fun and not so fun times I must admit, but I’m thrilled to have found this blog.

    By Sarah Pitt -Wooll (07/09/2014)
  • As a follow up to my previous post, I noticed Aileen Nurse named earlier, I have always remembered her and wondered how she is, I think she was the youngest of the boarders when I was there. Pablo and Harry and the Waller brothers were all there during my time. Didn’t we have a committee to vote in records to get for the record player in the common room? As to the students ” done for smoking ” I believe that young master Phillip Bastock and myself were hauled in on that instance, which now is very funny as I do not smoke!

    By Sarah Pitt-Wooll (08/09/2014)
  • The next bi-annual meet of Preston College oldens will take place in March 2015 (March and September usually chosen for lunch etc.). The number of attendees is now approaching twenty including husbands/wives/partners and I am pleased to list them for your perusal should you wish, as an ex pupil of PC, to happily join us at the established Brighton venue which has proved so popular on our last two get-togethers. The pupil list now includes the following: Pablo Muller, Leslie Baynes, Robert and Freda Robinson, Jimmy Carlisle, Dennis and Diane Stevens, David Waller, David and Mrs Kennedy, Michael Sale Ward and Mrs Sale Ward, Ian Boyd Pain and Mrs Ian Pain, Nigel Walker and Mrs Walker, Barry Glibbery, Pauline Moawad, Harold aka Gabz Kayser and Mrs Di Kayser (aka Kaiser). Total = 20.
    Looking forward to hearing from all who know any of the above at our next meet. Shalom Aleichem to you all.

    By Harold Kayser (17/09/2014)
  • Hello all, my name is Peter Ward, and I am the person who started this ‘thread’ off back in 2006. I have not added much because whilst I am delighted to see all the former pupils of the college finding the site, I was only there for one year around 1951 and don’t remember that much. However I have now found something that I must share with you all: there exists a collection of photographs of, and around Brighton taken over many years by a James Gray. It now belongs to The Regency Society, and they have placed the collection on the web. You can buy copies of most photos, price seems to be £10 for A4 size and £30 for A3, plus post and VAT. Now the exciting bit; find on the web, ‘’, and navigate your way to Volume 18 “Preston Area”. Now find photograph 120 in that set. How about that?? PS. Yes the date shown is totally wrong, but I understand that is just the date it was incorporated into the set. The actual date cannot be any later then early ’70s, and is probably well before that. The car in view is a Standard Vanguard, which is a 1950’s model.

    By Peter Ward (13/10/2014)
  • Hello Peter Ward. I found it. Thanks. Truly Amazing.

    By Dennis Stevens. (21/10/2014)
  • The next reunion date for the Preston College existing, and any new members who may find this thread, are welcome to join us on Saturday 21st March from 12 noon at Jimmy’s Place situated at the Brighton Marina not far from Brighton Pier. Lunch/Buffet 5* food from many cuisines where the menu is more internationally diverse than anywhere we have met before. So note this date and Gabz and Di look forward to welcoming one and all. New members can contact us at or 077036 77542. Let’s be ‘aving you!

    By Harold Kayser (10/11/2014)
  • Hi to all recent recipients who have posted threads to this website but have not appeared at any of our previous reunions. Since we are embarking on our fourth reunion meet at Brighton Marina next March 2015 it would be nice to hear from you ex-pupils who did not leave contact details otherwise you  might well miss out on our continuing meet ups that occur biennially. A few of our members come from some distance to attend including one from America…Leslie Baynes, two hail from Pakistan and though they have not managed to attend the meets it would be nice to see them again after so many years. A few more come from Bristol and I from Hertfordshire so there are always welcoming smiles, laughs and quality chat for the missing ones that could easily push the membership to 20+. Wives, partners and girlfriends are also welcome and we do enjoy the ones we met who are now members of the APCPA (Amicable Preston College Pupils Association.) Please do contact me or Di at or text/call us on 077036-77542. It would be great to see and meet you all. Shalom Aleichem and hopefully hear from you soon.

    By Harold Kayser (21/11/2014)
  • Change of Venue for the 4th reunion meet on Saturday March 21st of the Preston College oldies which will now be held at “The Cote Restaurant” 115/116 Church Road, Brighton. I apologize for the change but apparently Jimmy’s at the Marina are far too busy to accommodate our group and consequently it was deemed necessary to find an alternative eating house. Look forward to seeing all our dear friends once again and do take good care of yourselves and your nearest and dearest. Shalom from Di and Gabz Kayser.

