1950 School Photograph

This was originally one photograph but because it was so long I have broken it into three.

Top photo. Back row; 2nd from left, Frank Malins, 5th Brian Cowans,

Middle Row: 1st from the left Mary Hutchings, 2nd Fred Tomsett, 5th Yvonne Ainsley, 6th John Jeffs, 7th Hermione Compton, 8th Tony Theakstone, 9th Shelagh Clarke, 10th Micheal Davies.

Middle photo.  Back Row: 1st from the left, Doreen White, 5th Rosemary Hough, 7th David Ellis, 12th David Taylor, 15th Kathy Fyffe.

Middle Row: 1st from left Mike Millar, 2nd Monica Hough, 3rd Brian Hough, 5th Mr Turrell, 6th Miss Martin, 7th Mr Patten, 8th Mrs Bastock Jnr, 9th Major Bastock, 10th Mrs Bastock Sen., 11th Miss Ellis, 13th Matron, 14th David Mansfield.

Bottom Photo: Back Row, 5th from left, Francis Groves, 6th Jill Steyner 14th Pat Turnbull.

Middle Row: 1st from left, Norman Douglas, 2nd Anna —–? 3rd Tim Compton,4th Pat Clarke, 6th Judy Gunn, 10th Lesley Clarke, 12th Maureen Simpson, 13th —- Bulmer.

If you recognise yourself or anyone else and can add names, please leave a comment below

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Preston College 1950
From the private collection of Jane Harrison
Preston College 1950
From the private collection of Jane Harrison
Preston College 1950

Comments about this page

  • Good work, Brian and Jane. You are really relentless. Thank God someone is. Can a Bastock medal be struck for people performing such noble service? An identification: Middle picture: standing behind the major is Fred Funell. A few absentees: John Tomsett, Alan Hinden. Marina Hart (anyone else remember her?)

    By Norman Douglas (12/09/2012)
  • I was there in ’55. I remember it well. Was nick-named Ch-ch. Preston park was my playground and Sat morning pictures if I was good

    By david tkaczuk (13/03/2013)
  • Think that is me 15th in from right, back row, bottom picture.

    By Peter Waltham (09/09/2013)
  • Bottom photo, 13th from left middle row was Eric Bulmer he was a dancer and went to the Royal Ballet, I remember Bastock telling us at one assembly he had danced with Margot Fontain. Back row 4th from right I am sure is Geoffrey Cox.

    By Peter Waltham (09/09/2013)
  • How wonderful to see this photo, I was just looking up Eric Bulmer, we attended some of the same ballet classes, I will look closer to see if I can remember other names. Thank you for showing these photos.

    By Yvonne Ainley (Ainsley) now Knapman (18/06/2014)
  • I must have spent two solid hours enjoying this page this morning. I am so excited at finding this page and seeing so many faces that I remember and can’t put a name to. There are a couple that I really do remember: middle photo, middle row, 4th from left is Dawn Jordon, she was my dance teacher and she used to take a class in the school on Wednesday afternoons. Bottom photo, middle row, 8th from left I think is Shirley Jefferies, a shy girl who was one of my best buddies. I remember Shirley and I taking our pet mice to school and keeping them in our desks all day leaving us with a few nibbled exercise books. I was at Preston College from 1947 to 1951, I was happy there and I used to do well in high jump until Shelagh joined the school and she was a super high jumper. I think everyone loved Miss Martin, so glad to hear that she is still around. I remember her playing piano for me when I danced in a concert one Christmas. I also have memories of Mr Paton, he made quite an impression on me and put the fear of God into me about the ‘communists’ and how they were ‘taking over’. I think he meant it as a warning to us all. Happy memories and I will try to remember more faces.

    By Yvonne Ainley (Ainsley) now Knapman (18/06/2014)

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