Staff and pupils 1947/48

These photographs were taken in the 1947/48 school year.

If you can recognise yourself or anyone else please leave a comment below.

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Full school
From the private collection of Maurice Brice
Staff and senior pupils
From the private collection of Maurice Brice
Cricket team
From the private collection of Maurice Brice

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  • I think these photos are no later than 1946. Doreen and I were at the school in 1947 and we can recognise only a handful of people in the photos. All the people I know are in the middle photo, of those sitting: 3rd from left Mr Hale, 4th an attractive Mrs Andre Bastock Junior, 5th Tommy Bastock, 6th Mrs Bastock Senior, 7th the infamous Miss Martin, end of row is Jean Swan. Of those standing: 2nd from left Anthony Compton, 4th from left Alan Moody, 9th David Mansfield, standing on the end is Maurice Brice himself. Most of these people also appear in the other photos. I have made a start, who else is having a go?

    By Brian Hough (29/11/2010)
  • ‘Mummy Bastock’ is sitting to the right of Miss Martin and my mother (June Brown) is between her and Jean Swan. What a thrill it was to see photo’s I have not seen before. Thank you.

    By Jane Harrison (30/12/2010)
  • Rising to Brian’s challenge to have a go, I find I can identify very few, which supports Brian’s claim that the pics were no later than 1946. Most of the people in Brian’s picture of the 1948-49 football team don’t seem to be here. Perhaps the school suffered an inundation of talented football players in the 1948 intake. The only ones I can recognize have already been identified by Brian. Why so few females? Or do they appear in another picture? Are you holding out Maurice? But it is good to see Jean Swan again. She was Portia to my Anthony (or was it my Shylock?) in the class reading of Merchant of Venice. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

    By Norman Douglas (01/01/2011)
  • In the top photo, 3rd row from the front, 3rd from the right standing is Tim Compton (brother of Anthony).

    By Brian Hough (04/01/2011)
  • My uncle, John Brown, is in the middle photograph on the back row, far left as you look at it and again in the top photograph seated on the far right just below the girl in the white blouse. You can also spot him as he is the boy holding the dog. I believe my mother told me this dog was a Bedlington Terrier and that Mr and Mrs Bastock (senior) also had a little pug dog called Sally. Do you remember them?

    By Jane Harrison (16/01/2011)
  • Gosh, this one takes me back Maurice: Brian Moody, David Mansfield, June Brown etc etc.

    By Terence Mills (15/07/2015)
  • I think Robin Huggett  is in the back row in the middle with glasses and his brother, my late husband Roy, just in front of him on the next row. Roy talked about the headmaster’s black Labrador dog(?).

    By Val wilson (29/09/2017)
  • I was a pupil at Preston College in 1930 – I was 6 – and was there for three years. Mr Bastock was the Headmaster. I did not not enjoy it and learned very little. Mostly self-defence and how to scrounge food from the kitchen! I am now 93 and a watercolour painter in Connecticut, USA.

    By Dennis Gentle (10/11/2017)

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