    By Harold Kayser (14/01/2015)
  • I am elated to disclose that the Preston College Old Pupils list has now expanded to over 20 members and if any of those who have recognized the current members of our group below who would like to join us at the Cote restaurant for our 4th reunion in Brighton on Saturday the 21st March around 2pm, please do come with you and yours and you will be heartily welcomed. The following are current members, do you recall them and/or their faces? David Kennedy, Dennis Stevens, Pablo Muller, David Waller, Peter Ward, Robert Robinson, Leslie Baynes, Barry Glibbery, Nigel Walker, Pauline Moawad, Jimmy Carlisle, Ian Pain, Clive Brunton, Frank Arnold, Harold Kaiser (Kayser). Our membership also includes 6 members’ wives who usually appear at our meets too. Do contact me: Harold Kayser… or call/text 077036  77542

    By Harold Kayser (12/02/2015)
  • Oh wow I was amazed to find this site. I was not a boarder but lived here with my parents in the right wing during the reign of the Bastocks. Mum was the Matron and I have so many fond memories, being a very small child at the time I only recall a few names. I remember going to visit someone called Grandad with a morning cuppa only to find he had passed away, I think this must have been Mr Bastock (Senior). We lived there in the 60’s.
    There was a teacher at the time named Mr Gooch, if I remember correctly he was blind. Major Bastock’s son, Philip, and his daughter (just can’t remember her name). A pupil named Noel who I hold lovely memories of. I also remember my father meeting a very small child from the airport, I believe from Africa, who didn’t speak a word of English. It sticks in my mind vividly as my parents were so upset that this tiny nipper had been sent here to board so far from his home cold and frightened. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers my mother, Iris McDermott, who is still alive but aged 83 now.

    By Sue McDermott (01/03/2015)
  • Hello Sue McDermott. Go to the 1956 school photos. Bottom photo, middle row, 9th, from left to right. That is the matron I knew. 

    By Dennis Stevens (06/03/2015)
  • I just read Sue McDermott’s entry and I remember her parents well. Her father was probably the kindest person to me and for a while after emigrating to the States I stayed in touch with her parents. Mr Bastock’s daughter’s name is/was Lynne (not too sure if its spelt correctly). 

    By Sarah Pitt-Wooll (07/03/2015)
  • Hello again Sue McDermott. When the school transferred to Paxhill in Lindfield in 1959 from Preston Road Brighton, a new matron was in attendance there at Paxhill, (maybe your mother)? One day, myself and one Pablo Muller had an accident, and the then matron patched us both up. That is the only recall I have of her, as the bulk of my younger years were spent at the Preston Road end in Brighton since 1951. I left Lindfield in approx. 1960/61. Best regards…Dennis Stevens.  

    By Dennis Stevens (11/03/2015)
  • Prior to Mrs McDermott at Paxhill Park we had a Scandinavian woman as matron- I remember her well as I had an acute appendectomy at the local hospital after she was finally convinced there was something wrong with me, and it was not faking. Does anyone else remember the “must have a fever rule” before being allowed to be out from class ill? Rather tricky if like some your temperature goes down when not well as opposed to up!

    By Sarah Pitt-Wooll (21/03/2015)
  • With ref: to my previous comment. The matron I recall at Paxhill was definitely Scandinavian. So the year must have been 1960/61. I don’t remember her name though. I met Pablo at the weekend, and he confirmed that she was Swedish.

    By Dennis Stevens (23/03/2015)
  • Both Di and I thank the eight oldie members of our PC group who collectively made our last get together memorable and it really goes to show how committed we all were to make the quality time a “spanking success”, ha ha. Though none of us in our little group are getting any younger it is a true testament to the group as a whole and it’s paramount that we continue meeting twice annually probably in April and September when the weather is possibly kinder to us (we hope and pray please G-d).  With the possibility of a few more discoverable PC pupils including day as well as boarders who were there from around 1950 onwards it is still possible to increase our membership and Di and I will seek more of those who currently have remained “elusive” to date. Our contact details are below and we look forward to hearing from you and you well know who you are. You have nothing to lose and definitely much to gain!  Shalom Aleichem from us both.

    By Harold Kayser (27/03/2015)
  • Hi Sarah Pitt-Wooll and Dennis Stevens. Thank you for responding to my email – it sounds like Mum started there in about 1963 so was probably after your time there Dennis. Sarah I’m so glad my family showed you kindness. Dad passed away many years ago now, but Ma is still going strong at 83 years and is still the kindest most caring person I know. 

    By Sue McDermott (11/05/2015)
  • I am sad to report the death of Jimmy Carlisle, a much liked pupil of our college from the mid 1950s to 1964 when the college closed. He is depicted in the front row of the cricket team picture for 1961/2 on this site. All group members wish all his family a healthy long life, RIP.

    By Harold Kayser (12/06/2015)
  • We are pleased to annouce the date and time for our next group meet in Brighton on Saturday the 29th August at the Royal Albion Hotel at 12 noon, for a drink or two before moving on to a late lunch at the Pitcher and Piano restaurant in North Street just a short stroll away. All members and their wives etc. are very welcome to attend. Best regards to all our good PC friends from Gabz with Di.

    By Harold Kayser (30/06/2015)
  • Maurice, I may well be wrong but I seem to remember Mr Hale (ex RAF pilot who lost a lung in a crash) used to occupy the room above the front door.

    By Terence Mills (15/07/2015)
  • Update on the planned meet on Sat 29 Aug. A table is booked for lunch at Pitcher & Piano at 2.30pm on that day. If you find P&P on the web and select the Brighton branch you should be able to see Menu and Drinks list. Please note if looking on a map P&P is in Kings Road, not North Street as previously suggested.

    By Peter (11/08/2015)
  • To Sue McDermott: I was sad to learn of you father’s death, but how nice to know that your dear mother is still going strong. I doubt that she would remember me, but please let her know that I think of her once in a while. I’m sorry to never be in the UK when you have your reunions, it would be fun to see how we all are after this much time has passed.

    By Sarah Pitt-Wooll (07/09/2015)
  • I have the sad task of letting you all know that Miss Martin passed away last August. God bless you, Phyllis.

    By Jane Harrison (11/01/2016)
  • Hello Dennis Stevens and Harold Kaiser and those who may remember me from the few short years I was with my older sister Pippa at PC and when it moved to Lindfield. Paxhill was an amazing place though I’ve not revisited and now live in London. So very sorry to hear of Miss Martins passing but what a wonderfully full life she had lived and was fondly remembered by many of us. I would like to come to the next reunion – 2016 if there is one – to discover us all over again! I work in the world of theatre and so am not retired and would love to know what everyone else was doing on leaving PC. I remember Harold always pipped me at the post in art exams and Major Bastock used to flick well aimed bits of blackboard chalk at pupils’ ears just for whispering in his class! I wonder who recalls some of the plays put on at end of term?  Good King Wenceslas was one and Rob Robinson was the King and for some extraordinary reason I, as a lowly 4th former, was put in to play the Queen; I was that nervous!  And Dusty Miller (Paul) could not say “indubitably” – he was so funny, anyone hear from him? Happy days! I can be contacted by email

    By Angela Owen (nee Woodcock) (09/02/2016)
  • Hi Angela,I trust you and yours are well. Read your thread here of the 10th February this year. I and over 12 ex PC pupils are, as you might know, currently in touch with each other and arrange a reunion meet twice yearly in Brighton at the Royal Albion Hotel near the Pavilion at the pier end in Old Steine. We usually go on to a nearby venue for a late lunch closeby and there could be between 8 and 12 plus attending. (see previous posts on here co-relating) Saddened to hear about Miss Martin, she was an icon at PC and will be sadly missed by Dennis Stevens, Rob Robinson, Nigel Walker, Ian Baines, David Waller, David Kennedy and several other ex pupils who are mentioned in several threads above this one. I remember your sister too and hope you will send her my best wishes. If you wish to get in touch with any above or others I can send you their email addresses at your request. Which one of you girls have deep gingery red hair, unless of course you both did! Do take care and hope you will email me back at

    By Harold Kayser (25/02/2016)
  • Just for the record guys. In the 1959 group of photos (bottom group), Pippa Woodcock is sat between Mr Bastock Snr to her left side, and Carol Hardy to her right side. Her sister Angela is sat four spaces from Carol’s right side. Regards to all from Dennis Stevens.

    By Dennis Stevens. (27/02/2016)
  • The next scheduled meet of our expanding group will happen on the Saturday 1st of November 2016, as usual commencing at noon at the Royal Albion Hotel, Old Steine near Brighton Pier. We trust Ian will find a suitable eaterie for us all to attend and enjoy from 2pm onwards for a nice meal. Hope that Angela and Philippa with their husbands/partners will join us all to make it the biggest assembly of old(ish) ex pupils of Preston College. New members always welcome to attend, please contact Di or Gabz for a chat. See you soon, please G-d. Our best wishes to you all.

    Please see correction to date of meet below

    By Harold Kayser (21/04/2016)
  • I am posting this communique as I have made a faux pas regarding the date of our group’s next meet which will be held on Saturday the 1st October and not the 1st of November as stated on here above. My sincere apologies for the cock up. See you all in October, eh?

    By Harold Kayser (22/04/2016)
  • My name will not ring any bells, but I hope the name ” Reegee ” does. Mother was matron at PC around the late 1940s early 50s. I will admit to not having read all the correspondence on here so if I repeat anything please forgive. My information on Major Bastock was he met his French wife, Audrey and they married. Phillip was born and then (here I am vague) his sister Julie? This resulted in Audrey’s stroke. Mention of the Morgan three-wheeler brings to mind the accident, I believe, on the return journey from possibly Chessington, where Major Bastock broke his leg but the rest of the family escaped relatively unscathed. Somebody early on mentioned Dusty Miller whom I met when we worked on BT back in the early 90s.

    By Terence Regan (21/07/2016)
  • To add and correct my previous comment. Philip was born in 1947 and his sister Evelyn in 1949. Audrey’s maiden name was Gerstenegger.

    By Terence Regan (21/07/2016)
  • Hi Terence, I read your thread with interest and yes I must admit I do not remember you but will mention you to all the members of the PC group and you never know you may well be remembered. I was at the college between 1956 and 1960 in Brighton and Lindfield (Paxhill Park). I too remember Paul (Dusty)Miller but we did not get on well together at either venues and eventually got into a brawl at Paxhill in 1960 just before I departed. Currently here are around 15 members of the group including wives/partners and should you wish to contact me you can either respond to me on here or by phone on 077036 77542 or by email Either way I on behalf of the group would love to hear from you. Take care

    By Harold Kayser (04/08/2016)
  • Looking forward to meeting all the Preston College oldies again around noon onwards at the Royal Albion Hotel near the pier at Brighton for our autumn meet and concluding that our nosh up at the Cote restaurant in Church Street near the Royal Pavilion. Hope to see faces new, old and ancient like mine and, if you are an oldie, who do not know this unit exists, why not come along and meet us again? I am contactable either by email dinky4160@gmail or by dog and bone 01305 459354 / 077036 77542. Your presence will be most welcome!

    By Harold Kayser (11/09/2016)
  • Saturday Oct 1st. 2016. Gabz, David Kennedy, David Waller, Ian Pain, Meila Kennedy, and Di Kayser: Nice to see you all again. A good day, good food, good wine, good restaurant, and GREAT COMPANY. See you all next spring. Jane Harrison, sorry I missed you. Dennis and Diane Stevens.

    By Dennis Stevens. (03/10/2016)
  • Hello Terence Regan. I remember your Mother very well. She was a kind and considerate lady. She was matron when I arrived at PC in 1951, and she helped to clear my chicken pox in the single isolation room above the main entrance with “calamine lotion”. We all preferred her sitting in with “Fanny” Bastock when it was packing time for the Xmas hols, as we all lived in terror of “Fanny”. By the way her (Mrs Bastocks) name was Andre’. Regards

    By Dennis Stevens. (11/02/2017)
  • My name is George Morse and I was a boarder at Preston College, Brighton circa 1957-1959. I am 67 yrs old and would have been aged 7-9? when I attended. The Bastocks had a son at the school, but I forget his name. I was in a dormitory in the loft and we collected our laundry from an airing cupboard on that floor. Sports days were at a location going out of Brighton towards the present day M23. I have a single photo of myself from that time but no school pics of class or sports day. Curious to know if anyone has photos of that time.

    By George Morse (19/01/2018)
  • Our first biannual reunion this year is 7th April. Unfortunately Harold Kayser passed away some while ago and left me the baton to continue our reunions. The numbers now attending is in the region of 20 to 25 and we are hoping to extend this in time as we all have a great deal in common. We normally meet at the Royal Albion Hotel at approx 12 noon twice a year, usually April and Sept to be followed by a meal elsewhere.  Look forward to seeing all those who can make it!

    By Robert Robinson (01/02/2018)
  • Hi , I am Lex Wissink, I was at Lindfield 60/61. I just came across this page,  have had a fun time reading. Many of the names I remember , Some of the photos I know the face but cannot place the name.     I am now living in the States, my brother Bart is in Australia. I still have the picture “roll” from the 1961 taken in front of the manor. All I can say is that Preston College was a fun and educational experience. Tending goal in a cow field was one, searching for “Old escape tunnels” was another. I have google viewed the old school Manor. Lots of changes. Its nice to hear of the yearly re-unions and I will need to include it in a future trip. Sorry to read of the passing of Ms Martin, I remember her well with affection for what she taught. 

    By Lex Wissink (27/04/2018)
  • Hi Lex, good to see you’ve found the P.C site and you may one day be able to come to one of our bi-annual reunions. This has now been on going for a few years. We number approximately twenty five from no more than five for some while. 

    Do you remember, you were head prefect and I was school captain and we raised the flag between us when the Mayor of Brighton paid the school a visit. I never did thank you for the loan of your suitcase when you left PC!!

    We obviously have a lot of reminiscing from the old days and look forward to your future visit to the U.K. My email is and it would be great to hear from you.

    Kindest regards…………………………Rob



    By Robert Robinson (09/07/2018)

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